Mobile phones have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. The evolution has moved from traditional button operations and limited networks. Today, various brands have created seamless touchscreen smart devices to support your lifestyle. A look at the transformation in the mobile device industry determines where technology is and where it is going.

A mere 10 years ago you could not use many of the applications that dominate the mobile market today. Touchscreens were new to the mobile scene while fingerprint scanning and secure patterns and pins unavailable. The future of smartphones sees a rise in billions of subscribers. Futuristic facial scanning and detailed projectors from a handheld device are underway. The evolution of phones has shifted to faster, convenient and impressive functions to take mobile technology to new heights.

Looking at the advancement in technology, reviewpen concludes that the devices of today are created in support of specific lifestyle preferences and needs.

A Full Overview of the Evolution of Mobile Phones

David Wallace

David Wallace

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