The Best Flowers to Buy for Valentine’s Day

Giving your sweetheart roses may be a nice gesture, but it’s not exactly a clever or creative one. Do you really want your significant other to open her door on Valentine’s Day to discover a bouquet that looks identical to the ones all her friends and coworkers are getting? Or do you want to give her flowers that are just as special and unique as she is?

Wood Wise – Building Planet and People Friendly Homes

With few exceptions, homes are framed with softwood lumber. Wood is a cost-effective structural material that’s easy to build with and familiar to DIYers, builders and contractors. So it’s ideal to create the enclosure for an energy efficient home. This means homes use less energy for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Victorian Style In The Modern Home

This infographic looks at how the Victorians set out their rooms and shows how you can use elements of this style to make your house look great. Learn what the Victorians looked for in their rooms and how these ideas are still relevant in interior design today.

High Tech Kitchen Apps & Hacks

Have you been yearning to up your kitchen game but without bulky gadgets or “unitasker” appliances? Don’t worry. These days, there are many ways to optimize cozy kitchens with cool high-tech gadgets that save space instead of taking it up. takes a look at high tech kitchen apps and hacks in this infographic.

Home Improvements Across America

The joys of home ownership often come hand in hand with the struggles of home ownership. As good as any living space is, the time will come when improvements are needed. Sometimes they’re small but other times they can be quite large.

Upcycling Windows & Doors: Wintertime Gardening Projects

Want to bring your garden indoors so you have fresh herbs for cooking or beautiful flowers to add to your decor? Use an old window or shutter to create a hanging garden. Do you need somewhere to store your gardening tools amidst your veggies? Old doors can make an enchanting tool storage shed.

How-To Guide on Glass Bottle Crafts

The following creative infographic showcases how one can, in a matter of minutes, up-cycle and reuse a wine bottle for new, creative purposes. A simple bottle may be on your side. Choose to recycle it, reuse it or up-cycle and help the environment.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden

The following infographic outlines the detrimental effect unnatural substances have on your garden and the environment and describes the steps you need to take to create your very own eco-friendly garden.