What would happen if you put a large fan on a sailboat and pointed it at the sails? Would the sail boat move forward? What about if you are driving and you crash into water… How hard is it to open the door as the car fills with water and starts to sink? How about the age-old myth of putting someones hand in warm water as they sleep will cause them to wet the bed?

MythBusters has tested these myths. In fact, they’ve tested over 1,000 myths over the last 13 seasons. However, in this infographic by Pressure Washr, discover the 21 best water-based myths.

21 Best Water-Based Myths Tested on MythBusters

David Wallace

David Wallace

David Wallace is a search & social media marketer who lives in Ahwatukee Arizona with his lovely wife. Interests & hobbies include all things Disney, roller coasters, musicianship and Christianity.

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