Pitching to Pet People

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, a bird person or a lizard person, it doesn’t really matter. Sure, each type of pet has its differences, but for marketers and marketing to pet owners, that’s only half the picture. The following infographic explains some of the differences between dog and cat owners as well as what unites both types of pet lovers.

How To Look After Your Dogs Ears Properly

We spend a lot of time grooming our pets but sometimes we neglect the most important aspects of their grooming regime, ensuring their sensitive areas, ears, eyes, nose and paws are clean and infection free. This handy guide walks you through the process of cleaning up your pups ears to ensure they are comfortable, happy and healthy all year round.

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Pet Ownership

Have you ever stopped to think about the effect your pet is having on the planet? Just like us humans, our pets actually have a substantial impact on the environment and our planet’s carbon footprint. The difference, however, is that there is not a lot our pets can do to remedy this themselves but rather it’s our duty as pet owners to help them.

Heroes Wear Fur: A Different Kind of Dog Vet

Through the centuries, dogs’ roles have shifted and expanded, making them an integral part of modern nations’ security plan. In the U.S., since the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the use of bomb-sniffing dogs to protect transportation hubs and other public venues has increased by more than 400%.

Pets & Kids: Not So Different!

It’s becoming more and more common to see kids with expensive toys and gadgets worth more than everything you owned during your whole childhood combined. And it’s not surprising to see today’s parents spoil their children like they are royalty. But did you know that there are pet owners giving the same royal treatment to their pets? This infographic showcases some of the more extravagant products for pets as well as some downright absurd pet services.

22 Ways Cats Make People Happier And Healthier

Life is better with cats! It really is. But did you know there’s a ton of science and research to back it up? The fact of the matter is that cats make us both happier and healthier in a variety of ways. The folks at Catological.com have put together this handy infographic outlining 22 ways cats make people happier and healthier.

Where the Wild Things Live: 20 Amazing Animal Architects

The marvels of human architecture are well-known, but did you know that many animal species have adapted into incredibly resourceful architects as well? They utilize environmental factors to construct clever adobes that provide opportunities for protection, safety, reproduction, and survival. They make ample use of the resources available to them, such as pebbles, twigs, leaves, bottle-caps, straws, and even their own saliva!

Sleep Habits of the Animal Kingdom

Do all animals sleep? When does a dolphin have a chance to take a nap? Does a horse need to lie down to get some shut-eye? Do opossums and bats really sleep upside-down? Here are some fun facts about animals’ sleeping habits, put together by Sleepopolis, that may surprise you.

Cute vs Terrifying Facts About Animals

The animal kingdom is an amazing place, filled with a diversity of life. From the depths of the sea, where sharks and octopuses swim, to the serene forests where squirrels and monkeys swing from the trees. This infographic is a perfect illustration of the diversity of life and its aspects. On the left, you’ll find lots of cute facts about animals. Meanwhile, on the right side of the infographic, you’ll find the brutal, bloody, and hardcore side of the animal kingdom featured.