Where to Find Sun All Year Round

The Solar Centre’s infographic looks at the sunniest destinations scattered across the globe. There’s certainly a destination for everyone – from the Mediterranean island of Malta which experiences approximately 300 days of good weather a year, to Florida which averages 260 full days of sunshine.

Traveling With Babies

Having a baby is without doubt one of the most special moments of a person’s life. Traveling with one, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. But don’t fear, this infographic is here to help. It includes some top tips on how to make traveling with a baby as stress free as humanly possible.

14 Must-Have Mobile Apps for the Savvy Traveller

Most travelers used to bring along guidebooks about each place they were exploring when seeing and touring the world, but now you can acquire all the essential information you want in the palm of your hand. In fact, there’s an app for almost everything nowadays and many of them are built to make traveling more convenient and super fun.

7 Fun Facts About Amsterdam You Didn’t Know

Amsterdam is one of the rare European capitals where you can have a relaxed vacation. The rich history and specific geographic disposition make Amsterdam unique in its own way. Whether you take a ride with an Amsterdam taxi or explore the city by bicycle, you can’t miss the beautiful, narrow houses by the canals which have interesting stories to tell.

The Van Life

Do you like adventure? Do you yearn for the freedom of the open road? Going wherever you want, whenever you want? Do you want to travel without relying on hotels and hostels? In either case this guide could be for you. It gives you the basics for how you can live in your van: including sleeping, staying warm, cooking and keeping clean.

2016’s Genius Travel Hacks and Tips

Fast Cover scoured the Internet for the travel hacks, tips and tricks that can help make your holiday simpler and save you money. They analyzed over 500 travel articles to find some of the most widely shared, useful tips for travelers. These up-to-date hacks show you simple ways you can improve your traveling experience and save money at each stage of your trip, from booking your flights to the moment you return home.

Comparing Airbnb vs Hotel Rates Around the World

Here’s an infographic that compares the rates in 22 major cities in the US, Canada and Europe, as well as Australia. Some surprising findings include, in Paris, Berlin and Madrid, hotels are almost double the price of Airbnbs, in Barcelona, Airbnbs are 81% more expensive than hotels, and in the US, cities like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle have much lower rates on Airbnb ($80 cheaper in some cases) but in the south, hotels are actually less expensive on average.

Recreating Movie Road Trips

Road trips have a special place in movie history. The showing of an actual journey on the big screen often giving shape to the characters’ development throughout the film. Although the actors themselves will not travel on these routes during filming, it’s possible to piece together the routes their characters would have taken during the story.

The Florida Reef

While many Americans have heard of the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia, few know that the third longest coral reef in the world is located just off the coast of Florida. Running past the Florida Keys, the Florida Reef is a treasure trove of marine life and history. Learn more about it in this infographic.