House Flipping 101

Real estate can be daunting, but if approached correctly has a lot to offer. This infographic offers a look at some of the most important trends and strategies affecting house flipping nationwide.

The Science of Love

Have you ever wondered why you lost your appetite when you were with someone you found attractive? Or what body language suggests somebody is in to you?

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

Good emotional intelligence improves relationships and an individual’s professional outlook. But how do you know if you’ve got it or not?


Healthy Baking Recipe Substitutions

Here are some of their favorite baking recipe substitutions to help cut back on some of that unnecessary sugar and fat to make healthy, hearty, and delicious baked goods.

Why You Should Take Your Family on a Glamping Trip

Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors, but sometimes you want a more glamorous way to experience the great outdoors and enjoy quality time with family and friends. That’s where glamping comes in.


10 Most Common Types of Home Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your home is one of the permanent decisions you will do in your life. But, with the wide and varied selection of flooring materials available today, it’s important that you base your judgment on what will play best to your advantage. Lugbill Designs has created the following infographic which presents 10 of the most common types of flooring today.

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7 Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter

As soon as we hear somebody speak, our brains go into detective mode - piercing together socially-relevant information about the speaker such as their intelligence, education, and wealth. Does that mean that we can sound smarter than we actually are? This infographic...

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What a Vegetarian World Would Look Like

Vegetarianism has become a growing sensation in the West, particularly among North Americans, Europeans, and Australians. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, like India and China, meat consumption is on the rise. But what if, in some parallel universe, the entirety of the human race turned vegetarian overnight? Berlin based startup MEDIGO decided make an infographic that explores what a vegetarian world might look like.

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A Creative Analysis of 10 Winter Games Logos

Every four years, designers from host countries around the world create a new logo for the Winter Olympics. These logos must to represent the spirit of the games, highlight the winter season, and reference the host country’s unique heritage. What should be in a logo like that?

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The Science Behind Virality

Viral marketing, as we know it today, has evolved over time. And thanks to researchers like Jonah Berger, we know how. The facts they have uncovered after studying the science behind virality help us understand what makes some content pieces tick. To sum up the works of viral scientists like Jonah, and to help lay foundation for your next digital campaign, OutGrow has created an infographic which tries to explain virality.

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14 Scientific Reasons to Disconnect at the Weekend

What did you do over the weekend? Chances are you put a few extra hours in at work, whether in the office or on the sofa with your smart phone. If you feel pressured to work on your days off to impress your boss, to earn a few extra bucks, or because you genuinely want to excel at what you do, the irony is that you might actually end up doing more harm than good. Here is an infographic that provides 14 scientific reasons to disconnect at the weekend.

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Ultimate How-To Guide for ‘90s Hairstyles

Are you nostalgic for the ‘90s? For Gen Xers, it was a decade when shows like Friends and Sex in the City was on television. TV characters Carrie Bradshaw and Rachel Green were certainly style icons, but there were other hairstyles worn by musicians and movie stars that became classic ‘90s looks. These five retro hairstyles featured are the ultimate throwback to a time before selfies.

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CRM Predictions 2018

This coming year will be a stirring one for businesses, especially while talking about CRM technology. With the arrival of the prognosticating season, let’s quickly see what will be customer experience and customer relationship management predictions, trends and statistics in 2018. It’s all compiled in the following infographic, courtesy of Algoworks.

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Why Should We Build A Digital Community?

Building a digital community gives you more opportunities to connect with your audience(s) in a way that’s natural and personal. Through targeted community interactions, you’ll be able to generate excitement, launch products, and announce events without all the hassle that sometimes comes with the traditional ways of doing things. Explore this idea further in the following infographic.

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2018 Game Changers: 10 Startups That Could Change The World

Most businesses don’t try to revolutionize their industries, let alone change the world. But as we head into 2018, a small group of startups is doing just that. Brylak Law teamed up with James Publishing to illustrate a recent study by CB Insights, listing 2018 Game Changers: 10 Startups That Could Change the World. From artificial intelligence (AI), to self-driving bulldozers, to rocket launchers, these companies have boldly identified solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

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The History of Franchising

Did you know one of the very first franchises in America was between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Whitmarsh? They were looking to establish a printing press business in South Carolina in 1731. But the franchise business model goes back even further than this. Learn...

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Florida’s Craft Brew Explosion

Florida, known for sunshine, beaches, alligators, and the infamous Florida Man, can now add its rapidly expanding craft beer industry to the ever-growing list of reasons you should visit the Sunshine State. The team at LabelValue have broken down some key facts for you about Florida’s up-and-coming craft brewery scene in the following infographic.

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The Cost of 30 Common American Grocery Items Over 10 Years

Have the prices of your favorite grocery items risen, fallen, or stayed the same in the last decade? This graphic by TitleMax looks at the price of 30 common groceries purchased in the US over the last 10 years since the recession. By exploring these numbers, you may have a better idea if you’re paying too much for your groceries.

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Improve eCommerce Conversion Rates With 20 Data-Driven Tips

Today’s consumers are shopping online more than ever before, which means that the number of opportunities for consumers to interact with brands is continuing to decline. Because of this shift, each brand interaction is an increasingly important opportunity to impress customers. While eCommerce companies face a variety of challenges, one of the most frustrating is converting a window shopper into a customer.

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The More the Merrier: Holiday Hiring

Each year, consumers spend more and more during the holidays. Spending is highest in the retail sector, but online shopping has also increased the need for more marketing, delivery, and warehouse employees. The following infographic takes a look at the holiday hiring trends in 2017 and what employers and potential new hires could expect.

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Rebels, Rulers, and Magicians, Oh My! A Guide to Character Archetypes

Although we may not realize it, all of us are intimately familiar with the characters below. Character archetypes are found in every storytelling culture on Earth. Carl Jung defined archetypes as ancient images and traits unconsciously shared by all humanity, commonly found in myths, stories and dreams.

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Time in Traffic Generates Unexpected Financial Loss

The typical American will spend about 239 hours behind the wheel each year, so it’s no surprise that traffic congestion can cost money. This infographic from CJ Pony Parts explores the financial losses that people feel on both the state and individual level.

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Texting and Driving: A Deadly Combination

Texting while you are driving is not only an extremely stupid way to distract yourself from the road, it is also a deadly risk to the lives of you and everybody around you. This kind of neglectful driving is almost as selfish as getting behind the wheel when you are intoxicated. The following infographic shown depicts just how deadly texting and driving can be.

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Monsters From British Mythology and Where to Find Them

Britain has a diverse culture of mythology and folklore and while some of us may be aware of the black dog type apparition, there is a wide variety of terrifying monsters passed down through the generations. This infographic from MyOffers looks at monsters from British mythology and shows us where to find them.

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Why Start a Business in Tennessee

Opening a business is never easy, but in Tennessee, entrepreneurs can expect a supportive environment where angel investors are always looking for the next exciting venture. Tennessee is teeming with entrepreneurial spirit and small businesses make up 96.8% of businesses in the Volunteer State. In the following infographic, King Online MBA explores reasons why one might start a business in Tennessee.

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