Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude

People have been debating over who is better, Batman or Superman, since they both first appeared in comics. While others may be more interested in who has the most captivating story lines or the coolest gadgets, the folks at Cast Iron Radiators 4u are more interested in who has the best home.

Anatomy of an Energy Efficient-Home

There are many simple little things you can start doing in your day-to-day life that can mean a huge difference to the future of our environment. Here is a visual guide from Homes.com to maximizing energy efficiency in every part of your home.

8 Ways To Lower Your Utility Bill This Summer

Are you among the countless people who, month after month, find themselves in this “catch twenty-two” dilemma—“should I shut off the A/C and save money, or should I stay cool and pay that high utility bill?” Well, thanks to this infographic from Arctic Air Services, you won’t need to choose between cost and comfort anymore.

Home Staging Tips

Home staging is the act of preparing a home to looks it’s best, typically to help it sell fast and at the highest price. Sometimes, even the most attractive properties can sit on the market for months with little interest, but a little home staging can go a long way in helping a homeowner to sell their property.

Homes & Headquarters: 18 of the Best Home Bases in Fiction

Some people look to Hollywood or Los Angeles when they imagine their dream home. Others of us are even bigger dreamers – we want a Batcave, a private island, or a swimming pool full of money! Fictional homes and headquarters have a ton of character. While they’re not realistic to replicate, their features can inspire some great decorating ideas.

40 Simple Bedroom Design Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom

Spruce up your snooze haven with these 40 bedroom design hacks. From the melon rule to using under the bed storage, taking advantage of sunlight and achieving Feng Shui mastery. This infographic will propel your bedroom from messy cave to a well designed, stylish and attractive space in which you can successfully unwind from the day and properly rise for a new one.

Modern Technology to Warm an Old Home

Older homes are great to live in, but sometimes their charm comes at the cost of heat efficiency. This loses you heat and can make your home less green and more expensive to run. Fortunately, there are ways you can overcome this problem while maintaining the look and feel of a period home.

Household Chores You Need To Do Every Spring

During Spring, the days become longer while the weather gets warmer in the temperate zone as the Earth tilts toward the Sun. Spring is also a perfect time to do some home maintenance chores that will help you avoid getting expensive repair jobs later on and putting your health and safety at risk.