The Strange Effects of Weather on Human Behavior

Have you ever stopped to think about how your behavior might be effected by the weather? I’m sure we’ve all noticed ourselves feeling slightly happier when the sun’s out, or perhaps getting a bit down when it won’t stop raining, but the list of the ways that the weather can affect our behavior is actually far more extensive than that.

How to Care For Your Cosmetics

From lipstick to eyeliner and blush to mascara, the average person puts about 515 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day. But if you’re not careful, you could be putting on a lot more than you bargained for. FatWallet has put together the following breakdown of the keys to taking care of all the different kinds of cosmetics.

Languages Of The World

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language to help you travel the world or gain new career opportunities? This visual tool from Couponbox shows you the 10 languages which are spoken in the most countries around the world.

A Guide to British Etiquette

The folks at LTR have put together a fun, easy guide to British etiquette and how to behave like a gentleman or a lady. If you follow this basic guide, you can relax and have fun at any society event.

Can We Guess Your Age

Pink refrigerators. Appliances with wood paneling. Atari video games. 8-tracks. Dial up Internet. No matter which decade you grew up in, your childhood was filled with household items that were unique to the era. Can the furniture, appliances and electronics in your childhood home predict what decade you grew up in?

Miss to Mrs – How to Change Your Last Name

You may have your marriage license in hand with your new last name but that doesn’t mean you’ve officially changed it. To help ensure that you get your last name changed, the team at Perfect Wedding Guide have put together the following infographic with everything needed to make it official.

25 Awesome Strategies To Help You Practice Mindful Living

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible to be able to live in the moment instead of being dragged down with the weight of the past or being anxious about the future? Yes, it is possible. The practice of living in the now is called mindfulness. And it will allow you to live your life to the fullest.

What Could You Get For The Monthly Rent in These Cities?

Ever wonder what you could buy if you didn’t have to pay rent? looked at the things you could get for the average cost of rent in seven cities: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. Spoiler: It’s a lot of stuff.

Beyond Counting Sheep: Bizarre Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Just how important is sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Sleep not only helps us feel more awake during the day, but also plays a crucial role in regulating body functions, repairing cells and tissues, and increasing longevity. Not surprisingly, sleep also helps you look and feel more attractive.