The History of Candle Making

Nothing provides the simultaneous benefit of atmosphere and style to your home quite like candles. With over 2,000 types of candles and 10,000 different scents to choose from, your home can truly stand out with a well-chosen candle. Although they may seem like a simple home accessory, candles actually have a rich history dating back thousands of years.

What’s Affecting Our Environment?

The negligence of human civilization is creating havoc in the environment. Not one, not two, but in this infographic, Infographic Design Team highlights five of those issues that are slowly pushing Earth on the verge of death. They also explain how we can reverse the ill-effects of human negligence on nature.

The Influence of Instagram

Do you want to take advantage of one of this decade’s fastest growing social media platform? You’re not alone as 71% of marketers are looking to level up their Instagram marketing. And they’re spending crazy money on advertising and influencer marketing to do it. The following infographic looks at the influence of Instagram and what is costs to reach its massive audience.

An Introduction to Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a dirt-free, space-saving, water-effective method of growing soilless. In the following infographic, courtesy of, you’ll learn about the most important details about Hydroponics and all the basic knowledge to set up a year-round hydroponic garden of your own.

Flying Health and Fitness Guide

If you are anything like me, you loathe flying. Being cramped into small seats in a tube at 35,000 feet is no picnic! However, there are ways that you can avoid jet lag and that sluggish feeling you get following your flight. Take a look at the following infographic which details what you should be doing in preparation before your flight as well as exercises to do on the plane.

Smoking vs. Vaping: What You Need to Know

The popularity of vaping has grown tremendously, and many smokers are switching to vaping over cigarettes. While vaping and smoking are similar, they also have many differences. Fewer chemicals are inhaled when vaping, and while cigarettes always contains nicotine, you can vape without nicotine. If you are considering smoking or vaping, check out this “Smoking vs. Vaping” infographic.