Shopping Cart Abandonment: Ecommerce Tips to Increase Sales

$4 trillion dollars of merchandise is abandoned in shopping carts every year. Using follow up texts, ad retargeting and a streamlined checkout process you can increase recovered purchases and help lure shoppers back to websites to complete their purchase. Minimizing steps, providing multiple payment options and using exit popups can help streamline the checkout process and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

The DNA of a Successful Amazon Seller

Being an Amazon seller is not easy. The vast market can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new in the scene. Let’s say you have a product and you want to sell in on Amazon. What would you do? How can you gain profit? What’s the strategy? Here’s an infographic that explains the 4 traits of successful Amazon sellers.

The Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide

As your wedding anniversary approaches, you’ll be looking for something suitable to give to your loved one to show how much you care. Whilst anniversaries aren’t about the presents you give and receive, there’s something nice about honoring the traditions that surround this special occasion. You may be aware that 25 years together equals silver and 50 years gold, but did you know that each and every year of marriage has its own particular tradition?

Singapore Shopping Destinations Guide

Singapore is one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia with endless choices of shopping centres, five-star Singapore hotels, eclectic nightlife scenes and well-known attractions. Check out the list of shopping choices compiled by Marriott that is suitable for all types, from world-class brands to its very own famous thrift shopping areas.