Infographic Marketing

We are pleased to offer infographic designer and marketing services. From initial concept to realization, our infographic marketing program is designed to increase traffic, inbound links and brand awareness.

What Is An Infographic Anyway?

An infographic, short for “information graphic” is simply a graphic visual representation of data, information, or knowledge. In our current age of “information overload,” infographics have become a very popular format of displaying information or data in a way that is easily consumed by people. Infographics that are well designed and centered around an interesting idea or concept have tremendous potential to go viral and as such, draw much attention to a web site, product and/or service.

Infographic Design

The actual design process starts with a brainstorming session to come up with content ideas. Once an idea is selected, we then gather the necessary research to accumulate the data that will be included in the infographic. This is followed by the design of a graphically appealing infographic which is then posted on the client site along with social media voting buttons, an embed code and in some cases, citations as to where data was collected.

Check out some of our infographics in the Infographic Design Gallery.

Social Media Push

Once your infographic is live, we will work on your behalf to execute a powerful social media push, in which we leverage power user accounts of various social media platforms to publish and push your piece to every corner of the social media universe.  This strategy provides the greatest potential to acquire natural inbound links, send thousands of visitors to your site, generate a large quantity of social signals including Tweets, Facebook Likes, Google +1’s and much more. In addition to the social media push, we manually bookmark your infographic at 100+ social bookmarking sites.

Results Report

After a few weeks of allowing the social media push to mature, we will provide a written report that provides details of the campaign’s performance including inbound links that have been acquired to date, social media shares and more.

Overall Benefits of Infographic Marketing

If you’ve read this far, then you most likely are curious to know the benefits infographic marketing can bring. The short answer is “too many to list!” However, here is a quick list of the most important.

  • Increased Traffic – Better make sure your server can handle the traffic! Seriously, we have seen infographics do so well as to crash servers. Of course this is not the goal – to crash a server, but an infographic that is well received can drive a huge spike of traffic and in the long run, build brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Acquisition of Natural Inbound Links – With Google’s recent crack-down on “forced” link building (unnatural links), infographics are a fantastic way to acquire the natural links that search engines do factor in to their ranking algorithms. Bloggers link to infographics. News sites link to infographics. Not too mention all the powerful social media sites that will link to the piece.
  • Social Media Signals – A mention or share on a social media site such as Twitter, Facebook and others is a “social signal.” Search engines look for these social signals as a sign of trust and authority which in turn can greatly help your organic search visibility.
  • Brand Buzz & Awareness – Infographics have the potential to put your brand in front of people who may have never heard of you before. As infographics are shared socially, they drive traffic that brings a buzz and awareness to your brand, especially if you publish great infographics on a regular basis.

Turn Your Infographic Into a Video

Infographics do a great job getting a complex message across effectively, but how do you increase people viewing, sharing, understanding, and in the end, walk away with a conclusion that results in a call to action? One word, video. Watching videos is the number one activity done online, and shared. You can turn your infographic into a video, making it relevant, and insuring the viewer takes away your message every time they view it.

How does this work? Basically we take the source files from the infographic, and organize them in a video, with music, and voice over. The message that the infographic is trying to convey is all of a sudden brought to life, and leaving no one confused, or misinterpreting the final message. We can even help you post your “video infographic” to popular video social sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Now that you have the details, what’s to stop you from taking advantage of a proven Internet marketing strategy that is currently working for thousands? Contact Us today to learn more and/or get the process started.