11 Best Practices for Sales Onboarding

When it comes to sales performance, getting the most out of your team starts with strong onboarding. Organizations with effective onboarding are 6.3x more likely to prepare their new sales hires to succeed. Like any other sales training or enablement initiative, onboarding takes foresight and planning to do well. In this infographic, discover 11 best practices for creating an onboarding program that prepares new hires to sell effectively.

The History Of The England Football Kit

Because the England football team have recently got a brand new and controversial kit due to the colors being changed on the Saint George’s Cross and because Euro 2024 is happening soon, the team at UK Feather Flags have put together the following infographic which takes a look at how their kit has evolved over the years.

The Rising Cost of the Average US Home

It’s all over the news and on display in this graphic from Madison Trust Company: home prices are rising dramatically. This graph shows the average American home price every year since the 60s. The information includes the average cost alongside the price adjusted for inflation.

AI Laws Around the World

As AI grows and develops all over the world, many people raise concerns about its impact on our future. While AI can have many positive, life-changing benefits, it could be a detriment in many ways too. It’s also wise to have protections that will stop bad actors from seizing control of this technology for the worse.

The Evolution Of UK Company Logos

Here is an interesting infographic from the people at Cheaprollerbanners.co.uk that will take you on a journey through the history of logo design for some of the most popular companies in the UK which have changed their logos several times over the years.

The Best and Worst States to Start a Small Business

Starting up a small business may be exciting, but it comes with a host of risks. Potential business owners can boost their chances of survival by choosing their location carefully. That’s why the team at Finfare did some extensive research, created a small business survival index and ranked all 50 states on how likely they were to be the home of successful small businesses

Gender Pay Gaps Since the 1960s

The gender wage gap refers to the difference between salaries of men and women based solely on their gender. Study the timeline below made by the team at Qualtrics and you’ll find that women have always been paid less to the dollar every man makes.