Magento 2 SEO Guide

Magento 2 is here! It is therefore time to understand what it can offer store owners in terms of search engine optimization. This infographic is a visual presentation of default Magento 2 SEO settings with clear paths to them as well as some additional information on pluses and minuses of each option.

Meet Jack and Jill: A Tale of Customer Experience

Customer experience is rapidly becoming the differentiating factor when it comes to a consumer decision, and personalization is the key to winning on the experience front. However, tracking your customer across channels makes it challenging for any marketer to meet their audiences with the right message at the right moment in the customer journey.

SEO In a Nutshell

SEO can be a complicated spiderweb. cracked and decoded the complex world of ‪‎search engine optimization for you. Let this simple ‪infographic be your guide to help ‪‎optimize your ‪small business ‪‎search engine results.

Top 5 Actionable Tips To Boost Your eCommerce CRO

Did you know that 73% of online stores fail to understand the reason behind their massive shopping cart abandonment? Did you also know that 68.63% is the average online shopping abandonment rate? These numbers are a big deal, reflecting millions of dollars of potential sales lost. But what can be done? The answer is simple: Conversion Rate Optimization.

Reputation Refinery’s Google Reputation Repair Kit

Quite often the hardest part of fixing a Google reputation is knowing where to start. Reputation Refinery has put together a Google Reputation Repair Kit that includes the key strategies they consider for any new client. The three key steps are Review, Refine, and Restore. Take look at the infographic for specific strategies for each step.

How Does Color Influence Customer Behavior?

The ways consumers react to colors and the emotions associated with them can impact how they respond to a product. This infographic from Insights In Marketing offers insight into how colors influence customer perception.

Branding In The New Digital Age

Here is an infographic that visualizes the importance of branding across all digital marketing efforts, highlighting the how well-designed marketing strategies can help you attain long-term business success.

Responsive Design and the Impact of Smartphones

A lot of things have changed with the increase of smartphone users, especially for website owners, email marketeers and designers. Whereas before it was okay to design with one size in mind, nowadays you will need to ensure compatibility for the complete range of mobile devices, tablets, and e-readers.

Diminished Consumer Attention Spans

This infographic explores the shocking stats on how our attention span has changed over the years. It also includes how businesses can overcome shorter attention spans by creating brands and packaging that capture consumer interest.