A Guide to Waikiki Public Transportation

Getting around Waikiki without a personal vehicle may be intimidating for first time visitors. With the help of this friendly guide from Go Hawaii Tours, you will find that public transportation in Waikiki makes getting around very easy. Most of the hotels in Waikiki are very strategically placed that every tourist spot and necessity store is within walkable distance.

Bali Vs Maldives For Honeymoon: Compare The Two

Bali and Maldives are the two most beautiful islands on the face of the Earth. Choosing between them is difficult, but one might slightly edge over the other depending on what are your expecting from your honeymoon. Go through this Bali vs Maldives from Travel Triangle for honeymoon infographic to compare the two beautiful destinations, before you go ahead and fix an itinerary.

British Isles Film & TV Locations You Can Visit

Here is a useful infographic from the UK holiday accommodation website Direct Holiday Cottages that offers information about film and television show locations in the British Isles that you can check out. Learn about locations from The Dark Knight Rises, The Force Awakens, the TV show Vikings and lots more by viewing this piece.

Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It gives you the opportunity to view a new landscape, explore a country’s history, submerge yourself into another culture, and learn about yourself as you do. Before you board your flight, there are a few things you should be sure to check. Is your passport still valid? Have you notified your bank of your trip overseas?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About England’s Lake District

England’s Lake District is famous for its lakes, mountains and breath-taking scenery, with each region having its own appearance and character. From William Wordsworth’s poetry to Alfred Wainwright’s walking guides, the area has long inspired people to visit and experience its peaceful, rugged beauty for themselves. The Lake District is, however, full of surprises. Around every corner lies a new valley and view, each with its own stories and traditions.

Traveling With E-Cigarettes

Whether you are traveling to a neighboring city or state or flying across the country, there are certain things that you must remember if traveling with an e-cigarette. In order to avoid getting in trouble with the port security, you must familiarize yourself with various rules and regulations regarding the carriage and usage of your vaping device. An e-cigarette is composed of parts that may or may not be allowed on certain types of transportation such as airplanes.

Global Guide to Healthcare Tourism

Healthcare tourism is a booming industry offering cheaper treatments with a minimal delay making foreign centres an attractive option. The following infographic by Tracey Solicitors details the statistics behind healthcare tourism identifies the leading healthcare destinations, as well as tips on what to do if you are seeking treatment abroad.

Digital Security Travel Hacks

It is impossible to be 100% secure from digital attacks on our personal information when traveling abroad because of a lack of secure internet connection. Because of this, Envista forensics visualized a guide on digital security hacks for travelers. In this guide they list the top 10 countries worst hit by hackers and identify theft.

Tourist Complaints That Will Leave You Speechless

The team at MyOffers searched the Internet to discover some of the most outrageous complaints from tourists. From travelers who were unhappy to discover that there were fish in the ocean to the tourists who have been unable to embrace the culture of a new country, complaining that the street signs were in a foreign language and even some that were outraged that shops would close during their ‘siesta’ period, you’ll find them compiled here in this visual asset.