The Las Vegas Real Estate Market

Las Vegas is without doubt one of the most popular US tourist destinations in the world. Do you plan to visit the city as a tourist or invest your life savings in real estate? Explore this Las Vegas 2017 Real Estate Market Update Infographic from to include housing, tourism and development information with recent info on 2020 completion projects.

The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Guide

We walk all over them every day. Backwards and forwards. Up and down. Our floors are probably the most used areas of our homes and yet they’re often neglected. Stains are a big deal, especially if you have pets and/or children. And if you’ve just spent a lot of money on a carpet or rug, you absolutely want to be armed with the knowledge of how to remove the most likely stains.

Major Challenges of Big Data in the Real Estate Industry

Digitalization might have made its mark in the Real Estate industry, but big data is the primary component of the current evolutionary process that real estate firms must harness. This infographic by Fingent deals with the effect of big data, and the impact and application of big data processes in the real estate sector, offering tremendous potential which has not yet been properly exploited.

Checklist for Apartment Hunting

Check out this checklist for apartment hunting, which details what amenities you should be keeping an eye out for when looking for a new apartment. From green spaces, to bike stations, these are the most desired features in modern apartment communities.