The Triple Crown

The Triple Crown was an elusive title until the 3 year old American Pharoah won it this year in a record time of 2:26.65. This prestigious award had not been won since Affirmed won it in 1978. In celebration of breaking the almost 40 year dry spell, has put together an infographic detailing some noteworthy facts about the title and those who have won it.

Playing Golf Through The Winter

The winter is great for many things, but your golf game is not one of them. So as the northern hemisphere approaches this cold, handicap destroying, time of year, the folks at GolfOnline thought it would be apposite to provide you with some tips to keeping your game sharp through the winter.

The Evolution of the Rugby Player

It takes a lot of effort and skills if you want to be a rugby player. It takes even more if you want to be a professional. In this interesting infographic by the team at Betway find out everything about rugby players and discover how they have evolved over the years.

How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Rules

Whether you’re preparing for your first, or are just looking to improve upon your last, you may be looking into how to run a marathon successfully. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as quickly putting one foot in front of the other! Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has put together this infographic to visually show you what myths to bust, as well as rules that you should follow to conquer the esteemed marathon.

Chasing the NFL Dream: Why We Root for the Underdog

Making it to the NFL isn’t easy. Just how hard is it for an NCAA football player to ever play a snap in an NFL regular season game? Learn more about your odds of becoming an NFL player as Sports Interaction breaks down the odds in this infographic.

How To Choose The Perfect Workout Music Mix

When it comes to working out, sometimes one needs some extra motivation to get started. Studies completed by Sworkit show that listening to music while working out increases the chances of workout completion by 40%! Following is an infographic about the effects music can have on your workout and how to utilize music to get the most satisfying workout.

Risky Running: A Look at the 7 Most Common Running Injuries

Did you know that 65% of all runners are injured within a given year? In fact on average, every 100 hours of running = 1 running injury. The average runner loses 5-10% of their year’s workouts due to injury. Only 50% of running injuries are new, the other half are recurring. This infographic looks at 7 of the most common running injuries.

The Strangest Sports Across The Globe

Around the world, different places hold some pretty crazy sports, from Unicycle Football to Underwater Upside-Down Hockey. The guys over at HART Sport have put together a list of the 10 strangest sports across the globe.

The New Sports Experience and How Wi-Fi is Changing the Game

Welcome to the new American pastime: Baseball, hot dogs and Wi-Fi. Digital Element has released a new infographic to show how increasingly more sports stadiums are embracing the use of Wi-Fi in their venues and how businesses can use targeted mobile marketing campaigns to reach these avid sports fans.