From Military to Civilian

The life after military service and participation in war conflicts leave an irremovable mark on the humans. The former militants return to their homes and lose the chances to free existence, and become a huge part of the demo-graphical problem. Along with the problems of unemployment and homelessness, this infographic reveals the opportunities for former military servicemen and ways to prepare yourself for the upcoming civilian career.

Latest Salary Trends for HR Managers

This infographic brought to you from Cezanne HR will take you through some great key stats, predictions for 2017 and how to conduct a salary review properly. Key stats for 2016 are that the pay gap between males and females have decreased by 0.2%, the average salary has increased from the years 2015-2016 1.9%. The average salary is now lower than 2009’s average salary sitting at £1,600.

How To Double Your Phlebotomist Salary

In 2012, the average phlebotomist salary was over $12,000 less than average national wage. That’s a tough pill to swallow for those looking at phlebotomy as their career choice. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your salary in this high demand job. In fact, by utilizing the tips in this infographic, you could actually earn double the national average wage.

The Nursing Universe Explained

The aging population in the US is set to create big demand for capable nurses and care tackers. This infographic from CNA Certification & Training explains the different positions and opportunities in the field of nursing. It also shows where can you work, what are the daily job duties, the average salary and job trend over the years.

It’s a Dangerous Job So Hug Your Garbage Man Today

Have you ever thought what a risky job your garbage man faces every day out in the streets? Being a garbage man means you have the 5th most dangerous job and it ain’t pretty as well. It’s not only a life-threating job but the body and muscles can get worn off and are exposed to several injuries. Hug your garbage man today, it’ a dangerous job.

The Road To Becoming A Home Improvement Professional

Here is a detailed look and breakdown of the different types of home contractors, put together by See what it takes to become a electrician or plumber. See what schooling is required and what kind of money you can make. Home contractors are a very important part of our economy and they help with the needs of our homes.