How to Free Yourself From Your Smartphone

Recent research reveals that the average person spends 2.4 hours a day tapping, swiping and staring at their phone screen. And for a ‘heavy user, this number increases to 3.8 hours.


Keeping The Knot Tied

This infographic gives information on why people will enter marriage counseling, statistics surrounding what couples often learn, and information on an online Family Counseling Degree.

The Future Of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has reached an inflection point in time for AR to take the spotlight. In fact, it has tremendous impact for many industries.

The Importance of Form In Exercising

Following proper form during your workouts will not only allow you to achieve your maximum potential, but it will also prevent injuries, increase mobility and improve posture.

Social Media Insights for 2018 Business and Consumer Survey

This infographic details the survey that TribeLocal took wherein they found out how various enterprises handle social media as well as what their customer’s expectations are.


What Is Bitcoin and Where Can You Buy It?

After almost 10 years, the one question still remains a hot topic all across the web. What is Bitcoin? This beginner-friendly infographic by Kriptomat tackles this question along with frequently asked questions like; How does Bitcoin work, what does Bitcoin represent, what about Bitcoin security, and of-course, how do I get Bitcoin myself?

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How to Buy Wrong House

Purchasing the right house is not easy. New construction or pre-owned house? Condo, co-op, or duplex? Open floor plan or distinct and formal rooms? These are only a few of the many questions that can come to mind, sometimes the despite best efforts, a home buyer can end up with the wrong house.

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Shoelace Guide for Gentlemen

Picking the correct shoelaces for your shoes is a complex affair. With different lacing techniques for different shoes and occasions, you could find yourself bogged down. But fear not. This handy infographic from Samuel Windsor will help you navigate this complicated world, and give you step-by-step instructions to correct lacing.

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Is E-commerce Slowly Killing Brick & Mortar?

There have been many times recently that I have opted to buy a product on Amazon rather than a brick and mortar store either because the physical storefront did not have the item I wanted or it was to expensive. Sometimes it was both! Not too mention all the retailers that we have seen close shop, Toys R Us being one of the most recent. One would thing that it is the beginning of the end for brick and mortar stores, but is it?

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12 Things You Should Never Say At Work

The workplace can be a minefield of office politics, stressful situations and complicated relationships. One way you can make your time in the office easier is by knowing what not to say. The following infographic by Headway Capital looks at 12 of those things you should never say at work and what to say instead.

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6 Emerging Software Testing Trends That Will Rule 2018

The software testing industry has witnessed a tremendous evolution in the last few years. The methodologies and practices of software testing are on a continuous transformation. With the incessant need for QA, software testing industry is coming up with more intellectual trends in the coming year.

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What 1500 Calories Looks Like at 25 Fast Food Restaurants

For those who count calories, they may be surprised by just how easy it is to eat an entire day’s worth of calories in one fast-food meal. This infographic by explores what 1500 calories will get you at a variety of popular fast-food spots. Readers can use this knowledge to make healthier food choices at their restaurant of choice.

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7 Tech Jobs that Didn’t Exit 20 Years Ago

The Digital Age has brought with it tech jobs that weren’t even being imagined in our parents’ generation. What are a few of the most popular, and how does one snag these contemporary careers? Learn more about these types of career opportunities in this infographic from King University Online-Information Technology Degree.

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10 Things Nurses Wish You Knew

Sometimes nurses can’t say exactly what they’re thinking. But there are things they need patients to understand. This infographic courtesy of King University Online-Psychology reveals what’s really on your nurse’s mind.

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Dog Psychology: In the Minds of Mutts

They’re our best friends. But how much do we really know about dog psychology? This infographic from King University Online-RN to BSN reveals why your dog exhibits all those quirky, cutesy behaviors.

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Contract Cleaning or in-House Cleaning

The ongoing debate on whether a business should clean its own premises or outsource this service by employing contract cleaners is not as straightforward as one would imagine. In the following infographic, Master Cleaners, who offers cleaning services in London, compares in-house cleaning to utilizing a contract cleaning service.

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21 Electric Toothbrush Benefits for Better Dental Health

There are numerous benefits of using electric toothbrushes and some of those are scientifically proven to maintain overall dental health, keep you happy and help to save more money too. In this infographic, looks at 21 electric toothbrush benefits for better dental health.

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The Longest Roads in the World

Can you brave the longest road in the world? If you’re looking for the road trip of a lifetime, consider a road spanning the entire Americas, circling Australia’s coast, or covering India’s mainland. The following infographic by takes a look at some of the longest roads in the world.

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When the Elderly Are Alone and Helpless

Old age is viewed as an unavoidable, undesirable and problematic. The younger generations many a times, don’t want to take the responsibility of the elderly people at home. In the following infographic by Infographic Design Team, take a look at the perils of old people.

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Mobile Gaming on the Rise

We’ve come a long way from Ping Pong, Galaga and Double Dragon on arcade machines. Computer games have reigned supreme for decades now. But the tide is changing. Mobile smartphones and tablets are trying edge their way into the market slowly, but surely. Games like Kolikkopelit are becoming more popular than ever – and there are more people looking at mobile gaming than ever before.

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The Business of eSports

eSports or electronic sports, is a form of organized, competitive gaming between professional gamers. Competitions are organised by several local and international organizations around the world, and the sport is rapidly growing in popularity. In this infographic, Moneypod looks at the business of eSports.

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Oakley Sunglasses for Men

Since 1975, Oakley has been a trusted brand in the fashion and eye-gear world. Created for world-class athletes, Oakley is one of the best pair of sunglasses a man can ever have. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. In the following infographic, Infographic Design Team takes a visual look at Oakley sunglasses for men.

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The Definitive Guide To Cryptocurrencies

How much do you know about cryptocurrency? The world of cryptocurrencies can seem as alien as it is exciting and even if you aren’t interested in investing yourself, it can never hurt to be hip to the explosively popular tech trend. Learn everything you need to know to get started within this infographic from Best Accounting Schools.

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10 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auction

Here is an infographic from the team at the Auto Shippers website which takes a look at some of the priciest cars ever sold at auction.  The piece includes the prices they sold for, where they were sold and when they were sold.

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Google Classroom And The Workforce Of Tomorrow

Education budgets are being slashed all over the place. In light of this, can Google Classroom give students a chance to learn collaborative work practices for free? Learn more within this infographic from Best Education Degrees.

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