Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Network

VPNs are normally used by businesses or organizations rather than by individuals, but virtual networks can be reached from inside a home network as well. Compared to other technologies, VPNs offers several advantages, particularly benefits for wireless local area networking. For anyone looking to provide a secure network for its client base, a VPN offers the most benefits to users.

Obesity & Heart Health: Risk Factors & Prevention

Obesity refers to a generalized accumulation of excess adipose tissues in the body which leads to more than 20% of the desirable body weight. While obesity can lead to many diseases, one of the greatest concerns is your heart. People with obesity tend to have many risk factors. How exactly do you know if you are obese and what can you do to get back on the path to fitness?

How to Avoid Leadership Failure

Serving in a management role has many challenges including failing to thrive as a leader.  Over 90% of active management would like to receive additional training, and almost 80% of employees change jobs because they do not feel appreciated.  Common leadership failures include issues with delegation, miscommunication, vanity, micromanagement, confrontation, and goals.  

Romance Is A Little Bizarre

We are all attracted to relationships, and our bodies respond in some crazy ways. You won’t believe how tightly smells, hormones, neuroscience, and psychology all work together. Romance is fun, exciting, risky … and yes, it’s a little weird, too. Check out this infographic and maybe you’ll learn something that will help you to spark your next romantic relationship.

Teen Slang: The Complete Parent’s Guide

These days it is as if teenagers have their own language. By learning more about what they are actually saying, you will not only create the opportunity to build a stronger bond with them, you’ll also be aware if they are in any potential danger. The following infographic is a complete parent;s guide to teen slang.

What Would Happen If You Didn’t Sleep?

What happens if you don’t sleep? The team at have created a sleep deprivation timeline based on scientific studies and personal accounts of sleeplessness record-holders like Randy Gardner, showing what typically happens to one’s body after hours, days, and even weeks of no sleep. 

How is IOT Revolution Proceeding to Rule the Future?

The term “IoT” gets thrown around a lot in various tech discussions nowadays for good reason. The “Internet of Things”, after all, is one of the main drivers of the technologies being employed by various big fields. However, its impact could not be more apparent in the field of education as the following infographic from Illinois Tech can attest.

Dangers During Winter Roofing

If you are planning to do some DIY repair in your roof in this coldest time of the year, then you might want to think again. Check out this infographic from Fahey Roofing Contractors which details the most common dangers of doing roofing works during the winter season.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Key Car Parts

While it can be tempting to avoid replacing certain key automobile parts in order to save money, records have shown that spending a little more money to keep your car in good shape could end up saving you from buying another car entirely. This infographic from Chevy Nation Parts explains some of the precautions you should take to ensure that the lifespan of your vehicle reaches its maximum potential.