Leverage Packaging Design To Increase Sales

Consumer purchasing decisions are based on these facts and factors that should used when designing the packaging for your product. Get a handle on what motivates shoppers and what it takes to produce an effective packaging design with the help of this infographic, courtesy of Catalpha.

The Anatomy of a Professional Business Card

Picture this: You’re flying to a different city to visit some friends. You sit next to a friendly guy, and the two of you start talking. It turns out you’re from neighboring towns. He mentions he’s starting a new business venture and is looking for a consultant with your skill-set. How do you exchange contact information? You hand him a crisp, professional business card.

Top Reasons Why A Logo Is A Must For Your Brand

Prospects will only feel interested in working with you when they see your brand has a well-designed logo. Every brand must possess a unique logo. It attracts the desired clients and often guides the purchase decisions of customers. A professional logo establishes the trust among the clients. A logo with its subtle meanings can tell your brand story and when paired with a marketing program can help you stand out in competitions.

The Rising Power of Visual Content

Have you noticed the rise in growth of the visual content recently? That’s because, on digital platforms, contents with some visuals get over 94% more views than the ones without visuals. According to studies, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than plain text. That’s how visuals have become a vital aspect for digital success.

72 Social Selling Stats You Should Know

Is it all about Social Selling these days? Opinions may vary, but all sales experts do agree that it became a vital means of finding, nurturing and building meaningful relationship with your right prospects via social media. Is it easy? No. Does it pay off? Certainly yes. That’s why Reply.io gathered 72 social selling stats to visualize the most important benchmarks of the industry you may need.