Retirement, the Election and You

In one of the most uncertain General Elections in decades, with the a complete change to the entire landscape of British politics and culture, many people are still undecided on who to vote for. My Retirement Options wants to help you decide which political party should get your vote: based on the policies that could most impact your retirement.

Chicago Sites Compete to Book Obama Library

In January 2014, formation of the Barack H. Obama Foundation was announced which will oversee planning for Obama;s presidential library. Which Chicago site might host the Obama library? Check out the following infographic to take a look at the top possible sites for the President’s library.

Understanding’s Rocky Rollout

Galorath watched the rollout difficulties, the outcries and finger pointing and decided to take a more analytical look. While it is easy to throw stones at stakeholders, this was a huge IT project and there were bound to be challenges. Could it have gone better? Sure. Were there adequate resources?

Abolishing the DHS

Since 9/11 there have been major efforts to advance domestic US protection that have been very costly to the American people. This infographic looks at this issue and includes a plea to abolish the costly DHS.

Expand Social Security

Retirement and social security can bring confusion to anyone. Add in the new social security budget proposed by President Obama, and it can send you running for cover. Democracy for America has created an infographic detailing how this new budget affects seniors, and how lawmakers and citizens are uniting to change it.