10 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Eat

Dogs can often experience a lot of issues that cannot be determined easily. Loss of appetite is the most common sign of health issues, but may also be brought about by a change in routine and environment. Before you take your dog for a checkup, let’s go through the 10 most common reasons why a dog won’t eat.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Whilst we may love the sunshine and look forward to summer every year, it’s not always the same for our dogs. As well as having warm fur coats, dogs aren’t great at keeping their body cool, and they can’t sweat like us humans – they can only sweat through their paws.

Save Your Floor From Your Pets

We love our cats and dogs, but they don’t always feel the same way about our floors. Whether it’s tearing up our carpets or scratching our newly laid wooden floors; pets can be a destructive and expensive member of the family. So here is an infographic that offers some guidance to help you understand why cats and dogs damage our floors and how you can stop them from doing it.

Traveling In Europe With Your Dog

This infographic from Craig Manor takes you step by step through the whole process of entering Europe with your dog. It cover things such as what the legal requirements are, booking a flight, choosing an airline, what to check when picking a destination and how to make sure your dog is ready to fly.

How to Teach Your Cat to Do Tricks

Training pets is something that people have been doing since the beginning of times. We train dogs, horses, and even reptiles! Well, training a cat has to be a lot more pleasant experience, than training a reptile. In the following infographic, BlueBuffalo.com has compiled some neat tricks to teach young cats as well as a more mature ones, who have already created some habits and long become family members.