Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

While selling on Amazon sounds good, you should be careful as there are some risks involved. There are in fact advantages and disadvantages. As an online entrepreneur, it’s important to know what they are. Let’s dig deeper. Here are the pros and cons of selling on Amazon in an infographic by BuyBox Experts.

How to Choose a Christmas Gift

Christmas season is upon us, meaning it’s the annual tradition of picking the perfect present to put under the tree. From parents, in-laws, siblings, partners, friends and co-workers – your shopping list can seem endless at times. So where to start? Whether your recipient is creative, sporty, adventurous, geeky, intellectual or indoorsy – or a mixture of both – the perfect present is a combination of thought, delivery and presentation.

Trick Or Treat Your Way Into Halloween Sales Like a Pirate

Whether or not trick-or-treating is up your alley, Halloween and all its festivities can’t be ignored. This year 171 million Americans plan to partake in the holiday, which may include anything from pumpkin-carving and costume planning to party hosting and party-crashing. Spending will hit an all-time high at $8.4B, with a $1.5B increase in spending since the previous year.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Ecommerce Tips to Increase Sales

$4 trillion dollars of merchandise is abandoned in shopping carts every year. Using follow up texts, ad retargeting and a streamlined checkout process you can increase recovered purchases and help lure shoppers back to websites to complete their purchase. Minimizing steps, providing multiple payment options and using exit popups can help streamline the checkout process and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

The DNA of a Successful Amazon Seller

Being an Amazon seller is not easy. The vast market can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new in the scene. Let’s say you have a product and you want to sell in on Amazon. What would you do? How can you gain profit? What’s the strategy? Here’s an infographic that explains the 4 traits of successful Amazon sellers.