Tracked and Safe: Technology Addressing Challenges in Travel Management

With issues such as geopolitical crisis, ever-changing travel policies, and more frequent terrorist attacks, it suffices to say that the Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and travel managers are facing a challenging and difficult time. While experts predict a modest growth of the corporate travel industry in 2017, the impact of recent events will only give more emphasis on traveler safety and communication.

Learn How to Use DSLR Camera Manually

Pictures are one of the best ways to capture a beautiful scene; they keep memories alive. A DSLR camera is most efficient when you take control and operate it manually. Your pictures can get the right exposure and lighting that matches your scene. This infographic emphasizes on how to do manual mode DSLR photography like a pro.

The 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

Computer viruses and IT security breaches often make the news, and with good reason. Viruses tend to spread like wildfire and can infect hundreds of thousands of machines within a very short space of time. 5u IT Consultancy have created an infographic which runs through some of the worst offending viruses of the last ten years.

Most Common Barcode Label Problems

They are all around us, yet we rarely notice them. They can be seen on your face cream, your juice, razor and even bagel. You see them almost every day. Yet, you probably don’t even notice them. Yes, barcode labels are ubiquitous. We rarely pay attention to their importance, but barcode sure is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century.

The Benefits Of Automated Software Testing

All too often, when an application is released to market, it still has flaws. Test engineers often try their best to identify the bugs manually before the release of the product, but somehow, bugs creep in and even reappear after rigorous manual testing. To maximize efficiency and limit such problems, employing automation testing can be a great solution.

Sneak Peek Into the Future of Smartphones

The percentage of mobile phone users is increasing every day helping a number of trends to thrive successfully. The widespread of mobile phones has thus given an entire landscape for other trends to grow successfully. Smartphones have helped a number of such trends to grow prominently. Appdexa takes a sneak peek into the future smartphones in the upcoming days.