Prenuptial Agreements on the Rise in 2018

With prenups in the media so much, is it a surprise that 44% of singles believe prenups are a good thing? It’s clear that their popularity is on the rise, and for celebrities, they are part and parcel of getting married. With assets to protect and a 50% divorce rate among celebrities, it is no wonder they make prenups a priority. The following infographic looks at the rise of prenuptial agreements in 2018.

The Best (and Worst) Sleeping Positions Backed by Science

Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, or are you consistently waking up fatigued? It could be the way you’re sleeping. The wrong sleeping position can have a negative affect on your overall health, including causing premature aging, back and neck pain, and—of course—restless nights. Use the infographic to determine the right sleeping position for you.

The Science of Love

Have you ever wondered why you lost your appetite when you were with someone you found attractive? Or what body language suggests somebody is in to you? Here is an infographic that looks into the molecules responsible for your blushes, the psychology that can influence who you fall for, and the body language clues that can give away even the most secret of crushes. 

12 Must-Have Rustic Decorations for Your Garden Wedding

One doesn’t have to be a wedding expert to notice that rustic wedding themes are all-time popular even for the 21st-century brides. With their timeless and laid-back vibe, it’s not actually surprising to find yourself attending a wedding that follows these style. If you’ve got your wedding planning in the books, Farm Hills Garden has made things a little easier for you by collecting 12 must-have rustic decorations that you shouldn’t miss on your big day.

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to perceive, understand and manage emotions. It is uses every day whether one hard at work in the office or dealing with a family member or friend in crisis. Good emotional intelligence improves relationships and an individual’s professional outlook. But how do you know if you’ve got it or not? The following infographic will help you figure out what kind of emotional intelligence you have.

Why You Should Take Your Family on a Glamping Trip

Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors, but sometimes you want a more glamorous way to experience the great outdoors and enjoy quality time with family and friends. That’s where glamping comes in — a word that combines glamorous and camping. Learn why you should take your family on a glamping trip in this infographic.

What a Vegetarian World Would Look Like

Vegetarianism has become a growing sensation in the West, particularly among North Americans, Europeans, and Australians. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, like India and China, meat consumption is on the rise. But what if, in some parallel universe, the entirety of the human race turned vegetarian overnight? Berlin based startup MEDIGO decided make an infographic that explores what a vegetarian world might look like.

Ultimate How-To Guide for ‘90s Hairstyles

Are you nostalgic for the ‘90s? For Gen Xers, it was a decade when shows like Friends and Sex in the City was on television. TV characters Carrie Bradshaw and Rachel Green were certainly style icons, but there were other hairstyles worn by musicians and movie stars that became classic ‘90s looks. These five retro hairstyles featured are the ultimate throwback to a time before selfies.

The More the Merrier: Holiday Hiring

Each year, consumers spend more and more during the holidays. Spending is highest in the retail sector, but online shopping has also increased the need for more marketing, delivery, and warehouse employees. The following infographic takes a look at the holiday hiring trends in 2017 and what employers and potential new hires could expect.