Important Numbers to Know on Computer Backups

Data loss affects everyone and every business eventually. In fact, 75% of all businesses have suffered from data loss over the past two years. Data loss is inconvenient and can also be costly for businesses – and even if you’re taking steps to avoid computer failures, it’s difficult to account for hackers, viruses, and natural disasters.

History Of Digital Content

Today, we consume vast quantities of digital content by reading website articles, browsing digital magazines, watching videos on YouTube or other platforms, and even engaging with other people on social media. Even many of the advertisements we’re exposed to on a daily basis are digital. But how exactly did digital content become such a prominent fixture of modern life?

4-Step Guide to Choosing Airbnb Automation Software

The vacation rental industry has certainly boomed. As a result, numerous Airbnb software solutions have appeared on the market with the objective of helping hosts boost their efficiency. Are you ready to dip your toes into automating your Airbnb business and want to know more about choosing Airbnb software? Then this short infographic is just what you need to start with.

11 Differences Between iOS and Android App Testing

Android and iOS owns a major share of hand held device OS at present. Among these two, Android users are of the highest in number. Even though some of the same apps available in both operating systems, the process involved in testing them are different owing to various factors. In the following infographic, testbytes looks at 11 differences between iOS and Android app testing.

37 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts To Boost Productivity

Almost everyone of us wants to complete the tasks quickly, especially when it comes to office work. If you are looking to maximize your productivity at work and want to stay ahead of others, then keyboard shortcuts can be beneficial for you. And if you work on a Windows operating system, here’s a list of 37 keyboard shortcuts by Parken Solution that can boost your productivity.

What Cities Have the Highest Concentration of Smart Homes?

Smart home technology is on the rise. In fact, the most recent data available shows that 2016 had a 64% sales increase in smart home devices. These Internet-enabled home devices are ever expanding in their scope, ranging from televisions to baby monitors to home security cameras. However, consumer adoption of smart home technology is not happening equally throughout the country.

Benefits of Using Mobile Devices Over Standalone GPS Devices for Tracking

There is a debate of whether fleet managers should provide their drivers with standalone GPS device or a smartphone GPS app. Both have their advantages and downsides, but there is a substantial proof that more and more people see smartphone GPS apps as a more favorable and effective tool in their day to day driving habits. To learn more about the benefits GPS apps hosted on smartphones over standalone GPS devices, check out the following infographic.

DevOps – A Trendsetter In 2018

DevOps has progressed at a great speed in a very short time. It has contributed significantly in shaping the software world and is continuing to do so. DevOps is getting popular day by day as it comes with myriad advantages. The following infographic from Algoworks shows why DevOps is being termed as the trendsetter in 2018.

9 Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting lots of attention from press and investors. It’s a technology with the potential to transform many industries and many aspects of day to day life. Many companies think AI will influence all aspects of their business from products to services. Check out the following infographic from Mappfia to discover nine things you may not have known about AI.