Average Gas Prices in the U.S. Through History

Gas prices have shocked Americans at the pump for the last ten years or more. Really, since the early to mid 1970’s, gas prices have been rising and spiking quite frequently. It’s only in recent years that prices have settled and fallen. Prices at the pump in 2015 felt very similar to those in 1929 when you compare them both in 2015 dollars.

The Road Ahead: Yesterday’s Concept Cars

For nearly 100 years, auto makers around the world have been creating exciting concept cars for what their vision is of the future of the passenger car. Unfortunately, we never really lived up to those expectations. Even some of the ground-breaking features seen in concept cars in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, still haven’t been seen in a commercially released vehicle to date.

How to Prepare for Winter Driving

For those new to winter driving, handling highways with snow and ice may be daunting. There are some tips and tricks to winter driving to keep you safe no matter the weather, but they start with proper preparation. Whether you are a novice snow driver or driving in snowy conditions is old hat, staying prepared will keep you and other drivers safe behind the wheel.

Cracking Cars: A Look at Car Hacking

With Cars becoming more like smartphones nowadays, the folks at Select Car Leasing take a look at the growing concern of car hacking, a phenomenon that’s sending chill up motorists’ and manufacturers’ spines across the globe, more efficiently than any air-conditioning unit could. More importantly, they will tell you what the world’s governing agencies are doing to help eradicate car hacking and what you can do to prevent your car from being hacked.

Uber : The Definitive Fact File

With Uber seemingly always in the news nowadays, the team at Select Car Leasing thought they’d look into the motoring phenomenon and bring you some of the most intriguing stats you may not have known about the world’s largest transportation network company, as well as its funding timeline and it’s top 10 destinations of all time.

How to Properly Jump Start a Car

Jumping a car battery is not hard once you learn how to do it. The main concern is not just knowing which cable goes to which battery post, but also how to do it safely. Keep in mind when using jumper cables that there is a dangerous amount of electrical power running through them. But when taking the right precautions, using jumper cables is perfectly safe, so be prepared and handle the cables carefully.

The 2016 Road Rules Report: Holiday Edition

In the midst of this year’s holiday season, the folks at CarRentals.com wanted to share some interesting findings discovered in social conversations and car rental booking data. What are some top road hazards to avoid? What about tips and tricks in renting cars? Everything you need to know about holiday car rentals is in the infographic below.

History Of The Land Speed Record

In this infographic, you’ll discover the first car ever to record a land speed record all the way back in 1898, a LSR car named “The Easter Egg”, the first ever internal combustion powered car to break the LSR, the first car that had part car part aero plane engine and many others along the way.

Tulsa’s Treacherous Traffic: How to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Every city has dangerous intersections. Sometimes it is construction or sometimes it is just bad road design. At Tulsa’s 25 most dangerous intersections there were 1,647 accidents. Two of the trouble spots for Tulsa 71st and Highway 169. The intersection at 71st and Mingo is already one of the worst in Tulsa and given that holiday traffic will be higher near the mall this is certainly a place to be very careful.