Mega Machines

In this infographic, Fuel Fighter looks at some of the world’s colossal machines and provides information on their weight, size and just how much they cost. The statistics are astounding. The engines used to run these machines are incredibly powerful and most require a lot of fuel to make them work. Prepare to be amazed by these Mighty Machines.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Need ideas for a great Halloween costume? Check out this infographic from to find a variety of classic Halloween costumes, plus the accessories needed for each. Also, check out the fun Halloween statistics at the bottom.

Remington 870 vs Mossberg 500

Here is an infographic from the folks at that takes a look at their differences between Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns, two of the most popular pump-action shotguns in the world. [Click here for full size...

US Casino Gambling History

Casino Gambling has been an American tradition since the pre-colonial days way before Charles Fey invented the liberty bell slot machine. The American Indians liked to gamble by playing casino gambling games that were similar to craps. The following video infographic shows the history of gambling in the United States of America.

Georgia Natural Gas Market Update

What is the average price that Georgians pay for natural gas service? What is the average natural gas bill for Georgians? Where does Georgia’s natural gas supply come from? What are the sources of energy used in my home? Check out the following infographic to learn more about Georgia natural gas rates.

Stop Cyberbullying

Social Media has reshaped the way that our youth communicate with each other outside of school through their online interactions. But not everyone wants to be friends online, and often times bullies use social media as an outlet to become even bolder than they typically would in person. The effects can be extremely harmful to the victim emotionally.

Coffee Machines Comparison

With a huge variety of Office Coffee Machines to choose from, well known brands and the latest technologies play a big part in your choice. London Coffee Machines have compared just that, a highly sought after machine that’s been around for a while compared to a much newer machine with the latest technologies, features and user options.

Can Online Gambling Solve U.S. Debt Issues?

Casino gambling can be lucrative for the casinos as well as the gamblers. There are many casinos in the United States of America. Some states even allow people to play casino slots online. has created the following infographic which shows that if more states had land and online casino sites, how the tax revenue could be put to good use.