Did you know that New York and Texas convict more wrong persons than the rest of the US put together? How about the fact that you’re more likely to be wrongly convicted of Homicide than robbery? People may not be aware of the scale of innocent citizens that have been convicted, serving years for a crime they didn’t commit. Innocent people such as Kirk Odom lost a part of their lives that can never be regained, serving 31 years in jail for an offense he never committed.

There are currently 2,086 exonerated convictions, totalling over 18,060 years and an unknowable number of innocent people are still serving time. Some have not been so lucky and have been executed before their innocence has come to light. This infographic by JurisOffice looks at a history of US citizens wrongfully convicted by the judicial system.

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A History of US Citizens Wrongfully Convicted by The Judicial System

David Wallace

David Wallace

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