How Mobile App Development Will Pan Out In 2016

This infographic takes a look at the possible scene in the mobile app development segment this year. The figures quoted in the infographic may surprise the reader but then, these are based on facts and they need to be taken cognizance of. It also takes a look at the Internet of Things technology and how it will impact connectivity with the inevitable integration of objects including devices, vehicles and structures, effortlessly.

4 Killer Features That Makes The DJI Phantom 4 Special

The all new DJI Phantom 4 was released in March 2016 and is already dubbed “the intelligent drone” thanks to four new killer features that make it easier, more fun, safer and longer to fly. In this infographic we take a look at these four features and what they do.

Apple iPhone 6s Review and Specifications

The Apple iPhone 6S was launched this year in September and quickly captured the limelight with the revolutionary features it offered. The new iPhone 6S featured with various software and technology tweaks, like Live photos and 3D touch technology, which was a step-up in smartphone innovation.

Software Is Not Eating The World

Plenty of people think software is going to take away their jobs, but this just isn’t true. Learn more about how automation helps in this infographic from Global SEM Partners.

Go Big By Going Small

Experts estimate by 2020 the telecommunications network will need to support more than 1,000 times today’s volume of traffic. The frequency range used by cellular devices is already strained and with the anticipated growth in the coming years experts are growing more concerned. Smart antennas operating on the millimeter-wave band offer one possible engineering solution to the problem of how to move the future’s data.

Best Mobile Data Networks of 2016

These days, more and more people are on their mobile phones rather than on their desktops for digital media consumption. This only means that businesses need to step up and deliver on the mobile forefront in order to avoid losing their customers to competitors who deliver well on mobile platform.

Point & Shoot: Smartphone Camera Tips & Tricks

The smartphone has slowly replaced the traditional point and shoot handheld camera of yesteryear, making it easier for the masses to take photos at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, the ease of taking a picture does not necessarily translate into taking great ones. In this infographic, learn a few quick ways to improve your smartphone photography with these tips and tricks.