Value Of Sports Endorsement Deals To Companies & Players

The global sports industry is estimated to be worth $700 billion, and is continuing to grow. This makes it ripe for lucrative endorsement opportunities that benefit both companies and players.

Truck Accidents: Big Dangers Lurking on the Road

The economy is reliant on the ability of commercial trucks to deliver goods to our communities. From food to medical supplies to consumer goods and beyond, many of our daily items are shipped by trucks.

How Climate Change Affects Public Health

Climate change is an issue that not only concerns a large segment of the population but is one that also impacts the health and well-being of people around the world.

Librarians Know the Truth About Fake News

In a time when the written word can be spread in seconds, and not every publisher takes the time to remove bias or checks facts, the librarian’s role is more important than ever.

The Meteoric Rise of Podcasting

With Apple Podcasts now hosting over 550,000 active podcasts and a whopping 18.5 million episodes, podcasting itself has never been more popular.

How to Successfully Develop & Launch a Mobile App

Mobile apps have revolutionized every aspect of life – and, it isn’t surprising that more than 90 percent of mobile minutes in all markets is spent on apps. This infographic from Dot Com Infoway explains some interesting facts about the process of developing, launching, and marketing your mobile app effectively.

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Top 10 Movie Serial Killers Body Count

Horror genre often involves the intrusion of an evil force that can appear in different characters like ghosts, vampires, werewolves, evil clowns, vicious animals, and other unnatural phenomena or terrible human actions. Which characters from your favorite horror films do you fear the most? In this infographic, SeatUp takes a look at 10 serial killers from various horror movies.

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Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website

Having a functional website allows you to provide direct information to the user. Customers can get a great feel for your company and team, as well as read reviews. If you want to improve your website performance in search engines, you need to have an update-to-date web design. If your website isn’t converting new customers, there could be a design flaw that is turning people away.

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iPad 2018: Mindblowing Facts & Figures

With Apple’s Q3 results being recently released, the team at Armour Dog have put together some astonishing facts and statistics behind Apple’s famous tablet division. They are all visually displayed in the following infographic.

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How Hospital Administrators Empower Their Organizations

It is valuable to know how to empower your employees and manage well. Health administrators who can motivate their teams, and lead well, are able to impact their work culture. In this infographic, learn how to manage your health team, and work better together to achieve goals and provide high-quality health care.

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Fascinating & Incredible Instagram Stats, Facts and Figures for 2018

With over 1 billion monthly active users and counting, it’s easy for businesses, big or small to tell the huge potential of Instagram. Including this fast-growing social media network in your social media marketing strategy will not only help you achieve higher level of brand awareness, but also can generate direct new leads and customers. Check out the following infographic to learn why Instagram deserves a place in your marketing strategy.

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Important Trends in Healthcare

Healthcare is a big trending topic these days. With the rise of technology, the healthcare industry is changing. Check out these new health trends, and learn how they may impact you in the future, in an infographic courtesy of Duquesne University.

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AI, the Benevolent: How AI Shapes the iGaming Industry

Problem gambling is a huge issue as the popularity of iGaming rises and activities such as poker, slots, roulette becomes available to the masses. This infographic by discusses the potential applications of AI and Blockchain technology within the gambling industry and how they can help enforce responsible gambling for both operators and players.

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An American Education 50 Years Ago vs Today

With the rise of personal computers and smartphones in every pocket, could educators of the past have ever guessed how technology would revolutionize the classroom today? Technology aside, schools and the school year itself, look much different than they did 50 years ago. In this infographic, compare American education 50 years ago vs today.

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Difference Between Good and Bad Health IT

Do you know the difference between good and bad Health IT? If you have been studying new, relevant technologies as a part of your health informatics masters program, than you know that finding patients, evaluating test results and more everyday activities can either be helped or hampered by the information systems that treatment professionals currently use.

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