Style & Grooming Guide 2017

Interest in men’s style and grooming has never been higher but there is a lot of information out there. has created a “cheat sheet” of the essential pieces of style and grooming advice every man should know to make sure that the basics are covered. Making these small adjustments to your grooming regime and investing in some quality pieces for your capsule wardrobe will really lift your game to the next level.

How Long Should Leather Shoes Last?

The lifespan of a shoe (how long you can wear it until it needs to be replaced) depends on three factors: the type of shoe, how you wear them, and the quality of the materials. For example, athletic shoes can handle 45-60 hours of heavy athletic activity, while running shoes are designed to handle 500 miles or so. However, men’s leather dress shoes don’t usually experience the same wear and tear that athletic or running shoes do.

The Benefits of Living and Working in Atlanta

Atlanta has become a destination for those seeking everything from music and cuisine to universities and career opportunities. Atlanta has become a great location for corporate teams to grow their careers and enjoy diversity the city has to offer. When it comes to leisure activities and career growth, Atlanta is one of the best cities in which to live.

Which Shoes? A Guide For Men

They say you can judge a person by their shoes, but even the most suave and sophisticated footwear can give the wrong impression when teamed with the wrong outfit. Do black shoes look good with cream chinos? Can you wear Chelsea boots with a suit? What shoes will impress on a first date? Read this guide for the answers and all the shoe choosing knowledge a gentleman needs.

Etiquette Tips for Using NextDoor

No one wants to act inappropriately, put a foot in their mouth or be called out for being a jerk. When interacting with your neighbors in the Nextdoor online community, here are some handy etiquette tips from to follow, including tips for etiquette, safety and more.

Guide To Finding The Best Hot Rollers

There is no doubting the fact that women have many options available to them when it comes to beauty tools and products. Indeed, the beauty industry is a thriving world of the latest and greatest beauty trends (dare we say, fads!) so it’s often difficult to find the right product for your needs. The story is no different when it comes to tools for curling hair.