Thanksgiving Guide – Fun Facts, Money Saving Tips, Myths & History

Feasting. Family. Football. For many, these are the images conjured by the mention of Thanksgiving. But, Thanksgiving is so much more than all of these things. It transcends food, places, and even people. The core of Thanksgiving is about gratitude. Learn more about history of Thanksgiving and myths surrounding this holiday in this infographic.

The Height of Flight

The folks at have created this visual representation of the Height of Flight. They’ve charted a few famous land masses, added in mushroom clouds, high altitude weather and even space flight.

Angelic Faces: Heavenly Looks For The Holidays

Like us, you might already be planning what you’re going to wear to your office holiday party. To be honest, you’ve been thinking about it ever since that cute new guy in accounting started, haven’t you? But your make up? That usually takes a back seat to the urgent project you have to finish before joining the last minute scramble in the office bathroom, alongside a whole host of other ladies jostling for mirror space.

Diesel Laundering – What To Look Out For

It’s important to shop around when it comes to finding the best price for petrol and diesel. However with diesel laundering becoming a big problem in Ireland it’s important to know the all the facts so you don’t run the risk of ruining your engine. To keep you in the know, Jones Oil has created a guide outlining what to look out for when it comes to diesel laundering.

Greatest Ships in Fiction

Throughout history ships have played an important part, some made for war, while others for trade or discovery. There is no doubt they have helped shape the world we live in. Equally in fiction they have played an important role, many becoming semi-characters in their own right.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrations are all about family, friends and having a good time. It should also be about taking care or the people around us that need us. Check with your church or local kitchen soup and you’ll be surprises at how many people need someone to talk to, someone to share a meal with. Enjoy this Thanksgiving infographic courtesy of

The Ultimate Surveillance: How The Secret Service Protects The President

What does it take to become a member of one of the most elite law enforcement agencies in the entire United States? Specialized weapons training, tactics, and analysis are all important aspects of becoming a special agent for the United States Secret Service (USSS). However, protecting the president and important government assets involves a bit more than a cool suit, a bullet-proof vehicle, and a reliable firearm.

Make Black Friday a National Holiday

Black Friday has become an unavoidable tradition of our country’s holiday season, so it may surprise you to learn that Black Friday is not an officially recognized U.S. holiday. But should it be? This infographic explores the idea of making Black Friday a national holiday.

The Perfect Pairs

Some shoes are so special and so well loved by a certain group or individual that they become synonymous with them. Test your shoe knowledge infographic supplied by Anatomic Shoes by matching these iconic shoes with their famous wearers.

Inside Santa’s Workshop

With Christmas shopping set to get underway, Santa’s workshops are gearing up for a frantic few months. Here is an infographic from Advanced Diesel Engineering that takes a peak inside Santa’s workshop.