Apartment Dogs: Choosing the Best Breed

In choosing the best dog breed for your apartment, there are many factors to consider. Of course, you should choose a dog that matches your personality and activity interests, but there are factors specific to apartment life that can help you determine if the dog breed will match your lifestyle.

The Official Mammals of the United States

Each state in the United States represents not only its people, but its animals as well. Explore this infographic by Alan’s Factory Outlet as it introduces you to the mammals that call the United States home, from the obvious choices like the Texas Longhorn to the less obvious choices such as the Great Dane representing the state of Pennsylvania.

Why is the Internet Obsessed With Cats?

Cat obsession isn’t something new. Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped by Egyptians and since then we’ve used our furry friends for everything from catching rodents on long ocean voyages to simple companionship. It’s no wonder that cats are America’s favorite pet with 74 million living in our homes. The following infographic looks at why people so obsessed with cats.

50 Animal Footprints Found in North America

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an animal lover, it’s good to be able to recognize the tracks that the creatures around us leave behind. The next time you’re about to head out on a hike, be sure to check this ultimate animal track guide from AlansFactoryOutlet.com first. You’ll be prepared for whatever is in your path on your next adventure.

The World’s Richest Pets

Some people love their pets so much, they treat them like their very own children, however most people would never think to leave their hard-earned cash to pets once they die. I said most as there are some that actually do leave their wealth to their beloved pets. Spending their life in luxury and comfort, meet some of the world’s richest pets, in an infographic from Moneypod.

Pug Or Partner?

Pugs have grown in popularity over recent years, but they’re actually an ancient breed, revered for centuries in China and given a royal-like status. Given our own sociable needs as a pack animal, we all need company in our lives. The folks at Moneypod have looked at the finer points of both species to work out whether a pug or a partner is what a person truly needs in life.

15 Ways Fish Reduce Stress & Improve Mental Health

If you’re a pet person, you won’t need to be told how relaxing it is to just spend time with your pet, but did you know that keeping pets actually has health benefits too? You probably knew that cats, dogs and large animals all provide us with the feel good factor, but even pets as small as fish bring us plenty of mental health benefits. The following infographic is a visual, easy to read round up all the best research that has been carried out into aquariums and how they improve mental health and reduce stress.

Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

Initiating a discussion with a pet-lover can be daunting sometimes as the conversation may turn either favorable or hostile. Apart from the minor proportion of people that don’t like pets, our society is mainly categorized into 2 sections, i.e. one having an inclination for dogs and the other having a preference for cats. In fact, the ideal way to gauge someone’s personality may depend on whether they like dogs or cats.