What a Vegetarian World Would Look Like

Vegetarianism has become a growing sensation in the West, particularly among North Americans, Europeans, and Australians. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, like India and China, meat consumption is on the rise. But what if, in some parallel universe, the entirety of the human race turned vegetarian overnight? Berlin based startup MEDIGO decided make an infographic that explores what a vegetarian world might look like.

Ultimate How-To Guide for ‘90s Hairstyles

Are you nostalgic for the ‘90s? For Gen Xers, it was a decade when shows like Friends and Sex in the City was on television. TV characters Carrie Bradshaw and Rachel Green were certainly style icons, but there were other hairstyles worn by musicians and movie stars that became classic ‘90s looks. These five retro hairstyles featured are the ultimate throwback to a time before selfies.

The More the Merrier: Holiday Hiring

Each year, consumers spend more and more during the holidays. Spending is highest in the retail sector, but online shopping has also increased the need for more marketing, delivery, and warehouse employees. The following infographic takes a look at the holiday hiring trends in 2017 and what employers and potential new hires could expect.

Your Life In Numbers

Have you ever wondered how much of your life is spent sleeping? What about eating? The following infographic by Sleep Matters Club takes a look at our lives and divides up the main things we all do: sleep, work, eat, watch television, socialize, go to school and so on. What’s left at the end is a precious amount of time for you to spend enjoying life, but how much time is that?

What It Means To Make It In America In 2018

2017 was a bleak year for some. No doubt, our society is going through growing pains. But when it comes to individual lives, there’s happy news to report. Thermosoft Corp recently surveyed 2,000 Americans about work, friends and family, lifestyle, and the things they seek in order to feel they’ve “made it.”

Extreme New Years Resolutions 2018

January, the start of a new year, also means the starting another round of new year’s resolutions. If you, like many others, regularly fail at your set goals then why not try something a little different, bordering on extreme to keep you interested in completing your goal? The team at MyOffers have put together a list to inspire something a little different.

New Years Resolutions: How Does the Nation Fair

It’s a good time for many of us to start afresh and think about what we would like to achieve in the new year. Unfortunately, the very idea of making a New Year’s Resolution could bring back depressing memories, as many of us struggle to meet aims that we set for ourselves. In the following infographic, Low.ie compares the Irish to the British and who is better at keeping New Year’s resolutions.