The Power of Location Based Advertising & In-Store Music

Location based advertising refers to targeting customers when they are near your store. When you consider that 72% of consumers will act on a call to action if in sight of a retailer, its power seems to be clear. Brand executives seem to acknowledge this fact and 91% of them increased their investments in location based advertising in 2013. However, one might still get the impression that brands aren’t spending enough and they are missing out on huge opportunities.

Most Profitable Marketing Tactics for British SMEs

The world of marketing is constantly changing, and staying on top of the latest marketing tactics is a key way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Because of this, Display Wizard surveyed over 10,000 SME owners to find out their best marketing tactics, with some surprising results revealed.

The Ultimate Pop Culturalist’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Marketing trends mixed in with a pop-culture, what more could you want? The team at Brand Chemistry were so impressed with marketing god Jeff Bullas’ 2016 digital marketing trend predictions that they added their own spice and turned them into an infographic. Every marketer should be thinking about each and everyone of these tips.

2016 Checklist for Smart Social Media Strategy

This is one of the most comprehensive checklists for social media that you’ll find anywhere. Updated for 2016, the Sensible Social Media Checklist by The Whole Brain Group is simple to use and includes proven best practices. [Click here for full size...

Ad Dimensions Cheat Sheet

Each of the social media channels has defined their own standard for the ad sizes that can be placed in their feeds. This infographic from Dot Com Infoway explains the optimal size of social media Ads for both desktop and mobile versions.

10 Steps To Write a Perfect Email

EmailOctopus has designed this simple infographic to help you write the perfect email. This is something many marketers and companies overlook in the marketing strategies.

The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

This infographic pulls some data on tweets and places it into easy-to-digest graphs and charts. This cheat sheet will help you choose what time to post your tweets, what to include in your tweet content, whether or not to include a link, how to significantly increase your number of retweets, and more.

Inbound Marketing Rising: The Dawn of Marketing You Won’t Hate

While outbound marketing works to increase brand awareness it can be intrusive. Inbound marketing can conversely engage, inform, and assist buyers towards a particular company. This information graphic outlines why Inbound marketing tends to be a more effective investment for a company.