Car Ergonomics That Will Keep You Comfortable and Safe

From your headrest, to your steering wheel, your seat, and even your seat back, there are a lot of adjustments you can make to your vehicle to make it more comfortable. However, do you actually know the proper way to adjust your vehicle’s seat? You might think you have your seat adjusted properly, but you should think again. The average American driver spends almost 300 hours behind the wheel every year.

Driving Into A Battery Powered Future

The last few years have seen electric cars go from being something niche to being genuine challengers to traditional combustion engine vehicles. This piece looks how that will continue into the future, as electric cars are predicted to surpass sales of 400 million vehicles by 2040. By this point they are also predicted to account for over a third of all new car sales.

Driving Etiquette Around The World

Driving a car in a foreign country can be scary enough, but when you have to take in to account not only the country’s road laws and regulations, but the driving etiquette and unwritten customs too – things can get very daunting. has pulled together some official and unofficial laws of 6 different countries and put them in a handy infographic, so travelers planning on driving abroad can avoid falling into any trouble with both the law and the locals.

The Worst Pileups in History

Highway pileups, one of the scariest types of car crashes, happen when cars are traveling closer together than the weather conditions allow. One driver stopping or losing control can trigger a chain reaction of collisions behind them. While the largest pileup on record involved over 300 vehicles, the deadliest involved “just” a hundred or so, but injured 114 passengers and killed 17.

15 Tips for Maintaining your Car’s Value and Longevity

Want to keep your car looking new for longer? When you intend to resell it or trade it in someday, maintaining your car properly can lead to hundreds of dollars in sales and savings. Even if you just want to make your car last as long as physically possible, doing repairs and taking preventative measures in the right sequence can help your car last for 200,000 miles or more.

Car Olympics

With the Rio Olympics recently taking place, the team at Select Car Leasing thought it would be fun to see which cars would pick up the gold, silver and bronze in various different Olympic events and have created the following infographic simply titled, “Car Olympics.”