Did you know that writing can immortalize you, the writer? Well, at least, that’s what some of history’s greatest writers say. Even good old Benjamin Franklin said that, if you’d rather not be forgotten, then make sure to write something worthwhile, so that you’ll live forever through the minds and hearts of people who read your work.

And there’s even more to writing than that! It can dramatically change your life, just like how it helped J.K. Rowling deal with her family issues until her work became a success that made her incredibly wealthy. On top of that, writing also sharpens the mind. As you continue practicing with words, you boost your IQ, memory, social, and emotional intelligence. Because writing allows you to look deep into yourself as well as others.

Indeed, there are plenty of ways writing can help the human mind to heal and improve itself. So not only is it a mental exercise, but it is also a therapeutic one.

In the following infographic from Syed Irfan Ajmal, discover what writers such as Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Virginia Woolf, Wordsworth, Jane Austen, Stephen King, George Orwell, and more, have to say about the myriad benefits of writing.

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11 Benefits of Writing - According to Science, J.K Rowling, Stephen King, and More!

Irma Wallace

Irma Wallace

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