8 Driving Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

We all make driving mistakes. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes forget to check a mirror, or limit our speed on wide empty roads. This infographic by Rybrook Driver’s Life details the 8 most common driving mistakes and explains how to avoid them.

31 Reasons to Thank Your Car

The humble automobile revolutionized travel and our way of life when it was invented. It allows people to connect with each other in ways that were once impossible. But between rush hour traffic and inclement weather, we might forget how wonderful it is to have a car.

The Ethical Dilemma: Self-Driving Cars & The Laws of Robotics

Self-driving cars are expected to revolutionize the entire automobile industry. For over a century, cars have consisted of a fairly straightforward combination of wheels, steering system, engine, and driver. It’s no wonder that the announcement of this new technology has launched a global race that has automakers and tech companies scrambling to develop the best autonomous vehicle technology.

How Does asTech2 Benefit Auto Repair Professionals?

The asTech2 is a remote diagnostic scanner poised to change the collision repair industry by allowing repairs to be done faster with higher accuracy. Here is a look at some of the main ways the asTech2 simplifies the repair process.

History of the Self Driving Car

Every day the self-driving car gets closer to becoming a reality of our roads. While we’ve all heard of the Google Car and various semi-autonomous features being integrated in designs of cars such as the Model S Tesla, the history of the self-driving car actually goes back a lot further than that.

The Cost of Space Travel

In this infographic, IgniteSpot.com compares the cost of space missions by NASA, ISRO, the ESA, and others to some other high-cost projects. Heard of the Big Dig? Or the Panama Canal? You’d be surprised to learn that these earthly projects cost a whole lot more than traveling to Pluto, Saturn, or Mercury.

Backup Camera Buyers Guide

Want to eliminate your blind spot and reduce your risk of being involved in a backover crash? Invest in a backup camera for your vehicle. Backup cameras are so effective that as of May 2018, the NHTSA will be requiring all new cars to come with one. Don’t wait until 2018 to start preventing crashes. Use this guide to help you select the right camera for your car.

The Ten Most Badass Cars from Movies

Movies and cars are a long-standing tradition. Cars from movies are often the stuff childhood memories are made of. There are cars that make the movie, and movies that revolve specifically around fast cars and high speed chases. Some of these cars are iconic, and you can never remember a movie without mentioning the car the hero (or heroes) used.