How Translation Can Help Market Your Mobile Website

Your mobile website needs to have an edge in the competitive smartphone international industry. Be creative and provide your visitors with the option to use your mobile website in their preferred language. Learn how language is an integral part of a user’s online experience with this infographic by Magma Translation on how to market your mobile website internationally.

The Science Behind Virality

Viral marketing, as we know it today, has evolved over time. And thanks to researchers like Jonah Berger, we know how. The facts they have uncovered after studying the science behind virality help us understand what makes some content pieces tick. To sum up the works of viral scientists like Jonah, and to help lay foundation for your next digital campaign, OutGrow has created an infographic which tries to explain virality.

YouTube Channel Art Cheat Sheet 2018

One thing to consider at the beginning stages of your YouTube channel is your channel art. This is the banner that appears on the top of your channel when someone first lands on your channel – it’s really the first impression. When designing your channel art, consider that the banner will look slightly different depending on the device. You wouldn’t want your face to be cut off on mobile view! has created a Channel Art Cheat Sheet.

Real Estate Logos: What Makes a Winning Design?

Whether you’re an independent agent or you own a brokerage, real estate logos should be used across channels to help build a professional brand. To help you create the perfect design, the team at LogoMaker analyzed the logos of real estate businesses big and small and have compiled their findings in the infographic below.

9 Avant-Garde Color Trends to Expect in 2018

Brands presented consistently are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility. So for the sake of consistency, there’s no need to chase every trend. But evolving your visual identity can help you keep up with consumers. If you’re re-branding or designing a logo in the new year, keep in mind these 2018 color trend predictions, displayed in infographic style.

The Hidden Messages Behind Brand Adverts

Adverts are created to tell a story, to make something more relatable and to sell a product, service, or an idea. Some of these adverts aren’t just a selling tool, but have an incredibly inspirational message behind them. Some may not be obvious, while others are. In this infographic, explore the hidden messages behind several popular brand adverts.

State of Digital Marketing 2017

Search Engine Journal surveyed their audience towards the end of 2017 in their second annual survey on the state of digital marketing. They received answers from more than 230 digital marketers, learning how they work, what they spend and how they measure success. After months of analyzing the data, they have compiled those results into a handy infographic called, “State of Digital Marketing 2017.” 

10 Reputation Management Tips for Apartment Pros

“Just a few years ago, the Internet was very different,” explains Kissmetrics. A passive audience was content to simply listen to company claims, and customer grievances rarely made it past the dinner table. But in today’s digital media climate, your customers have an online megaphone to air their complaints or their compliments. From a tweet about the service in their apartment building to a Yelp review about your community pool, your residents are sharing their opinions online.  

How To Do Conversion Rate Optimization

The end goal of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to increase the performance of your site so visitors can convert more often. In a way, it’s a lot like getting a check-up at the doctor to ensure our bodies are a performing at their peak. The following infographic from Vertical Measures looks at how to do CRO properly.