Causes of Blurry Vision

Most people experience vision changes either at an early or a later stage, which could make even the most regular of activities like reading or driving a challenge.

Five Different Types of Alcoholics

No alcoholic is the same. However, it is possible to place the alcoholic demographic into 5 relatively distinct types. This infographic provides the facts you need to know about what those 5 types are.

How to Be Invisible Online (Without Going off the Grid)

With more than 3.2 billion people using the Internet, it’s almost inevitable that most of us are creating vast digital footprints. In the following infographic, learn how to be invisible online without going off the grid.

Amount of Physical Stuff to Live Happily

While most people own thousands of physical things, they can get by happily with only a few hundred of them. This infographic explores the amount of physical stuff we really need to be happy.

How to Stay Productive When You’re Tired

How can you stay focused and produce good work when you’re exhausted? Using some proven techniques,  it is possible to keep standards up when energy is low.

Legal Steps to Take When Injured by Another Driver

In the accompanying infographic, The Law Offices of Kenneth J. Steinberg have laid out steps to follow from the moment after the accident happens all the way through speaking with a lawyer and prepping documents. They’ve also included ways you can help reduce and avoid injury before an accident even happens, as well as symptoms to look out for in the days that follow.

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Get to Know Your Leadership Style

Do you know your own leadership style? Check out this infographic, courtesy of Cydcor, to find out which leadership style suits you best. In doing so, you can set both yourself and your team up for optimal success.

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7 Ways to Prove Nursing Home Abuse

The following infographic from Campbell & Smith, PLLC shows 7 ways to prove your nursing home abuse case. The first is watching and notating the signs of abuse. Second, obtain their nursing home and medical records. Later on, photographs are powerful pieces of evidence. Ombudsman complaints are also included as well as witness statements. Finally, it comes inspections and licenses along with hiring an attorney.

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A Visual Guide to Cannabis Measurements

This weed measurements guide, courtesy of Marijuana Doctors, is perfect for first-time cannabis buyers. It highlights everything you need to know when making your first purchase including measurement terms and size comparisons, flower vs. extracts, how to understand product equivalencies and the average price of marijuana across legal states.

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DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw Stats, Uses & Benefits

This infographic covers everything you need to know about the DEWALT DWS779 12” sliding compound miter saw. The DWS779 is the ideal option for anyone looking for portability without compromising on the power and cutting capacity needed to handle even the toughest tasks. It is in fact one of the most simple yet effective and well-made compound miter saws on the market, making it ideal for anyone from beginner hobbyists to professional tradespeople as a result.

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The Impact of Fraud and IT Security on Small Businesses

Small businesses are extremely vulnerable when it comes to fraud, making it increasingly important for steps to be taken in order to prevent your business from being a victim. This infographic created by Focus Training introduces the main risks to be aware of, and how your small business can protect itself against these types of fraud.

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Measuring and Making the Most of Metrics

There is a common misconception to measure almost everything within a service desk. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for every business. This infographic explores what organizations are actually reporting on and how often, how they produce reports, and what they do with this data. This will enable us to understand whether the organizations could be reporting more efficiently and focus on how to gain the most value from metrics.

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Causes of Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is usually one of the most common conditions that results in decreased visual clarity. It starts with the surface of the eye, the cornea and this is where majority of the blurry vision lies. If you suffer from conditions such as near-sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism, you may be susceptible to blurry vision. Let’s understand better with the help of this infographic.

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Hacking College Debt: 4 Steps to Save Years of Financial Problems

College debt is a growing problem, and it’s shaping the lives of recent grads by limiting opportunities, increasing financial pressure, and restricting personal milestones. However, college students aren’t without choices. By making smart decisions during the college years, it’s possible to avoid college debt altogether. OneClass has put together this blueprint to graduating college with zero debt.

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