What Is the asTech 2?

The asTech device is a remote diagnostic tool that allows collision shops and repair technicians to have a vehicle scanned before and after repair work is done to ensure all of the vehicle’s issues were fully addressed and all systems are working properly.The following infographic looks at this in more detail.

A Visualization of Data’s Size

Theorists have determined that 90% of current data in the world has been created in just the past several years. By comparing data storage capacity to physical weight, this infographic provides a unique, entertaining perspective on the expansiveness of the world of data. It would be an excellent tool to get children interested in data science.

DIY Rapid Fire Mouse Button

Have you ever made any changes to your gaming mouse, adding new features or just customizing it? This infographic will teach you how to make a Rapid Fire Mouse Button for your mice. As you already know computer video games involve rapid mouse clicking, and for those gamers who don’t have expensive gaming mouse, it’s hard to achieve good results. If you want to have an unbeatable power and most accurate gaming mouse, check out this infographic carefully.

21 Gadgets for the Sleep Obsessive

Are you one of the millions of people who struggle with sleep every now and again? Be it bright lights, noisy neighbors or annoying thoughts, something will always keep you up when you need sleep the most. Made to Measure Blinds UK crawled through the Internet to pull out a list of the top 21 modern gadgets, gizmos and apps to help you get your well needed rest. From light bulbs used by NASA to portable humidifiers for the travel obsessive, there is something for everyone.

How Did We Get Here?

This infographic entitled “How Did We Get Here?”, moves through time starting at the very beginning with the first storage medium, the human brain. It progresses to today where many promising vendors enter the space and projects to the future with up and coming technologies and a graveyard of storage companies, may they rest in peace.

Complete Insight of Mobile App Development

The exponential growth of mobile app industry has brought many challenges for app developers such as maintaining the high quality of UI & UX of the app, achieving the milestones within the time limit, etc. To help app developers and businesses, Nine Hertz has designed a detailed infographic that shows the various factors of mobile app development process

The Rise of Action Cameras

The action camera industry has crossed $3.2 billion market value and it has just taken off. In this infographic Bestactioncamreviews.com shares who started this phenomenon, the history and rise of action cameras and where you can use them.

How Casinos Use Technology

It is always important to develop yourself as the time changes. The same thing applies for the businesses. In this interesting infographic from PokerStars find out how casinos are moving forward with the help of technology.

Biggest Data Breaches of 2014

This infographic from TopTenReviews.com shows the number of people affected by some of the biggest data breaches in 2014, how long it took to discover each breach, its overall impact, and how much it cost.