Romance Is A Little Bizarre

We are all attracted to relationships, and our bodies respond in some crazy ways. You won’t believe how tightly smells, hormones, neuroscience, and psychology all work together.

Teen Slang: The Complete Parent’s Guide

These days teenagers have their own language. By learning more about what they are actually saying, you will not only create the opportunity to build a stronger bond with them, you’ll also be aware if they are in any danger.

Myth V. Fact: The Right Way To Exercise

Exercise is essential for a healthy life. However, many people don’t exercise the correct way. Common exercise myths are believed as facts by many, and this can cause people to not see the results they are looking for.

What Would Happen If You Didn’t Sleep?

What happens if you don’t sleep? Surely, most of us as teens or college students have asked the question, “How long can you stay awake?” at sleepovers, “all-nighters,” and events, but was that really bad for us?

How To Write A Perfect Guest Post Pitch

This visual graphic provides statistical info about the number and quality of pitches editors receive, devices they read them on, how much should you wait before following up and similar.

What Is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels. Natural gas turbines produce energy with almost 90% efficiency, and with something called ‘cogeneration’ the ‘waste’ heat can be used for either heat, or, in combination with a pre-chiller, for refrigeration. Natural gas is more disaster-resistant than electrical. Most natural gas infrastructure on private or public property is in need of periodic leak checks and maintenance.

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Motorcycle Accidents: Facts You Should Know

Though motorcycles make up just 3% of vehicles on the road, motorcyclists account for 14% of fatal accidents. Motorcycle safety is a big deal. The following infographic shows just how dangerous motorcycles can be when drivers aren’t careful. It takes all of us paying attention — cars, trucks, and motorcyclists all together — to make the roads safe.

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8 Iconic Road Trips Around the World

Embarking on an iconic road trip could add a few hours to your trip, but it will be well worth it. Surrounding yourself with gorgeous scenery breaks through the clutter in your mind. You may feel powerful emotions, think new thoughts, and even become more in tune with yourself. Awe-inspiring views, historic markers, and even good eats pave the way to wherever you’re going — you just have to know how to find them.

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Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Network

VPNs are normally used by businesses or organizations rather than by individuals, but virtual networks can be reached from inside a home network as well. Compared to other technologies, VPNs offers several advantages, particularly benefits for wireless local area networking. For anyone looking to provide a secure network for its client base, a VPN offers the most benefits to users.

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History’s Wealthiest & How Much They Would Be Worth Today

The team at calculated what the world’s richest people of past would’ve made in today’s dollars. In some cases, it is trillions! Using expert estimates and adjusting for inflation, these are the top earners in the world who have ever lived. You’ve got a long way to go, Jeff Bezos.

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Obesity & Heart Health: Risk Factors & Prevention

Obesity refers to a generalized accumulation of excess adipose tissues in the body which leads to more than 20% of the desirable body weight. While obesity can lead to many diseases, one of the greatest concerns is your heart. People with obesity tend to have many risk factors. How exactly do you know if you are obese and what can you do to get back on the path to fitness?

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Top 10 Applications for Plastic on Boats

Thinking about buying a new boat, or just admiring your neighbors? Have you ever stopped to think about what materials go into the construction of a new boat, and why they’re used? Piedmont Plastics has put together a useful infographic to help us think about how durable, lightweight plastics are used to create today’s sea-faring vessels.

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Winter Safety Tips: Survival Kit

With Winter’s becoming harsher all the time, staying safe on the roads is more important than ever. Jardine Motors Group has put together a checklist of useful items to carry in the winter, especially should you encounter any snow or ice.

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Do You Need Planning Permission For Your Garden?

Most garden buildings come under permitted development rights, which means you don’t need planning permission. This is good news if you’re planning to add a shed, summer house, log cabin or home office to your garden. But how do you know if you need planning permission? Check out the following infographic for more details.

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Business Life Before U.S. Presidency

We have seen 45 U.S. Presidents to date, some of which were managing their own businesses before taking office as the President of the United States. Hence it’s not a surprise how these Presidents have had some interesting things to say and show about marketing throughout American history. This infographic takes a look at the business life of some U.S. Presidents.

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