Comparing Airbnb vs Hotel Rates Around the World

Here’s an infographic that compares the rates in 22 major cities in the US, Canada and Europe, as well as Australia. Some surprising findings include, in Paris, Berlin and Madrid, hotels are almost double the price of Airbnbs, in Barcelona, Airbnbs are 81% more expensive than hotels, and in the US, cities like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle have much lower rates on Airbnb ($80 cheaper in some cases) but in the south, hotels are actually less expensive on average.

Recreating Movie Road Trips

Road trips have a special place in movie history. The showing of an actual journey on the big screen often giving shape to the characters’ development throughout the film. Although the actors themselves will not travel on these routes during filming, it’s possible to piece together the routes their characters would have taken during the story.

The Florida Reef

While many Americans have heard of the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia, few know that the third longest coral reef in the world is located just off the coast of Florida. Running past the Florida Keys, the Florida Reef is a treasure trove of marine life and history. Learn more about it in this infographic.

Fictional Characters Share Their Dream Destinations

While we love the thrilling, wonderful stories that our favorite characters are a part of, it is undeniable that many of them truly deserve a vacation. After all, exorcising demons, cracking convoluted cases, and struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse can be extremely draining. This fun and simple infographic selects dream destinations for 20 iconic characters based on quotes they have said.

10 Smart Ways To Save Money In Japan

Most of the time, travelers are thrown off going to Japan because of the cost of travel. However, with a little bit of creativity, cost will become secondary as there are plenty of ways to save money while you are in Japan. From food to accommodation to transportation – follow these 10 tips from Tripovo and for sure, you’ll reduce your costs to half.

A Guide to Travel in Indonesia

If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, or if you’re just in the beginning stages of thinking about travel to Indonesia, this infographic is meant to save you some time. It includes some basic information such as where to go, what to do, and what sort of do’s and don’ts you should know before traveling there.