How Passive Houses Can Help the Environment

This infographic is about the benefits of living in a passive house, which were first built in Germany in 1988 and enjoy energy savings of up to 90%. They are essentially energy efficient buildings that provide year-round comfort without the constant need for heating and cooling systems. These homes save you money and they’re great for the environment so it can only be a good thing if they become more popular.

The Residential Asbestos Removal Process

Asbestos has carcinogenic minerals and only a licensed asbestos professional should be contracted to properly remove and dispose the substance. Doing it on your own will only disturb them and further worsen the damage that it can cause, thus, exposing yourself and your home to asbestos fibres more. Here’s an infographic explaining in detail the residential asbestos removal process.

Shrinking Houses: A New Age of Space-Efficient Living

With an increasing demand for housing in the UK and strict planning restrictions, developers are attempting to fit as much real estate as possible within smaller and smaller areas. This means that most new builds are half the size of the homes being constructed at the start of the 20th century. Despite this eye-opening reality, there are plenty of people who are happy to sacrifice space for location – especially moving closer to the capital.

Top 15 Worst Home Infestations From Around The World

We’ve had some terrible weather in the past 6 months, all over the world. Everything from 3 hurricanes at one time over in the Caribbean, to major flooding in large parts of Europe. The unseasonal weather had a knock-on effect on the local wildlife with some very unusual home infestations on a biblical scale. The folks at Twinkle Clean have rounded up some of the worst infestations from all over the world, as well as some very bad cases from the past few years.

How Clean Is Your Office?

Lots of folks all over the planet spend a vast amount of their time working in office space environments, working in close proximity with others. This makes these work spaces a prime source of germs and illness. Just how clean is your office? The following infographic takes a look at this in more detail.

Worried About Insects in Your Yard? You’re Not Alone

As temperatures rise, more insects come out to play. A survey conducted online by Harris Poll for TruGreen in June 2017 found that 60 percent of Americans in the Northeast are worried about ticks ruining their time outside this summer, compared to 48 percent in the Midwest, 35 percent in the South, and 32 percent in the West.Check out the infographic below for further details.

29 DIY Tiling Hacks & Tips for Smoother Projects

This handy ‘Tiling Hacks’ infographic from Tile Mountain contains all manner of handy tiling tips and tricks about floor tiles and walls tiles, right through to grout and adhesive. So, regardless of whether you’re after floor tiling tips or just a few pointers on including laying out and drilling, or sealing and cleaning, this infographic has almost everything covered.