Breakfast Around The World

Every day, billions of humans eat a variety of morning fare which encompasses every ingredient you can think of. Want to go on an international taste experience? Plan a daily voyage using these breakfasts and make mealtimes more interesting for you and your family. Transform your breakfast experience into a daily international adventure, adding excitement to mealtime for both you and your family.

How Does War Affect Flight Prices?

Here is an infographic, courtesy of FlightsFinder, that features information about how wars can impact the price of flights around the world. It is broken down into sections including the price of oil, travel time, supply and demand and share price. Read on to learn why the cost of the flights for your trip may have increased.

Famous Logos and Their Hidden Meanings

Here is an infographic from the folks at Cheap Roller Banners that displays some of the most famous logos that have hidden messages, with the meaning of each exposed. Logos include Amazon logo, FedEx, Cisco, Google, Toyota, and more.

Academic Probation: How to Avoid & Deal With It

Academic probation sounds really scary, as it puts your graduation at risk. Besides, it’s emotionally and psychologically burdensome as nobody wants to drop out because of poor performance or course requirements’ non-completion. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide with measures you should take to change your approach to studies and improve your academic knowledge and grades quickly.

How Much Smaller a $500K House Has Become in the Past 5 Years

Real estate costs in the United States are on an unprecedented upward trajectory. Around the nation, millions of Millennials and Gen Zers are renting rather than buying as home prices are too high and real estate inventory is at an all time low. This infographic is shining a light on the issue by revealing which states have the fastest-increasing real estate prices.

British Pension Puzzlement

Eleven years after auto enrolment was introduced to the UK, employee benefits software provider Zest polled 1,003 UK adults, all currently employed, to find out how well they understood the rules around auto enrolment, and the tax and National Insurance benefits of paying into their workplace pension. This infographic summarizes the findings.

A Timeline of Reddit

Here is a timeline infographic that explores the history of the popular social news platform Reddit. It shows key events throughout the history of Reddit such as when it was first launched by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005, when they started to allow users to create subreddits in 2008, and more.