How To Find The Best Airbrush Makeup Kit

When it comes to makeup application, nothing creates a smoother finish than airbrush makeup; It really is the best makeup option, which is why it is so popular with celebrities and everyday people alike. When it comes to finding a airbrush makeup kit for you, it is important to do your research because many of the top models and cost up to $200.

A Cost Analysis of Movie Proms

Prom – It’s the most magical time in a teenager’s life. Or at least it’s supposed to be. More often than not, prom night ends with lame decorations, dashed expectations and nasty hangovers. But there’s one place where prom night is always as awesome and epic as it is in your imagination: the movies. The following infographic looks at the costs behind our favorite movie proms.

Man’s Ultimate Facial Hair Guide

Every so often, men seek to change the way they look. Whether that be the clothes they wear, the cologne they use, or maybe the watch they wear. None of these, however, have an impact as big as facial hair will have on ones’ look. This infographic compiles one super-guide with different styles of facial hair. You no longer need to browse five different websites to find a style that interests you.

Red, White and Blue Jeans: Workwear in America

Workwear has always played a critical role in ensuring that workers – from farms to manufacturing to industrial jobs – return home safely at the end of the day. The history of workwear closely follows the history of the American worker, with important labor movements and expanded safety regulations inspiring improvements in workwear comfort and quality.

Everything You Need to Know About Trousers

This infographic tells you everything you need to know about trousers. Such as, do you know how high your rise should be? How about where do you want the break in your leg? Are you confident with your cuffs, or should you wear a turn-up? All these and more covered in this infographic.

How Americans Spend Their Time

How much do you sleep compared to the average American? How much do you work compared to the average American? This infographic by Experian Data Quality uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “American Time Use Survey” data to create visualizations of the average American day.

The Story Of Natural Hair

Over the years, The “Natural Black Hair ” been associated with the ideology of white visual conception. Millions of African Americans have used their West roots and their artistry to create styles and standards that reflect the unique black culture. Learn all about it in this infographic.

The Cost of the Financially Stressed

When employees find themselves in financial stress, it puts their health, job performance, morale, and even their ethics and integrity at risk. This infographic looks at the cost of being financially stressed.