When it comes to selecting the right packaging color for your product, it turns out that consumer reaction to the color’s appropriateness is more important than the color itself. A study found that the “success” of a color hinges on its perceived suitability for the particular product. In other words, does the color match what’s being sold?

According to research, people can recall an item better when it blatantly stands out from the rest. Two studies on color combinations, one looking at consumer preferences and the other measuring aesthetic response, concluded that while most consumers prefer color patterns with similar hues, they also favor palettes with highly contrasting accents. This concept is called a color scheme, which is further illustrated in the following guide.

The following infographic from Meyers will help explain the basic principles of color combinations and the meaning of colors. It will also provide tips in selecting the best packaging colors to help you develop an effective design for your product.

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A Guide to Selecting the Best Packaging Colors for Your Product

David Wallace

David Wallace

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