Things That Go Bump – In the Car

Almost one in three motorists have had a parking prang in the last 12 months. Although it seems that men are far less likely to confess to one than women, research conducted by OSV, the UK’s leading independent vehicle supply professionals, has revealed that in the last 12 months a whopping 29% of motorists have had a minor prang while parking.

Truck Accidents in Texas

Because of their weight and size, big trucks can cause accidents that have devastating consequences for everyone involved. In this infographic, courtesy of Attorney Terry Bryant, learn all about some of the common causes of truck accidents and the statistics surrounding them.

New York City Driving Safety

Did you know that there are over 300,000 accidents in New York state each year involving 530,000 vehicles? Or how about the fact that 170,000 people are injured in collisions and almost 1,200 are killed? These and other New York City driving statistics can be found in the following infographic.

The Top 10 Largest Super Yachts

Super Yachts are the ultimate toys for billionaires all over the world. They are often extravagant and built to house many guests and crew, and include impressive structures such as glass staircases, dining halls and even spaces for live music. In this list of the top 10 largest super yachts, courtesy of Superyacht Online, there’s even a submarine and a missile defense system.

Rental Cars vs Uber vs Taxi – What’s the Cheapest?

If you’re traveling to a new city for the first time, then it’s always good to know the cheapest, safest and best way to get from the Airport to the City Centre. GO Rentals have analyzed 85 cities around the world from Adelaide to Zurich and everywhere in between to work out whether it’s cheaper to rent a car, get an Uber or jump in a taxi to the City Centre from the Airport.

How Self Driving Cars Impact Traffic Law Enforcement

Self-driving cars are expected to become main stream within the next 5 years. Yet, we still have little idea how it will impact our daily lives, as well as insurance premiums and traffic law enforcement. For example, who will get the ticket in a car accident – the person or the car? This infographic compares self-driving cars to human drivers and explores the impact millions of self-driving cars could have on traffic law enforcement.

How to Clean Newly Tinted Car Windows

When it comes to cleaning your newly-tinted car windows, do you do it the same way as you cleaned your car windows before tinting? If so, then you should stop – because you’re cleaning them wrong. Tinted car windows, especially newly-tinted ones, require more care when it comes to being cleaned, because the tint film is more delicate. Taking extra precautions and care when cleaning them makes sure that they last a long time, still looking good as new.

The Most Dangerous Intersection in Each State

Using crowd sourced data from and 9 years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Rubens & Kress researched the most dangerous intersection in each state based on automobile and pedestrian accident occurrences in each state and turned it into an infographic that can be seen below.

Traffic Fatalities Since 1900 in the United States

How many people have died from car accidents in the last 100 years? Probably a lot more than you would think. Since 1900, car safety advancements and new traffic safety laws have brought us a long way and have reduced motor vehicle deaths in the United States drastically. Unfortunately, that still left over 35,000 dead in 2015 alone. Over the next few decades, automation technology aims to reduce that number much, much more.