Use These Shortcuts To Land Your First Job

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According to a recent study, the overall unemployment rate for recent college graduates is roughly eight percent. As competition in the job market continues to intensify, it’s important for new and soon-to-be college graduates to be proactive when it comes to standing out in the minds of prospective employers.

If you are in either of the groups mentioned above and you are currently trying to land your first job, you must first determine what your career goals are. Once you have them in mind, the next step involves creating a clearly defined Career Action Plan, which involves reaching out to companies you are interested in working for, connecting with your network of family, friends, and former colleagues, and using LinkedIn.

The following infographic from Collegefeed goes into these first few steps in detail, and also outlines additional tips that will help you successfully navigate through the job search and application process, until you finally land the job of your dreams.

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Use These Shortcuts To Land Your First Job


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