Basketball Marketing Madness: How Brands Capitalize On Sports Fans

This coming year the NCAA® is celebrating the tournament’s 80th anniversary. How did the NCAA basketball tournament become the premier marketing opportunity for business? 

History of Nursing – Influential American Nursing Pioneers

This infographic walks you through 7 influential american nursing pioneers and discusses their legacy and accomplishments. It also discusses nursing in the past and present.

How to Disappear From the Internet Completely

Do you long for days gone by, when our lives were led in the real world rather than online? Or possibly you’re unhappy with the way social media makes you feel. Maybe it’s time for you to disappear from the internet. Completely.

Make Your Nursing Resume Work For You

In the next ten years, the nursing industry is projected to grow by 15 percent. As more and more candidates enter this field, it’s crucial to build a resume that puts you ahead of the competition. 

Famous American Montessori Alumni

This infographic visually covers 8 well-known Montessori alumni, spreading awareness about successful Montessori education, as well as explaining Montessori and what it celebrates.

House Styles Around the World

Have you ever wonder how people around the world live? Or more specifically, what kinds of homes people around the world live in? Well, wonder no more! Here’s an infographic, courtesy of Skywalker Roofing, that features some of the more interesting and unique home styles from around the globe.

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How Applied Statistics Affects Our Daily Lives

Applied statistics is the application of statistics to problems across various fields. Today, applied statistics touches many things that the general public uses on a daily basis. But the field of statistics has undergone centuries of advancement – and continues to expand its impact.

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The State of e-Commerce Infrastructure

The team at Webscale conducted a survey of 350+ e-commerce professionals regarding how their online storefront and site infrastructure performed during the holiday shopping season last year. Check the following they have put together infographic to learn more.

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College Student Drug Use Statistics

Young adults, and specifically college students, are entering an exciting period of their lives that involves major changes. From taking care of yourself to having more responsibilities, these changes can be overwhelming. Therefore, many college students turn to prescription medications, recreational drugs, and alcohol. This infographic presents the shocking facts about college student drug abuse.

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Cyber Security Stats of 21st Century – Cost of Data Breaches

Cybersecurity threats are lurking worldwide, and even the world’s leading companies are not safe from it. Insights show that hacking and online privacy breaches are increasing at an alarming rate. There are pieces of evidence that credentials are sold and bought on the dark web; it is crucial to stay protected and vigilant when using the internet.

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Behind The Scenes: The Cost of Video Production in the Philippines

Is your company planning to put up a new explainer video or commercial featuring your flagship brand? You’ll definitely want to have an estimate of how much you’ll be spending for your video production. After all, a high quality video can bring back a huge return on investment, boosting conversion rates by as much as 80% according to research by BigCommerce.

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Addiction Warning Signs: What to Look For

Addiction affects millions, but many never seek help. Many try to deny their addiction or hide any signs from their loved ones. If you believe your loved one may be suffering from addiction, there are warning signs you can look out for. JC’s Recovery Center has created an infographic highlighting warning signs and how to help your loved one with an addiction.

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Jewelry Polishing DIY Hacks

This infographic courtesy of Inovatec Machinery describes the 4 most common ways of jewelry polishing goldsmith methods to make silver and gold jewelry shine. These methods are easy to do and the materials are widely available. Jewelry polishing is not only a hobby but also a great skill that everyone or enthusiastic can learn.

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