Pet Safety Guide

More than 500,000 pets die every year from home fires. We all need to read about pet safety if we want to save the lives of our four legged friends. This is what this visual guide from Hurford Salvi Carr is about.

10 Cat Superpowers

Cats have always been popular pets and it’s not hard to see why as they truly are fascinating creatures. But because they are so common, we tend to take their extraordinary abilities for granted. So now it’s time for you to realize how awesome your cat really is.

7 People Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Dogs are an extension of our family. They sleep with us, play with us and oftentimes eat with us. However, not all human foods are safe for doggie consumption. Foods like grapes, onions and macadamia nuts can take a serious toll on a pup’s health. Here’s a...

10 Interesting Cat Facts That You’ll Want to Tell Everyone

Cats and humans have a long and close relationship with cultures across the world respecting and revering cats for their mysterious nature and incredible hunting skills. Tales of cats and their seemingly-preternatural abilities are told in the tales of every nation. Here is an infographic of 10 fascinating cat facts that you probably never knew.

What Does Your Pet Say About You?

Ever wondered what your pet can say about you and your personality? Well, some cat and dog breeds have certain characteristics that could be related to the pet owner´s personality. Check out the following infographic which includes some popular cats and dogs in Hollywood.

Moving Home with Pets

Moving to a new home is often exciting but can also be stressful for you – and it’s easy to forget how our pets can be affected too. Pets can get nervous and anxious during the moving period. This easy-to-digest guide can help you to ensure that bringing your furry friend along for the ride is less stressful for everyone.

Keeping Ambient Temperatures For Healthy Pets

Pet health is dependent on a variety of factors, food, drink, exercise and your love to name a few. You also need to ensure that they are provided with an ambient temperature to help make them flourish. This infographic highlights the importance of your pet avoiding heatstroke during the summer and keeping sufficiently warm in the winter to prevent hypothermia.

30 Garden Plants That Are Harmful for Pets

Pets quite often are our best friends or considered a part of the family and as such we want to protect and keep them safe. Most of us don’t realize just how dangerous our gardens and the general outdoors can be. Have you looked in your back garden and thought, could any of these plants cause harm to my family? Well, the answers is yes! Here is a list of 30 common garden plants that can potentially harm or kill your pets.

The Discovery of New Species

Ever wondered how scientists find new species of animals and how many are found per year? Learn all about it in this informative infographic by

DeCoding Your Dog

Dogs are very expressive animals. However, they don’t express themselves the same way we do, with words – instead, their vehicles for expression include their tails, their tongues, their eyes, and their ears. Even the way they hold their weight can tell you something about how they feel! It’s important not to misinterpret your dog’s body language or barking. Follow this simple guide to understand some of your dog’s most common emotions.