First Lady Locks: A Hair History of the USA

Every since Martha Washington, there’s one role the First Lady has always been responsible for fulfilling – fashion icon. The public has often obsessed over the First Lady’s hairstyle and wardrobe choices. Some have been trendy, some have been traditional, but they’ve all been uniquely themselves. Here is a visual guide to the hairstyles of all the First Ladies of the U.S.

Better Hair = Better Music?

Some of the most iconic music artists of all time also have some of the most iconic hairdos of all time. This infographic showcases music artists and their hairstyles who have performed great on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over time. So, does better hair equal better music?

Is This the End of the Family Photo Album?

Can you remember a time when your parents dug out an embarrassing childhood photo album to show your friends? Or perhaps you treasure the times of gathering round an album of family memories? Well you’re not alone as our latest research has revealed that the family photo album is the nation’s most prized possession.

Hobbies for Men: 10 Life Changing Health Benefits

70% of male health issues are related to lifestyle choices. Taking up a hobby can have many mental and physical health benefits. Hobbies are a great way to keep the brain stimulated and the body active. You can also meet some awesome people and make friends along the way. With that in mind here is an infographic that shows 10 amazing benefits of having a hobby.

Cell Phone Addiction in America

Cellphone addiction is a very big concern in America. With easy accessibility not only adults but now even children and teenagers are especially prone to developing an addiction to their cell phones or social media. The following infographic takes a look at cell phone addiction in America.

The True Cost Of Friendship

We all love our friends, but do you really know what the true cost amounts to when it comes to spending time with your partners in crime? Some recent research has revealed how much Brits actually spend each and every year on socializing and attending important life events with mates.

How Florida’s Immigrants Contribute to the State

As the presidential campaign season rolls on, things have gotten a little contentious when it comes to immigrants and their role in America. Reforms, walls, and amnesty have all been fodder for debates. With all the discussion over how immigrants contribute to America, let’s take a look on how specifically Florida has benefited from immigrant

14 Ways to Describe Love From Around the World

Love is deeply personal and vastly universal at the same time. It can be a blissful challenge to find the right words to encompass how you feel. Love is also something that unites us across the globe – every culture has unique ways to describe this limitless, multi-faceted emotion. This infographic is a collection of words from various cultures around the world for describing love and all of its flavors.