Best LinkedIn Posting Practices That Generate Quality B2B Leads

94% of B2B professionals can all be found at one place. LinkedIn holds the potential of bringing undeniable results to the lead generation process of your business. If you are a B2B marketer, it can be the #1 B2B social media platform to reach the right audience and to generate quality leads. In this infographic, explore the best LinkedIn posting practices that generate quality B2B leads.

70 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

There are many working parts to a great functioning website, and the list can be overwhelming. So to break it down, the team at We Build Ideas have created a list of the top 70 features every small business website must have and compiled them into an infographic to help you understand what they are, and what are the best practices in modern small business web design.

How To Advertise Crypto

For better or for worse, the advertising oligopoly has taken a hard stance against advertising cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Advertising cryptocurrency is still possible, contrary to popular belief. Learn more from this infographic.

How to Uncover the Best Time to Post on Social Media

With over 5 billion active users on social media, brands put maximum effort into driving engagement. Every aspect of social media strategy is about getting the most eyeballs. As such, the team at Unmetric analyzed the engagement and timing patterns of the top 100 brands from various industries selected according to audience size between November 15th and December 22nd, 2017. 

Brand Archetypes: Hack The Mind Of Your Audience

There’s just something about the brands we connect with. We have an affinity with them that’s hard to put your finger on. It’s as if we know them. In some cases, it’s as if we love them. The following infographic by Iconic Fox is a strategic overview of how to apply Brand Archetypes within a Brand Positioning Strategy.

Facebook Cheat Sheet for Business Pages

Managing your Facebook business pages can be tough. Your Facebook business page is a representation of your brand and as such, it must look great. Here’s the list of updated dimensions of the various marketing creatives that you will need to make your Facebook business page look awesome, put together by Offeo.  All these dimensions are referenced directly from Facebook and tested to make sure that it works.