5 Top Selling Fords of All Time

Ford has been around for a 100 years now and is one of the world’s most popular cars. Thorncrest Ford has created an infographic breaking down the top 5 selling fords according to sales volume of all time. It’s a great way to compare the old with the new and see just how the F series stacks up against the model T.

Mobility Scooters 2.0

This infographic by Easy Pay Mobility looks at the stats surrounding the mobility sector, including who is actually using them and also bring to light how more needs to be done to keep mobility scooter users safe. [Click here for full size...

How To Fix An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters for adults are becoming very popular as a way to commute to work or get around college campus. There are also more and more street legal electric scooters available. But what happens if your electric scooter breaks down? This guide from hoverpatrol.net will help guide you.

How To Turn Your Car Into an Eco-friendly Vehicle?

Over the years and after countless studies about the best solutions to take good care of our environment, car manufacturers have offered one of the best-suited keys to reduce vehicles’ hazardous impacts to the environment: hybrid and electric cars. While it is agreeable to be the best case, it is undeniably expensive and ultimately not for everyone. Here are some tips that you can consider turning your vehicle eco-friendly.

Texting and Driving: A Deadly Combination

Texting while you are driving is not only an extremely stupid way to distract yourself from the road, it is also a deadly risk to the lives of you and everybody around you. This kind of neglectful driving is almost as selfish as getting behind the wheel when you are intoxicated. The following infographic shown depicts just how deadly texting and driving can be.

How to Avoid Speeding Tickets

The numbers are in – and they’re quite disturbing. Statistics show that a mind-boggling 34 million plus drivers get flagged down every year for over speeding in the United States. Doesn’t seem like much? Well, not until you consider that these figures translate to 93,000 speeding tickets every sixty minutes! Even more worrying is the fact that you might end up forking out more than 4,500 dollars over a period of five years if you get nabbed driving past the set speed limits.