What is Ransomware & Prevention Tips

The latest Ransomware attack “WannaCry” happened on 12th May 2017 (Friday) and affected tens of thousands of computers in over 100 countries. Many people are still not aware of what Ransomware attack is or what preventive measures they should take? So, the team at Web Track Studio thought of creating an infographic on the topic of “What is Ransomware & Prevention Tips.”

The Trillion Dollar Industry of Cyber Attacks

Each year, cybercrime continues to rise as more of our most delicate data makes its way to the cloud. This criminal entity of the internet is particularly concerning for small businesses, who are the most frequent targets of phishing attacks and the most vulnerable to financial ruin following an online security breach.

Factual WordPress Security Checklist

To make the WordPress more secure, regular updates are released to improve its overall security as well as fix bugs. WordPress security is not a single factor but includes various factors. In this infographic, WP Team Support shows how to improve the WordPress security.

Should I Build An App?

Before you jump into App Development to build an app for your business, take some time to consider whether or not it is the right move for your company. The following infographic can help you decide if a mobile app is right for you, or if you are better off sticking with a mobile website.

22 Unbelievable WordPress Stats You Never Heard of Before

There are currently 1 billion plus websites on the web. These numbers are growing rapidly over a short span of time due to the technological development especially after the advent of the CMS. The most loved and recommended CMS by the user is WordPress. Due to its overwhelming support, some of the WordPress stats are really interesting. This infographic looks at some unbelievable WordPress stats which are less known to the regular WordPress users.

What Affects Your Internet Speed

Those who are tired of dealing with slow Internet speeds will find solace in this infographic which offers ten main speed factors, in a visually appealing and simple way. Learn about how Ethernet is capable of faster speeds, how the best hardware will result in the best speeds, how spyware can slow you down, and about how your router technology and router location impact your connection.

7 Dirty Google Secrets You Won’t Be Aware Of

You’re probably influenced by the big search engine giant in some way or the other and of course, you have used Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive or something else from the Google’s suite of “free” services. Here’s a fact that might be difficult for you to digest: Google makes money by collecting your data and selling it to advertisers, who in turn use it to create better products and target them to you.

Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Desktops are not the leading web access device anymore. Because most people are using smartphones such as iPhones and Android in accessing the internet, online business owners must take advantage of the unique opportunities mobile-friendly web design offers to the growing number of visitors on the web. Optimizing your website design to suit mobile users’ screen will greatly impact your business ranking and search engine results.

10 Shocking Reasons You Need Better Cyber Security

No matter how big your business, it is under threat from a cyber attack. Small businesses are especially vulnerable because they mistakenly believe they are too small to be of note to cyber criminals. This could not be further than the truth. Personal data is incredibly valuable to thieves and all businesses have it.