Writers and directors build a base of loyal fans in many ways. Most of the time, this is done by introducing realistic, lovable, and believable characters within the world. Fans will often feel a connection with these characters, almost as though they know them in real life. Then, there are the writers of some movies, television shows, and video games that take it a step further. They kill those characters. That’s right, the characters that you grew to love as though they were really in your life, are now gone. Some of the most horrifying ways writers can do this to us is by giving them some of the most brutal and cruel diseases they can dream up. Franchises like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who love doing this to us on a regular basis.

This infographic from Claricode.com features the 28 most cruel diseases that have ever come out of fiction.

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28 Cruel Fictional Diseases Rated on a Scale of Pain and Misery

David Wallace

David Wallace

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