How You Could Become A Stunt Driver

This infographic covers some of the practical steps someone would need to take to become a stunt driver as well as some of the cool skills they would need to learn. We have also included some a short section on possibly the most amazing car stunt in movie history.

Car Computer Hacking: Risks of Internet-Connected Cars

Car-hacking has been a topic on everyone’s mind lately after several serious cases of car-computer hacking has lead to cars being totaled, cars being taken control of on while on the road, and a number of mysterious break-ins. This infographic outlines the recent cases of car hacking and the risks of internet connected cars.

Top 21 Cars from the Fast & Furious Franchise

In this infographic by Richard Hardie, discover the top 21 cars from the Fast and Furious movie franchise. See how they have taken these cars from stock to outrageously customized cars. It can never be too fast or too furious! Which is your favorite car from the Fast and Furious Films?

Guide to Driving Etiquette

The following infographic from Bryant Surety Bonds will guide you through the little quirks of driving we tend to forget and ultimately turn you into more than just a better driver, but a better person on the road as well.

Risks with Cracked Windshields

Your automobile’s wind-shield is an integral piece to your overall vehicles safety and function. Gerber Collision has created the following infographic to illustrate key points that you should know about your own vehicles wind-shield in case of an unfortunate accident.

How to Extend the Life of Your Car

From changing your air filters to rotating your tires, the following infographic produced looks at how you can extend the life of your car with some top tips. It also looks at the best wearing cars on the road and some helpful advice from car experts.

Awesome Car Rallies Anyone Can Do

As soon as you learn to drive you wonder how far you can go. You dream about the outrageous adventures your new car could take you on. You imagine driving beyond the horizon to strange destinations. This infographic is designed to give these dreams a jump start by showing you some of the greatest rallies you can take part in, whatever your budget.

The Future of Driving – Top Tech Shaping Motoring Industry

This infographic looks at how tech is shaping the motoring industry including Google’s plans to make driverless cars with no steering wheels or pedals available to the public by 2020, the Ford Motor Company’s patent for a biometric device that uses fingerprints, retinal scans, and voice recognition to gain entry to and start a vehicle and General Motors’ plans to give all of its future vehicles a driver override system that will be able to apply the brakes if needed.

The Evolution of the Batmobile

As the Batman changes, so does his car. Batmobile has indeed lived through some incredible changes over his history. Find your favorite Batmobile in this interesting infographic from BookMyGarage and discover everything you wanted to know about its evolution.

Movie Cars – You Can Drive

Sometimes it seems like movies were made to show off cars. Some cars are simply so great that they seem ready to drive their way off the screen, or they become iconic by carving out their own place in cinema history. In either case everyone who has been to the cinema has dreamt of driving a car they have witnessed on the big screen.