Real Estate Prices in America

This complex map infographic lists and compares several different pieces of data. First, it shows the listed price of real estate per square foot in cities across America. It also shows the median household income for those cities. Next, it compares those figures to the national average.

10 Ways To Beat The Heat And Cool Off Your Bill

A nice cool air conditioned home is a must during the hot summer days, but it can certainly take a toll when it comes to your energy bill. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to get your energy bill under control. Slight adjustments can be made to your home in order for your air conditioner unit to run more efficiently.

A Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design & Decorating

The following infographic takes the fundamentals of interior design and presents them in an easy to learn way for beginners. It also includes interior design tips from experts such as Jaime Derringer, Carla Aston, Diane Henkler and Heather Luckhurst. Learn the basics in this infographic that will help novice decorators make better choices.

Tools to Monetize Extra Space in Your Home

If you own a house, chances are you have entire rooms that aren’t being utilized, and it’s driving you crazy. After all, you’re paying for that wasted space every month in mortgages and property taxes. But what if all that wasted space could actually make you a little extra cash? This infographic looks at some tools and apps to monetize the extra space in your home.

Luxury: It’s a Bargain

Luxury apartments: They’re great, but they’re expensive. Here is an infographic from that looks at the cost of luxury apartments vs “regular” apartments and the surprising answer to “which is cheaper?”