Is Bigger Better? A Look at the MOOC

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A MOOC, or a massive open online course, is a higher education course available to anyone, anywhere, that wants to take it. While some believe these courses are a step in the right direction, statistics show that we still have a gap to bridge when it comes to ensuring success. Online PHD Programs has created an infographic entitled “Is Bigger Better? A Look at the MOOC”, giving an in-depth look at these courses.

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Is Bigger Better? A Look at the MOOC


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  1. Lesson 2: 90% dropout rate.

    Who is a dropout?

    People who listen to the lectures instead of TV, as background sound?
    People who download the course materials to study for a longer term than the run of the course?
    People who enrolled in the course to learn about one part of it?
    People who took the course to learn, not to get grades?

    Each of these people are real life cases of people I know.

    I have dropped out of many coursera courses for most of these, and other reasons.
    I didn’t like the way the peer reviews were going.
    I thought I’d give the course a try, and it was over my head.
    The course was more elementary than I expected.
    Other commitments competed for my attention.
    I loaded up on many courses, intending to drop several, and only stuck with the ones I liked best.
    I joined the course late, and finished it from the point where I started, but, technically, looked like a dropout.

    What’s wrong with being a dropout? How does this mean that MOOCs are a waste of time? Why are people I know so worried about this strange thing that I’ve gotten so involved in, because of the dropout rate?

    This “dropout rate” issue burns me up. Thanks for this opportunity to vent about it. I am an ardent courserian.

    Great Infograph! I especially was wow’d by the graph of countries showing that more than 1/4 of the students are in the US! How amazing, when we have such a small population. I think that indicates the growth potential.

    Long Live MOOCs!