Branding In The New Digital Age

Here is an infographic that visualizes the importance of branding across all digital marketing efforts, highlighting the how well-designed marketing strategies can help you attain long-term business success.

Responsive Design and the Impact of Smartphones

A lot of things have changed with the increase of smartphone users, especially for website owners, email marketeers and designers. Whereas before it was okay to design with one size in mind, nowadays you will need to ensure compatibility for the complete range of mobile devices, tablets, and e-readers.

Diminished Consumer Attention Spans

This infographic explores the shocking stats on how our attention span has changed over the years. It also includes how businesses can overcome shorter attention spans by creating brands and packaging that capture consumer interest.

How To Tell When Your Website Needs A Complete Makeover

“Do I need a website redesign?” It’s a common question every website owner asks when their website doesn’t perform up to their expectations. The fact is that the trends change every year. This infographic highlights on various key factors that denotes your site’s success.

50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

If you are a small business owner and you are planning to get a website designed by hiring a web designer, you may be unaware of all the important elements that a website needs to have. This infographic offers detailed information about the 50 must-have features of a small business website design.

How to Choose Your Logo Colors

As a new business owner there will be endless decisions to be made – the most important of which will be your logo. This image consisting of fonts, graphics, and colors will be your brand identity. It should be simple, yet memorable and timeless. It should consist of colors that convey your brand, whether you use multiple colors or keep it black and white. It should also be completely unique.

March Madness Marketing Stats & Viewership Trends

The March Madness marketing season is a huge opportunity for cross-device advertising, and this year’s March Madness viewership is projected to be accessing even more content away from the television.​ This infographic looks at how marketers are capitalizing on March Madness to build cross-channel engagement.

Know Your Role: When to Use Sway and PowerPoint

Microsoft Sway is an app that lets you create storyboards with web content. It’s been considered a more user-friendly substitute for PowerPoint thanks to its accessibility and importing features. Some even lauded it as Microsoft’s response to complaints thrown at the long-standing presentation aid. In this infographic, SlideGenius looks at when to use Sway versus PowerPoint.

How NOT To Do Social Media Automation

When you begin to sound like a robot on platforms meant to be social, it doesn’t take your followers long to take notice. The negative impact can be very harmful to your brand. So, how to avoid social media automation mistakes? By including a human touch on these varied platforms.