Etiquette Tips for Using NextDoor

No one wants to act inappropriately, put a foot in their mouth or be called out for being a jerk. When interacting with your neighbors in the Nextdoor online community, here are some handy etiquette tips from to follow, including tips for etiquette, safety and more.

Guide To Finding The Best Hot Rollers

There is no doubting the fact that women have many options available to them when it comes to beauty tools and products. Indeed, the beauty industry is a thriving world of the latest and greatest beauty trends (dare we say, fads!) so it’s often difficult to find the right product for your needs. The story is no different when it comes to tools for curling hair.

25 Viral Websites to Kill Your Productivity

Did you know that there are some websites that may kill productivity? Yes, you probably encounter them before. There’s nothing wrong consuming their content, though. Just remember not to spend all your waking hours reading their articles or watching their videos. How could you find time for creating if you spend all your time consuming information?

What Does Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality?

Just like a fingerprint, your handwriting is unique and no two people can have the same. Whether you have the scruffiest handwriting in the world, the neatest handwriting or maybe something in the middle, check out the following infographic to see what your handwriting reveals about your personality. Letter spacing, sizing, crosses, dots and curves are all covered.

Holiday Hazards

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, sandals are being traded in for snow boots and dark evenings are illuminated by holiday lights and displays. But with all the magic the holidays bring, there are some dangers that lurk in the festive...

New York Salon and Spa Spending Habits

The team at decided to pose a few questions to the salon and spa owners and managers of New York, compiling the results of the survey into the following infographic. They asked questions such as, “How many times they visited a salon or spa per year?” or “Do they visit more than one salon?” or even questions related to If they enjoy when a stylist initiates conversation and, crucially, how much do they spend per visit?

Decoding Your Teen This Holiday Season

This holiday season, families may be scratching their heads about how to celebrate with their teens — what movies to watch together, what gifts to give or where to celebrate. Here is a survey put together by Ebates of what teens want for Christmas vs. what their parents think they want, with surprising results.