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The Best Translation Apps for Travelers

Traveling the world with very little knowledge or understanding of other languages can be tough. While English is a commonly known language across the globe, local population will often want to communicate in their own language instead. This can also be an issue for students who travel abroad with no prior knowledge of the language they are about to encounter.

A Female Guide To Solo Travel

It would not be unusual to feel nervous about traveling solo as a woman. However taking a trip out into the world on your own can provide you the chance to experience one of the most liberating and rewarding experiences of your life. In the following infographic, Work the World goes over the reasons you should absolutely take a solo trip and offers some top tips around how to keep yourself safe while you’re away.

Stay Safe While Traveling

Whatever exciting adventure you embark on next, it can be extremely dangerous. There are ways you can make your travel more secure and enjoyable. In this infographic by BookOtrip.com, discover the worst and the best places to visit along with some handy travel tips.

Canada’s 7 Most Scenic Road Trips

This infographic from drivebestway.com proposes seven road trips on the most scenic routes of Canada. These include Brandywine Falls, a stunning 230-foot waterfall located in Whistler; Miette Hot Springs, located in Jasper National Park and featuring the hottest mineral springs in the Canadian Rockies; and the one-hour hike around the Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park.

How to Survive Long Flights in Economy

Let’s be honest, flying economy is a nightmare. Cramped seating, no entertainment and no power outlets are just the tip of the iceberg. Here is an infographic from Multichoice Insurance Services with some tried and true tips on how to survive it. [Click here for...

Let’s Prepare for Journey: Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

Wanderlust is not restricted to any particular age group. Whether you are 16 or 60, you can always experience the unparalleled joys of traveling far and wide. The age-factor hardly makes any difference when you’re bitten by the travel bug. For instance, it’s never too late to enjoy the tallest peaks of the world or the vast expanse of the oceans; the elderly can travel anywhere on the globe by being well-prepared for their excursion.

Holiday Travel: Busy, Expensive, and Potentially Dangerous

It’s the holiday season and during this time, more people than usual are on the roads: holiday shopping, family trips, and other festive celebrations keep people constantly on-the-go. About 48,700,000 people travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, and about 100,500,000 on Christmas and New Year’s. With that many people on the road, there are bound to be some accidents.

Top 10 Things To Do in Cleveland

Cleveland has something for everyone – kids get wild at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, music lovers croon over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, avid hikers boasts about the plentiful hiking trails including Towpath Trail and North Chagrin Reservation. Are you into shopping? Visit historical landmark, The Arcade. No matter what you’re into, local Cleveland pride is more than apparent in of this lively city.