The Auto Enthusiast’s Guide to Carbon Fiber

Sports cars require both speed and style to make its mark in the high-end automotive industry. Carbon fiber is a cutting-edge composite material that can help with that goal. It is 10 times stronger and five times lighter than steel making it perfect to integrate with the parts of sports cars. This infographic from Carbon Fiber Gear sheds light on how carbon fiber can be used with today’s luxury vehicles.

Ultimate Guide to Commuting

Depending on who you ask, commuting to and from work can be the best or worst part of their day. It might be a way to unwind for some. And others it might be a way for them to express their freedom of speech that was kept bottled up at the office. No matter what end you fall on, is your commute the best it can be? The Ultimate Guide to Commuting by CarMax breaks down commuting by state within the U.S.

Electric Vehicles Are The Future

With so much talk about self-driving vehicles on the news, it’s easy to forget about the rise of electric cars. But there’s no stopping their development. Auto Loan Solutions has created an infographic that puts the spotlight on how EVs will change car ownership. The infographic takes a look at the ripple effect these vehicles will have on fuel consumption, technology and more…

10 Car Myths Debunked!

In the day-to-day endeavors of owning a vehicle, from the purchase, driving to mechanical breakdowns it’s usually important to know your way round through the unexpected challenges. Old-age and trendy myths need clear interpretation so as to foresee and avoid oncoming problems. They say, take care of your car and it will take care of you, this is actually very true especially when your car bails you out of unexpected situations.

What You Drive Matters

It turns out that what you drive says a lot about who you are as a person, and no one knows that better than celebrities. Learn more about what celebrities drive and what it says about them from this infographic from Digital EFX!

Electric Cars in the UK

Passenger vehicles are currently responsible for approximately 10% of the UK’s carbon emissions which are widely accepted to contribute toward dangerous climate change. The good news is that electric vehicles are becoming mainstream with most major manufacturers now producing or at least developing electric powered cars.

Electric Cars by Range

From the very beginning of the history of electric cars the biggest problem was the driving range. It was way too short to get customers interested in paying extra. And the ‘green’ argument wasn’t strong enough for that. Now, we are still years away from going to road trips on electric cars. But there are many options that will let you go to and from work for at least for a few days or even a week (or even longer) before you need to charge again (depending on how long your commute is).

The True Cost Of Car Commuting To Work

Each extra mile you add to your drive to and from work can cost you thousands of dollars over a thirty year career. What are the true costs of your drive to work when you add up all those hidden expenses? Based on number crunching by Mr. Money Mustache, each mile in your commute costs $795 per year.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance

One of the indispensable- and most important parts of owning a car is comprehensive insurance. While it may sound very intimidating and overwhelming, especially for first-time car owners, having a comprehensive car insurance is one of the great deals that you will find out there. To better understand what comprehensive car insurance is, how it works, and the benefits it can provide to car owners, check out the following infographic.