The Health Benefits of Gaming

This infographic covers the amazing health benefits of video gaming. It shows data about the average age of gamers, demographics, gender and hours spent as well as showing which console and game is best for us in terms of health.

The True Cost Of Friendship

We all love our friends, but do you really know what the true cost amounts to when it comes to spending time with your partners in crime? Some recent research has revealed how much Brits actually spend each and every year on socializing and attending important life events with mates.

How Florida’s Immigrants Contribute to the State

As the presidential campaign season rolls on, things have gotten a little contentious when it comes to immigrants and their role in America. Reforms, walls, and amnesty have all been fodder for debates. With all the discussion over how immigrants contribute to America, let’s take a look on how specifically Florida has benefited from immigrant

14 Ways to Describe Love From Around the World

Love is deeply personal and vastly universal at the same time. It can be a blissful challenge to find the right words to encompass how you feel. Love is also something that unites us across the globe – every culture has unique ways to describe this limitless, multi-faceted emotion. This infographic is a collection of words from various cultures around the world for describing love and all of its flavors.

Craft A Wedding To Remember

Planning your wedding can be stressful at times. Not only do you have to find the perfect venue for the wedding, you have to find the perfect dress, the right center pieces, deliver all the invitations, sort out the decorations, food, drink, transportation, favors, not forgetting how much this all costs, especially if you want to make your wedding personal and unique.

How To Find The Best Airbrush Makeup Kit

When it comes to makeup application, nothing creates a smoother finish than airbrush makeup; It really is the best makeup option, which is why it is so popular with celebrities and everyday people alike. When it comes to finding a airbrush makeup kit for you, it is important to do your research because many of the top models and cost up to $200.

Inside Out: Creating Beautiful Skin, Hair, and Nails Through Diet

We all spend a small fortune on products designed to topically improve our skin and hair—but did you know that one of the most important sources of beautiful, radiant looks is simply the foods you choose to eat? Here is a guide from Ogle School to eating healthy to achieve better skin, hair, and nails.

A Cost Analysis of Movie Proms

Prom – It’s the most magical time in a teenager’s life. Or at least it’s supposed to be. More often than not, prom night ends with lame decorations, dashed expectations and nasty hangovers. But there’s one place where prom night is always as awesome and epic as it is in your imagination: the movies. The following infographic looks at the costs behind our favorite movie proms.

Man’s Ultimate Facial Hair Guide

Every so often, men seek to change the way they look. Whether that be the clothes they wear, the cologne they use, or maybe the watch they wear. None of these, however, have an impact as big as facial hair will have on ones’ look. This infographic compiles one super-guide with different styles of facial hair. You no longer need to browse five different websites to find a style that interests you.