The Chatbot Revolution: Why Chatbots are the Future of Marketing

Chatbots are the future of marketing, and it’s already greatly affecting the present. As of 2017, the chatbot market has grown to $864.9 million in value, and it’s expected to continue growing exponentially.

Secrets To Living Longer

From Ponce de León to present, everyone is looking for a way to live longer. We can learn plenty from Blue Zones – places where people routinely live longer than average.

7 Dishes Made Using Leftover Food

This infographic gives you 7 great dishes that you can make using leftover food to help reduce food waste.

Bumper Ads: To Boost Your YouTube Ad Campaign

Bumper Ads, the six-second YouTube ad that you can’t skip, have been the hot favorite of advertisers ever since their launch in 2016. This infographic looks deeper into using YouTube Bumper Ads to boost your YouTube ad campaigns.

32 Awesome Coworking Space Statistics That Will Surprise and Inspire You

Here is 32 of the most illuminating statistics on coworking spaces that will surprise and inspire you.

Food Safety Tips & Tech

More than 1 in 4 Americans don’t know how to cook. In fact, Americans spend more on eating out that buying groceries! Can apps and tech gadgets really teach you how to cook? It’s time to learn. Learn more courtesy of this infographic from Kitchen Byte.

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Remote Working: Why is this Flexible Work Trend on the Rise?

Traditional office work is becoming a thing of the past with an ever-growing amount of businesses allowing individuals’ flexibility in the way they work. This flexibility is achieved through remote working and it is key for the future of business. This infographic looks at why remote working is a flexible work trend that is on the rise.

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AI: The Secret To Sustainable Commerce

Doing things the old way isn’t exactly a recipe for success. Artificial intelligence has the ability to streamline business operations by analyzing vast amounts of data to target inefficiencies in the system. Learn how AI is revolutionizing the supply chain in this infographic from

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Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for Campaign Success

Email is still powerful. This age-old promotional strategy is prevalent in today’s business space because of its simplicity.  Well-planned email marketing tactics will grow brand awareness and spread the word about the products. But in order to make the most out of your efforts, you must follow the right email marketing etiquettes.

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Comparison of Football, Rugby, and Soccer

While football, rugby, and soccer are all sports, they each have rules and regulations specific to them. When playing sports, it’s important to know the specifications of each sport so you can play to the best of your ability. This infographic by Rhino presents the different rules and variations between football, rugby, and soccer.

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How To Turn Your Home Into Smart Home In 2019

Smart home appliances are not only getting popular but are so common these days. One can connect appliances to their mobile phones with the help of the smart applications. Wireless connections like Bluetooth and devices operated through Wi-Fi. provide more options to...

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The A-Z Tips Of Space Saving Ideas Of Small Garage Storage

If you’re like the majority of people, garage space is at a premium for yourself. Garage organization is the key to making the most use of the space you have after classifying the project and clearing messes. In this infographic, CoolYeah Garage looks at how to maximize garage space and keep things organized and clutter-free.

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A Look at the Most Memorable Movie Cars

Having the vehicle become a movie’s lasting icon is not a common occurrence but has happened several times over the past few decades. Batman would not be the same without his Batmobile, and audiences felt like they were on the Griswolds’ memorable vacation in the family’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster. The following infographic looks at some of the most memorable movie cars.

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How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Utilizing an available outdoor area offers many benefits of expanding usable space beyond your four walls. To create a unique space, you should make the area practical and allow enough room to move around freely. The following infographic from Eclipse Shading Systems looks at how to create an outdoor living space.

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History of Forex Trading

The history of foreign exchange trading (Forex) is truly fascinating, especially when you consider how it started and the changes it went through as the global economy evolved into what it is today. This infographic illustrates the milestones in the history of Forex trading.

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