Lithium-ion Vs. Lead Acid Batteries

Does a lithium-ion forklift battery outperform a lead-acid forklift battery? In this infographic, courtesy of Flux Power, take a look at the benefits of Lithium-ion batteries over Lead Acid and the difference between the two.

The Story of Microsoft

From 1975 to 2020, a lot has changed in technology. The same is true with the technology giant Microsoft. Across four decades, Microsoft has revolutionized the computer operating system. In this infographic, let’s see how a company started in a garage changed the world.

Guitar Effects: An Infographic History and Breakdown

Here is an infographic courtesy of detailing the history of guitar effects, starting all the way back to the 1930s with Rickenbacker’s Vibrola Spanish Guitar and progressing to the present day.  Along the way, we see iconic guitar-effect breakthroughs like gain and reverb in the 1940s to 1950s’ effects like fuzz and distortion.

Which Airlines Have Had the Most Crashes Over the Past 10 Years?

3,930 people have died in plane crashes over the past 10 years. As high as that number might sound, it’s nothing when you consider 2.7 million people fly every year out of the United States alone. Still, it’s quite scary to think about the possibility of getting into a plane crash. If you want to look at your options before flying, look no further than this infographic which reveals every airline that has had a crash in the past decade and how many people have died.

Where You’re Most Likely To Get Killed As A Pedestrian In The United States

This infographic by takes a look at where you’re most likely to be killed as a pedestrian in America. It doesn’t look good for Florida. Pedestrian accidents are, unfortunately, on the rise. The Governors Highway Safety Administration stated that there were 6590 pedestrian fatalities in 2019, a 5% increase over 2018’s numbers. That is a 60% increase in fatalities since 2009.

How To Make A DIY Drying Rack for Fleshlights

If you’ve been frustrated by Fleshlight sleeves that take forever to dry out, this project is for you. This Do It Yourself PVC stand quick-dries Fleshlights using the power of gravity. And it’s not just a drying stand – you can also use it hang frequently-used Fleshlight sleeves for easy convenient storage.

4th of July in the Time of Coronavirus

New research has shown that plans to celebrate the Fourth of July this year – as do plans for protecting against Covid-19, differ based on political affiliation., the people data analytics company, surveyed more than 1,200 people to determine the key differences. The findings are presented in the following infographic.