Psyched Up for Cycling

Check out the following infographic from Bicycle Adventures for an in-depth look at all the bicycle tour essentials including training techniques, nutrition tips, and gear. This is a great solution for a New Year’s Resolution.

NFL Stadiums and the Cost of Homes

It’s every fan’s dream: a home right on the doorstep of their favorite football team. But which cities are the most favorable for hardcore fans? Sure, there’s the price of the home itself, but there’s so much more to it: the stadium, the cost of tickets and how much home your money will buy you. Here takes a look at what it takes to call the red zone your home.

The History of Surfing in Australia

Here is an infographic by Total Surfing Fitness that shows the history of surfing in Australia starting in 1914 as well as some interesting facts and stats on Aussie surfing.

Choosing the Right Surfboard for You

The following infographic by Total Surfing Fitness provides an overview of the different types of surfboards, offers helpful tips and advice on choosing the right surfboard and gives a rundown of the top selling surfboard models in 2015.

The Evolution Of The Golf Ball

Over the years, the humble golf ball has undergone several improvements and alterations. This infographic discusses the evolution of the golf ball, from the handcrafted Feather Ball, right through to the Haskell Ball and Today’s Standard. With each development, we get closer and closer to the golf balls we know and love today.

North America’s Most Popular Sports

Here is an infographic by the Experian Data Quality team that analyzes the top 5 professional sports in North America and organizes the teams by average attendance. Discover what the top teams and sports are in each state and Canadian province.

The Ultimate Bicycle Maintenance Guide

Some bicycle enthusiasts are hesitant at the idea of maintaining their own bicycle and as a result, end up spending a lot of money on an exercise that they could easily have handled on their own. But do you know that it is actually easy and fun to maintain your bike on your own?

NFL Risk On And Off The Field

Playing in the NFL is inherently risky, but you may not know the injuries are often lifelong and progressive. Learn more about the medical risks of playing in the NFL from this infographic from Lockton.

The Triple Crown

The Triple Crown was an elusive title until the 3 year old American Pharoah won it this year in a record time of 2:26.65. This prestigious award had not been won since Affirmed won it in 1978. In celebration of breaking the almost 40 year dry spell, has put together an infographic detailing some noteworthy facts about the title and those who have won it.