Top Tips for Traveling Overseas While Pregnant

This infographic includes tips to finding the right travel insurance while pregnant, talking to your doctor, ensuring you are able to travel on a plane or cruise ship and packing your luggage. There’s also simple advice on the foods you should avoid and tips to help you stay active and comfortable while pregnant and traveling.

The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Italy

Each and every one of us who plans up a trip to a foreign country dreams of everything going smoothly until the moment of packing arrives. What to pack? What to wear? How many suitcases to carry? If your dream country is Italy, then has some great advice when it comes to packing for a holiday.

30 Million American RV Enthusiasts – This is Why

RV vacations are getting more and more popular. Over 30 million Americans have been on RV trips, and the numbers will most probably increase in the following years. From the benefits of RVing to their cost-efficiency, this infographic takes all aspects into consideration in order to better understand this trend.

Where to Find Sun All Year Round

The Solar Centre’s infographic looks at the sunniest destinations scattered across the globe. There’s certainly a destination for everyone – from the Mediterranean island of Malta which experiences approximately 300 days of good weather a year, to Florida which averages 260 full days of sunshine.

Traveling With Babies

Having a baby is without doubt one of the most special moments of a person’s life. Traveling with one, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. But don’t fear, this infographic is here to help. It includes some top tips on how to make traveling with a baby as stress free as humanly possible.

14 Must-Have Mobile Apps for the Savvy Traveller

Most travelers used to bring along guidebooks about each place they were exploring when seeing and touring the world, but now you can acquire all the essential information you want in the palm of your hand. In fact, there’s an app for almost everything nowadays and many of them are built to make traveling more convenient and super fun.