Which Chainsaw is Best?

When it comes to chopping down lumber, the chainsaw really does lead the way as the tool of choice. The main issue facing consumers is which type of chainsaw is best for the job. The team at Garden Aware have put a helpful buying guide together to make your choice easier.

How To Remove Rust From Anything

Discovering rust stains on your favorite tee-shirt could probably be regarded as a first-world problem but it’s unpleasant all the same. Not only is it unsightly, it can damage your belongings – so removing it should be a priority. The good news is you don’t need to splash out on specialist products for the job. Everything you need can be found in your kitchen cupboards.

7 Common Home Repairs

Sooner or later your once pristine home will start showing it’s age. Whether that’s leaky taps or worrisome wall cracks. But don’t be so quick to call the handyman. Here is a guide to 7 common home repairs you can do by yourself. And for those of you short on time, there is a video version of the infographic as well.

Become A Flooring Installation Expert

Installing new flooring can be an easy way to add a fresh look to any room. Engineered wood, laminate and vinyl sheet flooring are affordable options, and simple installation can make for an easy weekend DIY flooring project. Here is a guide on what you will need in order to complete a home flooring project and how to prep for it before you start.

UK House Building in Numbers

Since Brexit, there has been much speculation how the UK’s housing market will cope with the outcome of the vote. With property prices, rents and house building in the news almost on a daily basis, the team at Experience Invest have put together this handy infographic which explains the numbers behind the headlines.

How Much Water Is in Pools Across the US?

It’s summer, which means millions of Americans will be cannonballing into the refreshing waters of their local pool to try to beat the heat. But with millions of pools in the country, have you ever wondered how much water it would actually take to fill all of them? Here is a breakdown of exactly how much water is in pools across the entire United States.

Natural Beauty Treatments Found inside Your Home

If there’s one thing that most people fear, it would be aging. Who wouldn’t? Seeing fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles forming in your face can be daunting. With our lives getting busier by the minute, the ageing process can speed up even faster. Not to mention, we have been so consumed with beauty products that are chemically induced which can do harm on our skin than good.