Have you ever come across parents that actually think taking care of a baby is an easy job? No one has it simple. And if you have an overtired baby, you might find it even more difficult to manage one.

Overtiredness happens to babies because their bodies are already over the point of sleep-readiness. As a result, the flow of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol makes it harder for your baby to relax and calm down. This activation of the body’s stress response system is the reason why your baby is having trouble falling asleep.

Curious about how you can solve your baby’s overtiredness? It’s a must to recognize the signals indicating he’s overtired as soon as it appear. In order to help you out, Nurture Parenting has created the following infographic that presents the 12 signs you have an overtired baby.

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12 Signs That You Have an Overtired Baby

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