Healthy at Work, Healthy at Life

Continuous sitting is killing us slowly. Unless we adopt immediate measures, our whole generation is going to suffer from severe health issues. Here are some important tips to follow in your office for a better tomorrow.


16 DUI Cases You Won’t Believe Really Happened


In the following infographic, has gathered 16 of the most unbelievable true DUI stories from California and around the world.

Fort Knox: The Bullion Depository

Have you ever wondered how much gold reserve is stowed in The Bullion Depositories? Well, here is an infographic from 1st Storage Centres detailing the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox.

How To Recover From Burnout And Find Balance

Burnout is a state of prolonged stress that can eventually take its toll on your health. Learn how to identify the signs of burnout and prevent it from this infographic.

How to Win an Argument Every Time

Winning an argument isn’t easy. The following infographic is a thorough guide to winning an argument, whatever the scenario.

Leverage Packaging Design To Increase Sales

Consumer purchasing decisions are based on these facts and factors that should used when designing the packaging for your product. Get a handle on what motivates shoppers and what it takes to produce an effective packaging design with the help of this infographic, courtesy of Catalpha.

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The Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday

We are constantly touching things that are just downright filthy. From money to kitchen sponges, some everyday items can harbor thousands of germs. The following infographic from Master Cleaners, who provides cleaning services in London, looks at some of these items.

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Why Cannabis is a Medication Worth Legalization

In April 2017, Canada’s Liberal government introduced a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, which will come into effect in July 2018. This infographic from Kostman & Pyzer mainly focuses on the medical benefits of cannabis, its history and why cannabis was decriminalized in Canada. More and more countries are realizing the true benefits of cannabis and are starting to move towards marijuana legalization for recreational purposes.

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20 Overnight Oats Recipes

Have a healthier breakfast on the cheap while sleeping in with these super-simple and easy-to-prepare overnight oat recipes, which range in so many different flavors and options. The folks at have gathered some great recipes together for you to experiment...

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10 Unexpected Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Eight hours of sleep has become a luxury to many people in this fast-paced world. The most significant problem when it comes to sleep nowadays is actually falling asleep when it’s time to, so we can wake up refreshed and energized. But you don’t want to fall into the black hole of becoming dependent on sleep medication- so check out these 10 natural remedies to help you get your sleep cycle back on track.

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Rise Of The New LinkedIn By The Numbers

You used to only check LinkedIn for job listings every few months—so why are working professionals suddenly spending hours on it every week? Chances are you aren’t using the new LinkedIn correctly. Learn more about the new LinkedIn by the numbers within this infographic from Number Sleuth.

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8 Proven Ways to Repair Damaged Hair

Do you have a problem with damaged hair? You are not alone as all women have experienced this problem since the beginning of time. There are a few ways to fix your damaged hair. The following infographic by The Barbr looks at 8 proven ways to repair your damaged hair.

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Great White Shark Hotspots of the World

Being the nomadic apex predators that they are, Great White Sharks are found all over the world. They do however frequent certain spots which lead to the best Shark Cage Diving Spots in the world. See which spot is at the top of the list in this infographic by Xplorio.

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Stereotypical Neighbors From Hell

Often in the movies, your next-door neighbor is often portrayed as a kind, well-natured person – someone you can trust and a relationship to nurture in the future. Unfortunately the reality is often a far cry from this. It’s inevitable that you’ll eventually stumble across a nightmarish neighbor. Whether it’s an early riser with a petrol mower, or a neighbor with constantly barking dogs, there’s a number of stereotypes that grind our gears.

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British Isles Film & TV Locations You Can Visit

Here is a useful infographic from the UK holiday accommodation website Direct Holiday Cottages that offers information about film and television show locations in the British Isles that you can check out. Learn about locations from The Dark Knight Rises, The Force Awakens, the TV show Vikings and lots more by viewing this piece.

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Important Facts About Dental Veneers

Innovative treatments, particularly in the field of cosmetic dentistry, have emerged along with the advancements in technology. Dental veneers for instance, make it possible for you to achieve the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted by treating badly-aligned, crowded, crooked, chipped and even oddly shaped teeth. While dental veneers have grown in popularity over the years, there are also important facts that you need to know to understand why more people prefer this dental treatment.

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Introducing the Marine Big 5

The term Marine Big Five originated in Gansbaai, South Africa and refers to the prolific population of whales, sharks, dolphins, penguins and seals that flourish along this beautiful coastline near the Southernmost Tip of Africa. Here is an infographic from Xplorio that looks at these magnificent animals in more detail.

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Salehoo Review 2017 – A Legit Dropshipping Solution Or A Scam?

When you pay for Salehoo, the main thing you’re paying for is access to their sales directory – 8000 different and reputable wholesalers, manufacturers, and drop shippers, the website claims. Easy to sort through if you already have something in mind, and easy to explore and find new niches if you aren’t sure yet.

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The 113th World Series by the Numbers

The 113th Word Series where the Houston Astros are battling the Los Angeles Dodgers for the right to be called “world champion” has been a very exciting one thus so far. With leads constantly changing, amazing plays and more home runs hit than any Word Series in history. This is proving to be one of the best series to date. What is even more amazing is the money that is involved around the series.

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Haunted Hotels: A Ghost Hunter’s Road Map

Planning your next vacation? The team at have created an infographic entitled, “Haunted Hotels: A Ghost Hunter’s Road Map ” that maps out some of the most famous haunted hotels in the United States. To help you learn a little bit about each of these haunted hotels, they have also included the spookiest rooms to request at each location.

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From Braids to Beehives: Ultimate Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween is a chance to strut your hairstyling skills with some bold styles that go beyond everyday looks. For example, although you would probably never wear a tall beehive to the office, an Elvira Halloween costume is a chance to experiment with dramatic height. Similarly, an old-fashioned Game Of Thrones style might be a bit much if you’re heading out to do errands. But paired with a cape, these curls and braids make for a stunning Halloween style.

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Horror Movie Villain Kill Count

There is no rhyme or reason why horror movies are so popular. But they always have been, and always will be. Probably it’s in human nature to seek for fear-made adrenalin. And when one can’t have it in a real life, they go and look for it in other places, books and movies in particular. This infographic is a collection of some of the most popular horror series, with the main villain and the number of poor victims.

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How To Master Meetings

There are a lot of problems with meetings today – for starters, they take up too much time. The workplace is more collaborative than ever in the conference room and on the screen but inefficient meetings can sabotage productive employees. Learn more about mastering meetings in this infographic from CBTS.

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32 NFL Inspired Cocktail Recipes

The Tailgating Institute’s first ever research study analyzed the habits of over 20,000 tailgating individuals across 25 large American cities. They concluded that the standard tailgator is a college-educated 35-44 year old male. They spend on average of $500 annually on tailgating food and drinks, and begin the party 3-4 hours prior to kickoff! The following infographic created by is a collection of NFL-inspired cocktail recipes.

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The 50 State Capitol Buildings of the U.S. Illustrated to Scale

This infographic presents all 50 US state capitol buildings as illustrated to scale, so you can easily compare the size of each capitol building to one another. It also explores when each building was built, its cost of construction (before and after inflation), and how many state employees there are in each state, per 10,000 population.

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