Influencer Outreach 101

If content is king in the digital marketing world, then influencers are your knights in shining armor. They support your brand’s content, nourish it, and spread it across the land for all to see. Here’s an infographic that provides everything you need to know about why influencer marketing matters, along with some tips for how to craft your own influencer marketing campaign.

Is Direct Marketing Still Effective?

Plenty of people have tried to proclaim the death of direct marketing. Those who work in the digital realm may find there is a constant sense of anxiety as to whether the techniques and practices used today will still be relevant tomorrow. But the statistics show that far from sending direct marketing obsolete, the rapidly changing digital landscape has provided marketers the opportunity to make both email and regular mail campaigns far more effective.

Importance of SEO Marketing for Startups

Many believe that startups, in the current scenario, can only hope to succeed if they can increase their searchability and visibility online by employing effective and search engine approved SEO techniques. Leveraging the right SEO technology offers several benefits including improved searchability, higher SERPs and targeted marketing to reach out to the customers.

How to Effectively Do Curation

Curation is a great way to increase visibility to your content after you publish it. In addition, strategic curation can help you develop relationships and publishing alliances with other relevant experts in your industry. For a breakdown of how you can effectively do curation, check out the following infographic.

3 Things Every CEO Should Do to Succeed on Social Media

Social networks have become central to the lives of many consumers, yet many chief executives aren’t engaging with them deeply. A recent study of Fortune 500 CEOs found that 61% have no public-facing social media presence. Moreover, of those leaders who are present, 70% have accounts on only one network. This is a major missed opportunity and it’s high time for CEOs to dive into social media fully.

How to Create Amazing Infographics

Infographics are one of the fastest growing forms of digital content. Their ability to convey complex ideas in one easy to follow visual make them effective and trendy. The infographic from shows the steps you should follow to create an amazing infographic.