The Twitter Algorithm: Make it Work for Your Business

A basic understanding of Twitter algorithms can be the key towards success. If you are stuck in the dark phase where your own social media strategy is not working for you, then following this Twitter’s algorithm guide can help you optimize your brand’s tweets for more organic growth and better results.

The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

This infographic pulls some data on tweets and places it into easy-to-digest graphs and charts. This cheat sheet will help you choose what time to post your tweets, what to include in your tweet content, whether or not to include a link, how to significantly increase your number of retweets, and more.

The Psychology of Twitter

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become a cultural phenomenon, providing everyone from celebrities to politicians to “regular” people with a platform to share rapid bursts of information with fellow Tweeters around the world. Learn who tweets, why they tweet and how they choose who to follow with the help of this infographic from

Team Starstruck Saves the World: The Superheroes of Twitter

These celebrities have utterly conquered social media. Rather than just regaling us with juicy details about their lives, they are utilizing their vast influence to empower fans. They stand up for causes, establish their own charities, and all around rock! Are you a fan? Learn more about the superheros of Twitter in this infographic

South by Southwest on Twitter

Austin’s South by Southwest finished up recently. The folks at MediaMiser tracked #SXSW over the course of the week to see who and what was influencing the conversation at the festival.

The Numbers Behind Twitter

There are now 218 million monthly active users on Twitter’s popular service, with nearly 80% of these users located internationally. The social media giant is growing by the day, while more and more investors look to it to gauge potential. See more about Twitter in this data rich infographic.

Musicians and Their Fake Twitter Followers

Twitter has become a bit of a currency for celebrities these days. Self worth may be based on how many followers they can scrounge up on the social media network. Not only are musicians no different, they seem to be leading the charge. Of the top ten accounts with the most Twitter followers, seven of them are musicians.