How Technology Has Shaped the Modern Las Vegas Scene

Vegas has come a long way from being merely a bright spot in the middle of the desert to being one of the most technologically advanced cities the world over. From El Rancho’s rustic vibe to LevelUp’s futuristic technology and amenities, Sin City is the spotlight for growing technology and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. In this infographic, learn how technology has shaped the modern Las Vegas scene.

Difference Between Ink Toner & Cartridges

While ink and toner both help you print essential documents, beautiful photos, and fun projects, they each have distinct aspects that make them uniquely qualified for specific purposes. Ink is a liquid used in inkjet printers and toner is a powder used in laser-jet printers. Due to the way ink and toner are used in printers, they have different benefits and specialties.

VR in the Military

VR in the military? They do and it’s quite amazing. Virtual reality is being used in three main areas – recruitment, training and recovery. In recruitment, VR is changing the way that the military finds new recruits. It’s also being used to generate interest in young adults who may have an interest in signing up for the armed forces but who perhaps don’t quite know it yet.

10 Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creative Game

Modern technology is helping transform every aspect of our everyday lives. However, where the transformation is at its highest is our creativity – we are exposed to hundreds of new ideas on daily basis and this helps each one of us become a lot better at what we do. Without it, we would have never made it that far and the best thing about modern technology is that it can actually help us boost our creative game.

Biometrics in Movies

Facial recognition used to just be for science fiction. Eye sensors and voice scanners used to only be something we’d see in the movies. But these biology-based security systems from science fiction are no longer just futuristic dreams. They are now the reality of maintaining security. Here is a comprehensive list of all the biometrics used in science fiction movies.

Top Trends in Wireless Technology and Communication 2017

Did you ever wonder how your TV works? Or, how high-end gadgets like Wi-Fi printers, Wi-Fi routers, Xbox 720 and NAS hard drives work? Well, these all are based on wireless tech. Wireless technology and communication has occupied our lives so fittingly that we don’t even realize that we are using its applications one after the other. Check out the following infographic to discover all the details.

The Many Wild Ways of Renewable Power

Over 111.9 million people watched Super Bowl 50 last year. That’s a lot of televisions being powered during the big game and an even larger amount of electricity used in a single day. To help raise awareness about energy consumption habits, KDM Engineering created an infographic to explore the different ways a 60-inch TV could be powered for the duration of the super bowl using renewable energy.

What Do Internet Users Hide By VPNs?

Check out the following infographic about VPN software by Best VPN Rating. From it you will learn about some of the most popular ways people use Virtual Private Networks. You will also be introduced to leading VPN countries as well as some major security risks that occur around mobile apps and Wi-Fi.