Advertising Options

Infographic Journal offers the following opportunities to target the users of our site as well as options to “feature” your infographics:

Express Submission of Infographics

While we do accept free submissions of infographics, free submissions are limited to editorial review as well as scheduling. As we only publish no more than 10 infographics per day, free submissions could take several days or even weeks before they are even reviewed for considered.

For a nominal fee, Express Submissions guarantee that your infographic will be posted in a timely manner. They are still subject to our editorial review process but are given priory over free submissions. Unless an Express Submission is submitted over a weekend, they are typically posted the same day we receive them.

Cost: $25 payable via PayPal

Featured Infographics

Your infographic will appear in the scrolling “Featured” section on our home page for 7 days. Additionally, we will submit post to popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, StumbleUpon, and others.

Cost: $75 one-time fee payable via PayPal

Note: Contact Us  first to check availability for Featured Infographics

Display Banners

We offer opportunities for both 728x90 and 468x60 Graphical Banners that can appear site-wide as well as within individual posts . Any site wide banners will be rotated with no more than 5 advertisers at any given time so spots are limited. Individual posts are exclusive but are available on a “first come, first served” basis. You must supply your own media (ad creatives).

Cost: Contact Us for current rate card and availability

Right Sidebar (Partners Section)

There are 2 options in the Partners Section located in the Right Sidebar areas of the site – 125x125 Graphical Ads and Textual Ads. These do not rotate and spots are limited. You must supply your own media for Graphical Ads.

These Partners Section ads can appear Run of Site (9,700+), Category Pages (26) only, or Home Page (1) only. Cost is the same no matter which option you choose.

Cost: Contact Us for current rate card and availability

In Post Text Links

These offer the ability to have a textual link within any existing post on Infographic Journal. Links are followed and you control the anchor text. Link will be subject to editorial approval. In other words, they need to be somewhat relevant to the nature of the post itself.

Cost: $25/mo. or $250 annually if paid in advance (a $50 savings)

Infographic Design / Marketing

In addition to the opportunities for exposure here at Infographic Journal, we offer an Infographic Marketing program that exposes your infographics to thousands of social media users across multiple social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and more. The result is tons of traffic as well as the potential to earn natural inbound links. The increase in these social signals as well as inbound links helps to improve your overall domain authority as well as the ability for your infographic to position well in organic search.

Need an infographic designed? We can help you there as well! Our high-quality infographic design services include working with you on the initial idea for the infographic, conducting all the proper research, infographic design and finally delivery of the infographic itself.

Visit our Infographic Marketing section for further details.

Guest Posts/Articles

We DO NOT accept guest posts or articles! We are an infographic archive, not an article submissions site. If you contact us about contributing a guest post or article, even if you offer tons and tons of money, your email will be deleted. So don’t ask! 😉