The Strange Effects of Weather on Human Behavior

Have you ever stopped to think about how your behavior might be effected by the weather? I’m sure we’ve all noticed ourselves feeling slightly happier when the sun’s out, or perhaps getting a bit down when it won’t stop raining, but the list of the ways that the weather can affect our behavior is actually far more extensive than that.

Over-Worked Couples Can Use a Romantic Vacation

More than ever, couples all around the world are giving up romance and spending time together for work. Couples are not spending the quality time together that they deserve. Find more information on couples’ work habits and its effects on their relationships and their lives. in this infographic.

19 Amazing Diamond Facts

In the following infographic, has compiled an infographic with some amazing and interesting information about diamonds. Learn about these incredible diamond facts including the biggest diamond ever found to the highest fee ever paid for a diamond.

A Taste of French Wine, One Port At a Time

France, a country that exudes passion and romance, accompanies these qualities with a yearning love of wine. The intricacies of the high-quality wines differs from place to place, and there’s no better way to enjoy the flavors of France than with a blissful river cruise. In this infographic, Cruiseabout explores a taste of French wine, one port at a time.

Romantic Ideas You Can Do At Home

Valentines Day can be difficult to arrange with restaurants charging a premium and hotels booked up in a flash. So why not buck the trend and create the romance at home with some thoughtful and creative gestures. Terry’s Fabrics shows you how in the following infographic.

Online Dating: Is it Time to Try it?

Online love connections are supported by research as an estimated one in three Americans meet their spouses online. Further research suggests that online relationships lead to more satisfying marriages and fewer divorces than traditional, offline venues. A recent infographic by highlights the growing trend of romance via the web.