Rogue Addictions: No I Don’t Have A Problem

April 29, 2013 | By

“The U.S. has elevated addiction to a national icon,” says author of The Diseasing of America, Stanton Peele, “It’s our symbol; it’s our excuse.” An addiction is a powerful disease that eliminates free will. They can be developed over a long or short period of time, they can take on many forms. However, society recognizes the need for treatment with certain addictions more than others. Addictions to drugs, alcohol or smoking are recognized, but there are many that are less recognized. Addictions to victimization, sex, fear, work, food, distrust and control often go overlooked or ignored.

In this infographic, explores the less recognized forms of addiction and how they influence the life of an addict.

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Rogue Addictions: No I Don't Have A Problem


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