6 Stages Of Converting Potential Patients Into Advocates

Today’s tech-savvy patients greatly rely on online reviews before finalizing or opting for any healthcare service from a provider. Hence, working on the right strategy that helps patients find your business and later turn out to be your loyal promoters is the key to your success. The following infographic from MedicoReach looks at the journey of a patient from a visitor to a customer in six stages.

The Periodic Table of Branding Elements

Branding is both an art and a science. It’s true — a business can survive without an intentional branding strategy. But a strong brand helps you understand what you’re business is all about, who you should target, and how to speak to your audience. In short, a strong brand sets you up for business success.

8 Simple Tips for Writing Effective Text Messages

Did you know 98% of text messages are opened and read within minutes? This certainly plays a huge role in why businesses are choosing text messaging to reach customers and employees. But there’s more to think about before you launch your next text message campaign. Here are 8 tips on writing effective text messages, courtesy of TextMarks.

6 Search Resolutions for 2018

SEO is changing. All of spammy, algorithm-first tactics (low quality backlinks, keyword-stuffed title tags) are headed for the dustbin. To achieve success on Google for 2018, the needs of user must come first. The more useful your website is to any visitor, the better it will perform. With that in mind, here are some 2018 resolutions for all search campaigns.

10 Ways to Improve Your Website Design

In the following infographic, the team at Kolosek looks at 10 ways to improve your website design and provides tips on how you can immediately boost your online presence. The infographic covers everything from moving to a responsive design to paying more attention to color schemes. You are sure to find something that will help you better your own site in no time at all.

Designing a Logo? Consider These 10 Creative Font Ideas

Think, for a second, about your signature — your own personal autograph. Do you sign your name with an elegant script, a casual scribble, or edgy initials? Whatever your style, your signature is a unique part of your personal brand. Your business logo font is just like your signature. When it comes to your business brand, your logo typography reflects who you are and what it’s like to work with you.

Exploratory Testing: The 7 Personas To Test For

Exploratory testing can be difficult when you don’t know how to test…or who to test for. Fortunately, CrossBrowserTesting has crafted the quirky personas that will help you navigate your web application. Follow along on a safari ride through the jungle as we identify the user needs you should be testing for.

Creating Brand Identity for Small Business

When launching their products in the marketplace, new business owners are faced with many challenges. With the marketplace being more competitive than ever, new business owners need to find a way to target their audience and present their product in a way which will attract customers. Well established brand identity can be the key for finding a place in the sun.

How Game Developers Can Market Their Game Into Profitability

One of the things about indie game developers is that while they may be great at developing a challenging, yet user-friendly game or an exciting storyline, they aren’t very good at marketing. If you’ve had difficulty marketing your indie game, you may be doing it wrong. The strengths of your game can easily sell themselves, but if no one is aware of your product.

The Only Visual Guide You Need To Nail Inbound Marketing

Gone are the days when marketers use to seek out customers with cold calls, trade shows and print and TV ads. With the cost of traditional marketing increasing and the effectiveness decreasing, it is hard for traditional marketers to generate the ROI that their business expects from them. This is why traditional marketing methods have taken a back seat lately and has given way to new marketing method known as Inbound marketing.