Public Safety: Threats, Solutions & Opinions

In the 21st century, we’re seeing an increased focus on public safety in terms of security. We have artificial intelligence (robot security guards), drones protecting us from above, and even home security apps on our smartphones. However, public safety still lies mostly in the hands of security guards because they are trained to act proactively in the face of danger.

Memory Malfunction: Cryptomnesia and Plagiarism

What do Helen Keller, Sam Smith and MLK Jr. have in common? They have all been accused of plagiarism. But was it actually plagiarism or perhaps a little-known phenomenon called Cryptomnesia? Cryptomnesia is the phenomenon of a forgotten memory being mistaken by the brain for a new and original thought. This infographic takes a close look at this odd occurrence: what it is, why it happens and who it’s happened to.

What Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Would Cost Today

It’s hard not to love the magical world that Roald Dahl created in his iconic children’s book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Most of us have daydreamed about what it would have been like to win a golden ticket and go on a tour of Willy Wonka’s factory. But how much exactly would that world cost? How much would the Wonka company be worth? How much would the Oompa Loompas get paid?

The Ultimate Guide to Selfie Safety

With selfies becoming increasingly popular with travelers, it was only a matter of time until selfie safety became a discussion point. Southern Cross Travel Insurance has put together the following infographic which is designed to be an ultimate guide to selfie safety.

You Are What You Drink

Beer, Gin, Tequila…..What does your favorite drink say about your personality?  Four Loko recently surveyed 2,000 drinkers about their favorite alcoholic beverage and from that data created ten profiles that reveal what people have in common based on their alcoholic beverage of choice. 

Odds of Famous Couples Getting Divorced

Who is the next famous couple to get divorced? To answer this question, USA Online Casino took a survey of 1,000 Americans and asked them to name the three celebrity couples they thought were most likely to hit the rocks in 2018. Find out who will be get divorced in 2018 with this infographic.

Social Gaming & Online Gambling – Two Hot Markets Converging

Social gaming really came to the forefront in the early 2010s. People were able to play with their friends on their game consoles via Xbox Live and everyone was receiving Facebook notifications from friends inviting them to play Candy Crush. With social gaming becoming so popular, it seemed almost inevitable that it would eventually find its way into online casinos as these are some of the most popular places to play online.