How To Turn Your Car Into an Eco-friendly Vehicle?

Over the years and after countless studies about the best solutions to take good care of our environment, car manufacturers have offered one of the best-suited keys to reduce vehicles’ hazardous impacts to the environment: hybrid and electric cars. While it is agreeable to be the best case, it is undeniably expensive and ultimately not for everyone. Here are some tips that you can consider turning your vehicle eco-friendly.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales and Usage

Electric vehicle sales are on the rise. Finally, they are becoming mainstream. But how much better for the environment are these cars? It turns out, unless you’re getting your electricity from a renewable or clean source of energy, you’re just pushing the pollution to a different spot along the process. See which countries are buying the most electric cars and in which countries electric vehicles are the highest percentage of vehicles on the road.

Autonomous Vehicles & the Trolley Problem

With the imminent arrival of autonomous vehicles to the roads, many people have started worrying about the safety of this new technology, especially when an issue arises to do with choice. In this piece, the folks at Select Car Leasing delve into the issue of the “Trolley Problem” and how AVs will deal with this and whether or not all manufacturers have the same stance.

Electric Vehicles Are The Future

With so much talk about self-driving vehicles on the news, it’s easy to forget about the rise of electric cars. But there’s no stopping their development. Auto Loan Solutions has created an infographic that puts the spotlight on how EVs will change car ownership. The infographic takes a look at the ripple effect these vehicles will have on fuel consumption, technology and more…