At the moment, there are around 2 billion mothers in the world. On average, each mom has 2 babies. It is estimated that a middle-income mom may spend nearly $250,000 to raise a new child over the next 18 years. During the economic depression, mothers are willing to take a second job to make sure that their kids can go to the best schools.

As Honore de Balzac said: “A mother who is really a mother is never free’’, nowadays there is a little leisure time in a typical day of a working mom. On average, a mom needs to pay attention to her child every 4 minutes as well as do 88% of laundry. Aside from that, moms can do the strangest and greatest things for their little babies. However, above all things, moms always do them all for free. Deep down inside, moms truly want a real day off rather than any kinds of jewelry. Also, there are many ways we can make our moms happy.

Learn more about the amazing things only mothers do in this infographic by

Amazing Things Only Mothers Do

David Wallace

David Wallace

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