Cost Analysis of Movie Weddings

Whether it’s walking down the aisle in Princess Buttercup’s gown or getting an entire chorus to sing “All You Need Is Love” after your first kiss, you’ve probably dreamed of how your own wedding could be just like the ones in the movies. So, just how much would it cost to throw some of our favorite movie weddings?

Smoking in 2016, Where Are We Now?

Did you know that almost four out of five of the world’s smokers live in low and middle income countries or that more than 600,000 deaths a year are as a result of non-smokers being exposed to second hand tobacco smoke or even that one in every 10 cigarettes consumed globally is illegal? These and other smoking facts in this infographic.

Bad Breath: A Dating Killer

In this day and age, dating is a lot harder than it was for the Baby Boomer generation. It’s a big turn off when you find out your date has a problem that has existed since the Stone Age – bad breath. The truth is, fashionable clothing, a nice haircut, and winning personality won’t matter if you have bad breath.

10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Productivity is one of the biggest concerns for every person who wants to succeed in work-life. Unfortunately there are some habits that kill your productivity and you may be practicing them without even realizing it. In the infographic below, the team at Luxafor Blog have gathered 10 most common habits that can minimize your work efficiency.

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Choosing the perfect set of sunglasses can be a daunting task and it’s one that you might have to do several times during the year as seasons and styles change. Whether you love shopping for new accessories or dread it, the following infographic by Charming Charlie can help you determine the best pair of sunglasses for your face shape, including color and style.

First Lady Locks: A Hair History of the USA

Every since Martha Washington, there’s one role the First Lady has always been responsible for fulfilling – fashion icon. The public has often obsessed over the First Lady’s hairstyle and wardrobe choices. Some have been trendy, some have been traditional, but they’ve all been uniquely themselves. Here is a visual guide to the hairstyles of all the First Ladies of the U.S.

Better Hair = Better Music?

Some of the most iconic music artists of all time also have some of the most iconic hairdos of all time. This infographic showcases music artists and their hairstyles who have performed great on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over time. So, does better hair equal better music?