2017 Global Data Management Playbook

Experian has released the 2017 Global Data Management Benchmark Report. In it, they determine how businesses around the world are using customer data to improve customer experiences, increase sales, and tailor their products to the needs of the consumer. Leveraging data is an important and necessary tactic for a business to succeed, but if the data is not accurate you could be creating and investing in a strategy that is detrimental to your bottom line.

Global Freelancing Study 2017

Freelance economy is on fire and growing rapidly. More millennials moving to freelancing as an option = more competition. Hubstaff talked with freelancing industry’s top 1% (15,000+ consultants) and managed to gather insights on finding better clients, setting higher rates, and landing more gigs.

Global Background Screening

Manual background check is a tedious task for an organization. In terms of time and efforts, you face a lot of hassles if you go for a manual screening process. So what should your organization do? This infographic illustrates some of key benefits of web based global background screening over a manual one.

Data Centers

In this competitive business landscape, enterprises are striving to streamline their operations while protecting their mission critical data and applications in a secured environment. In this light, data centers are acting as a game changer. By leveraging the IT infrastructure of a robust data center, companies can enjoy greater efficiency, flexibility, and allocate their resources optimally across entire organizational structure.

The Half-Life of Data

In this infographic, DQ Global illustrates the longevity of data and the rate of decay to business information. The impact of data decay cannot be underestimated. Each year, UK businesses waste £220 million sending mailings to the wrong people. For example, if someone has moved house or passed away, that mailing is a complete waste of money. The same applies if your database contains duplicate data.

The Life of Ken Brill: Father of the Data Center

With the tragic loss of Ken Brill, both the IT industry and the global tech community have lost a true innovator and champion. Mr. Brill was responsible for the creation of data center standardization, and was rightly known around the globe as “The Father of Data Centers.” This infographic takes a look at the life of this innovator.

A Tourists Global Guide To Tipping

It’s very common for people to travel to new parts of the world and not be completely aware of the cultural differences in a range of circumstances. The data in this infographic aims to make it easier for people who are willing to be kind and open-handed with their cash but are not completely sure “if they need to tip” and “how much”?

The Global VoIP Revolution

Realizing the importance of social and digital media in catalyzing brand equity and market penetration, here is an infographic that deals with different phases of the VoIP industry, and how they have evolved over the years. Starting with a historic timeline, we highlight the current state of mobile subscriber bases across core regions of the world, finishing at what the future holds for VoIP.