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Infographic Journal - The Best Infographics in One Place - Part 3

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee

The caffeine that is present in our daily coffee is not bad for us as many would have us to believe. Fed up of justifying your coffee addiction? Here are 13 reasons why your daily fix is actually a good thing.


The Evolution of Communication

Various communication methods are something that we have used since the beginning of time. Many may take for granted the fact that today we have access to multiple forms of communication on a device that you can fit in your pocket.

How Long Does It Take Plastic To Break Down In The Ocean?

This infographic takes a hard look at how long several types of plastics take to fully break down once they are dumped into the world’s oceans.


9 Work-Life Balance Tips for Busy Working Parents

Sometimes, 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough. Here are nine quick work-life balance tips for busy parents to give you a lift, all bundled into the following infographic.

History Of Digital Content

How exactly did digital content become such a prominent fixture of modern life? Learn more about the history of digital content in this infographic.

Ultimate Checklist For Business Video

Starting your next business video? Explainer business videos are one of the smartest tools for generating a high engagement rate and capturing leads. Check out this ultimate checklist from Info Graphic Design Team that covers everything you need to start your next business video.

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Are You Throwing Away Leads That Are No Longer Active?

How can a mass phone messaging system leave a voicemail without ringing the device?” The answer: Ringless Voicemail. Ringless voicemail (often referred to as direct to voicemail) is a mobile marketing practice in which a message is sent to a user’s voicemail without calling that person.

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Rottweiler Dog Breed Guide

The Rottweiler is one of the strongest large dogs in the world. A Rottweiler does have a scary look. However, behind that angry face, there is an adorable puppy that’s always trying to please his owner.  Rottweilers are not aggressive by nature. They are affectionate just like many other dog breeds. They do have an unmatched strength, with strong jaws and sharp teeth, but they also have a great heart and appreciation for the humans.

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A Snapshot Of Online Image Theft

Is online image theft really a big deal? Turns out it is. When it comes to photography and stolen images, the online users – who perpetuate the theft – prefer to think of it as a victimless crime for which they need no apology. However, professional photographers and hobbyists know the reality. Besides being unethical, image theft is illegal and expensive.

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Missed Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning various establishments in and around London is both varied and challenging. Each establishment is unique and therefore requires a bespoke cleaning solution. Despite this, it’s surprising how often the same things get missed. This infographic takes a look at often missed cleaning services.

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Plan Your Wedding At a Glance

So you have got a ring in your finger. Now what? Settling on a wedding style, shopping for your dream gown, finalizing your guest list. Info Graphic Design Team has put together the following online wedding planning guide to help your planning process be simple and fun. 

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The Benefits of Working With a Nutritionist

When it comes to dieting, most Americans aren’t very good at it. Studies show that most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables while also consuming too much sodium, sugar, and saturated fats. It’s a recipe for disaster and most Americans struggle to break the habit and change their lifestyle. That’s where a professional nutritionist can be essential.

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Unfit Cleaning Services

Cleaning in London can be more demanding than most other places due to the congestion making traveling difficult as well as expensive. Additionally, because London is so vastly populated, places can accumulate dirt a lot quicker than other places. This infographic by Master Cleaners, highlights unfit cleaning services.

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Six Things Successful People Do Before Bed

Have you been struggling at work recently? Feeling exhausted and finding it difficult to motivate yourself? Or even finding yourself more emotional or more likely to snack on food? Your sleep, or lack thereof, might be having more of an effect on than you think. The Sleep Matters Club has come up with a few tips to help you get a full night’s rest and consequently have a productive following day.

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9 Data Sets Every Ecommerce Company Should Measure

One of the biggest challenges for any eCommerce company is measuring eCommerce results. There are several metrics to look at when analyzing the success of an online business. In the following infographic, Info Graphic Design Team looks at 9 data sets every eCommerce company should measure.

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How to Create an LMS Training Program in 8 Steps

Creating a good training program for teachers who need to learn how to use a new school LMS isn’t always easy. Things can get exhausting, time-consuming and expensive, but this doesn’t need to happen. That’s why the team at Neo LMS have put together a simple and easy to follow 8-step guide on how to create an LMS training program for your school.

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Top 20 Best Alternatives To Facebook

With Facebook mired in a controversy over the misuse of the data of 50 million of its users by the company Cambridge Analytica, people have started thinking about alternatives to Facebook. The following infographic courtesy of MiniCreo has a lot of very interesting facts and stats about Facebook alternatives.

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A Brief History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin fans have called it the “future of money”, predicting it will transform the global financial system, but others are more skeptical. However, it’s easy to get caught up in technical jargon if you don’t understand the basics. Here is an easy to follow guide from CartwrightKing to help you understand the basics of Bitcoin, where it came from and what you can do to get involved.

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From Millionaire to Billionaire

This infographic looks into the data behind the world’s richest people. Using Forbe’s The World’s Billionaires List, the team at Betway looked into ages, industries, and education of the mega-rich to find out how quickly (or slowly) they’ve gone from millionaire to billionaire.

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11 Differences Between iOS and Android App Testing

Android and iOS owns a major share of hand held device OS at present. Among these two, Android users are of the highest in number. Even though some of the same apps available in both operating systems, the process involved in testing them are different owing to various factors. In the following infographic, testbytes looks at 11 differences between iOS and Android app testing.

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The State of Banking 2017

As technology evolves, there are more ways to do your banking, from brick-and-mortar branches to mobile apps. But despite the myriad of options, customers still value personalized service. This infographic highlights results from the TimeTrade State of Banking 2017 consumer survey.

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The Ultimate Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Speed up your social media presence with the right size and dimension of your infographics. This infographic from the folks at Info Graphic Design Team shows you the different images sizes for all the major social media platforms. You will be able to create the perfect visuals for your brand’s social media handles and stand out.

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Demand for BSN Nurses in Chicago

Although the employment numbers are strong, training and education standards for nurses are changing. “Although you can get an entry-level RN position with an associate degree or a diploma program, the industry standard is fast becoming a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree,” according to U.S. News. The following infographic is promoting the Online RN to BSN degree in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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Predicting Consumer Behavior with Data Analytics

The following easy-to-understand infographic from Dot Com Infoway explains why it is important to analyze customer behavior. With engaging charts and graphics, it lists online shopping behavior of an average online buyer along with a mention of sites where consumers share feedback about products and services. The infographic also lists down the steps involved in making a purchase.

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37 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts To Boost Productivity

Almost everyone of us wants to complete the tasks quickly, especially when it comes to office work. If you are looking to maximize your productivity at work and want to stay ahead of others, then keyboard shortcuts can be beneficial for you. And if you work on a Windows operating system, here’s a list of 37 keyboard shortcuts by Parken Solution that can boost your productivity.

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