It may sound crazy to some, but the phenomenon of people naming their car is fairly common. In fact, 36% of car owners between the ages of 18 and 34 named their car, with many of them using the car’s color and appearance as inspiration. Some of the most common male names include Daniel, Tom and Jack. Meanwhile, a few of the most frequently used female names for cars are Betty, Jessica and Pippa.

In addition to color and appearance, another defining attribute of a car’s eventual name is its owner. For example, 88% of women perceive their cars as female, compared to 55% of men. Women are also 10% more likely to name their cars than men.

Considering that an average American drives 33 miles per day, it’s not difficult to understand why many car owners opt to assign their cars a name or personality. They do spend a large chunk of their daily lives together, after all.

CJ Pony Parts takes a look at people and their cars in this video infographic.

David Wallace

David Wallace

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