Your Local SEO Checklist

Local search engine optimization is a powerful marketing strategy for businesses who want to increase their presence, leads, and sales. Learn how to rank your local business with this Local SEO Checklist. In this infographic, Velvet Cloud breaks down 7 essential items to have on your checklist. Utilize these best practices and take control of your local search results.

The Super Bowl’s Super Ad Spending

Super Bowl commercials have always been intriguing. We can’t help but wonder how companies pulled off those ideas. How long did they prepare it? How much did they pay for the actors? How much did it cost them? And the most intriguing question: was it worth the expense? This infographic presented highlights Super Bowl’s super ad spending throughout the years.

Designing a Killer Brand Logo

Look at any business entity, and you will be met with signs and/or symbols. What are they? Those are the face—the visual representatives—of companies. It’s more than just a mark for any organization. It’s one of the primary means of communicating to and with the customers without actually talking to them. Think body language with humans. It’s practically the same.

Social Media Trends in 2017

What are the social media trends of 2017? According to social media marketers – brands are investing in reaching customers where they are – Mobile & Social. A projected mobile ads spend of $ 134 billion is expected this year. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, Line & Viber continue to dominate the social scene deemed as the 6 Fastest Growing social apps.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Maybe you’ve just started a small consulting business or run a local consignment shop or opened a café. Whatever it is, there’s only one thing you want to happen—to attract clients without breaking the bank. Of course you’re only starting, saving money is so important. To help you, here’s an infographic that highlights some digital marketing strategies for local businesses.

What Is ABM and How Can Marketers Benefit from It?

Account Based Marketing is a strategic marketing approach in which an organization treats each individual prospect as a separate account. ABM focuses more on companies rather than individuals, and treats each organization like its very own market. In this infographic by Blue Mail Media, learn what ABM is and how marketers can benefit from It?

PowerPoint as a Communication Tool When Rebranding a Business

Every company experiences a rut. Perhaps it’s because of the ever-changing world, technology (and the lack of capability or desire to adapt), and/or a new management. It may even be the work of external circumstances. A strong yet underhanded competitor, maybe? Whatever the case, when your company is losing steam, there’s a fix. But it will take a lot of time and effort.

Anatomy of Visual Content Marketing

In the era of “Infoxication”, the use of visual content is essential to avoid your message becoming completely unnoticed. Explainer videos and infographics allow you to reach your target audience in an interesting, didactic and memorable way. Discover the anatomy of visual content marketing in this infographic.

14 Steps To Building A Lightning-Fast Web Experience

Website performance plays an integral role when it comes to user experience, conversions, traffic and customer retention. Not only can a poorly-performing site can turn your loyal visitors into worst enemies, but also damage the reputation of your business. The following infographic outlines a 14-step process to building a lightning-fast website experience.

The Big 2017 Content Marketing Spend

The future is bright – and filled with content! In light of this, it’s critical for companies of all shapes and sizes to develop functional, actionable, and flexible content marketing budgets that help them plan for the inevitable future of content, and how it will...