Natural Beauty Treatments Found inside Your Home

If there’s one thing that most people fear, it would be aging. Who wouldn’t? Seeing fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles forming in your face can be daunting. With our lives getting busier by the minute, the ageing process can speed up even faster. Not to mention, we have been so consumed with beauty products that are chemically induced which can do harm on our skin than good.

Best Indoor Plants to Buy

Adding plants to an indoor space can really add character, color and depth. Also, indoor plants are easy to maintain, even if you only have a passing interest in plants and gardening, so it doesn’t need much effort to keep your plants looking their best for a long time to come. This infographic describes few indoor plants to be kept in your house.

Real Estate Prices in America

This complex map infographic lists and compares several different pieces of data. First, it shows the listed price of real estate per square foot in cities across America. It also shows the median household income for those cities. Next, it compares those figures to the national average.

10 Ways To Beat The Heat And Cool Off Your Bill

A nice cool air conditioned home is a must during the hot summer days, but it can certainly take a toll when it comes to your energy bill. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to get your energy bill under control. Slight adjustments can be made to your home in order for your air conditioner unit to run more efficiently.