Bleisure, The Growing Trend in Business Travel

The following infographic looks at the growing trend in business travel. For example, did you know that business travel makes up thirty percent of annual travel? Bleisure is a term is where employees add two or three days of leisure time to their business trip. More than one in two travelers taking bleisure trips bring family members, or a significant other with them.

10 Ways to Fall Asleep on a Plane

During the long flights, we all just want to close our eyes and doze off. But, for most people this is not that easy to do. Find out simple tricks that can help you with that in this informative infographic from Work the World.

How To Enjoy A Solo Holiday

More and more people are starting to go on the vacation alone. Don’t give up on your dreams of the perfect vacation just because you don’t have company. Find out how to fully enjoy your trip with the help of this interesting infographic.

Cracking the Culture Code

This travel infographic from Alamo is an ultimate guide to traveling abroad this summer, helping to holidaymakers to avoid cultural faux pas’s and pitfalls on their journey to discover the world.

The Importance of Social Media for Travel Brands

We all dream about taking vacations and traveling to our favorite destinations. Making these dreams a reality is easier said than done. This infographic entrails not only the importance of social media in travel but how you can leverage social media to influence travelers.

9 Architectural Wonders of Singapore

Singapore has attracted visitors for a long time with its incredible blend of historic and modern features. Visit this beautiful country and with the help of this interesting infographic by Cheapflights, find out what you can’t miss during your visit.

8 Ways to Save Money in Vegas

Going on a vacation can be really expensive. Don’t go over your budget while visiting Sin City (Las Vegas). Find out how you can save money with the help of this infographic from the folks at Pokerstars.

Travel Tips for Travelers with Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension afflicts approx. about 75 million people each year. There are potential risks involved for travelers traveling with this medical condition, however, there are various ways to prevent, take precaution against this potential health conditions while traveling. VisitorsCoverage has created the following infographics to educate travelers with high blood pressure about various travel tips that can make their travel seamless.