7 Casino Facts

Sometimes a myth is talked about so much that it can become the truth over time. But not in this case. In the following infographic by onlinecasinopolis.net, you will only find the most interesting facts proven by history. One of such facts is a well-accounted story about the invention of the sandwich which, to no surprise, took place nowhere else but in a casino. This and six others included below.

23 Plants That Are Poisonous To The Touch

It might seem like common knowledge, but if you can’t identify it in the wild, stay away from the berries and avoid eating the plants! Some will cause severe allergic skin reactions that need to be taken very seriously. This infographic from McDermatology.com features 23 plants that are poisonous to the touch.

Mens vs Women: Online Gambling Stats

Lots of people will discuss Mens VS Women online gambling stats. It’s worthwhile to point out that it’s hard to get statistics on the entire online casino gaming community. The statistics are almost inevitably based on samples of gamblers, making them estimates. However, it’s still worthwhile to pay attention to some of the existing findings.

How It’s Made: .22 Rimfire Ammo

.22 rimfire is often the go-to caliber for teaching someone how to shoot, hunting small game or enjoying a day of low-recoil target practice. Ever wondered how .22 LR ammunition was made? Cabelas.com has developed a helpful infographic that shows you the step-by-step process of the creation of this popular round.

Turkey Calling 101

Having trouble talking turkey? The folks at Cabelas.com have created an infographic about the different calls used to bring in a wild turkey plus tips and tricks on getting an authentic sound.

The Battle of the Fictional Fleets

Which fictional fleet is the most effective? The team at TeletracNavman.com delves into fleet management metrics with some of the top performing teams in fiction, from the spaceship-driving fleet of Battlestar Galactic to Dany’s massive fleet of ships in Game of Thrones. From management to driver behavior, discover which fandom has the most fantastic fleet.