The Ins and Outs of Television Advertisements

The field of advertising as grown over the years as new technology has come on the scene. However, television advertisements remain a staple in advertising strategy. Good commercials are great ways to create your brand’s image and become recognizable among customers. Memorable commercials can stay with customers for years.

9 Key Digital Transformation Statistics for 2018

Enterprises around the world are pushing forward with their Digital Transformation initiatives. The common understanding of what Digital Transformation actually is and how to plan, prepare and execute it successfully is continuously maturing, although various research reports still either directly state or their findings show the level of ambiguity is still high.

Common Workout Injuries and How-To Avoid Them

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just a beginner, an injury during a workout can put you out for weeks to months. Common injuries include sprains, fractures, back pain, and many others. Doing things like having proper form, having a well balanced diet, and getting rest will help prevent these types of injuries. Here is an infographic detailing common injuries and how you can avoid them.

7 Ways to Prove Nursing Home Abuse

The following infographic from Campbell & Smith, PLLC shows 7 ways to prove your nursing home abuse case. The first is watching and notating the signs of abuse. Second, obtain their nursing home and medical records. Later on, photographs are powerful pieces of evidence. Ombudsman complaints are also included as well as witness statements. Finally, it comes inspections and licenses along with hiring an attorney.

The Impact of Fraud and IT Security on Small Businesses

Small businesses are extremely vulnerable when it comes to fraud, making it increasingly important for steps to be taken in order to prevent your business from being a victim. This infographic created by Focus Training introduces the main risks to be aware of, and how your small business can protect itself against these types of fraud.

Measuring and Making the Most of Metrics

There is a common misconception to measure almost everything within a service desk. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for every business. This infographic explores what organizations are actually reporting on and how often, how they produce reports, and what they do with this data. This will enable us to understand whether the organizations could be reporting more efficiently and focus on how to gain the most value from metrics.

Causes of Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is usually one of the most common conditions that results in decreased visual clarity. It starts with the surface of the eye, the cornea and this is where majority of the blurry vision lies. If you suffer from conditions such as near-sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism, you may be susceptible to blurry vision. Let’s understand better with the help of this infographic.

The Evolution of the Presidential Car

Americans have a longstanding fascination with the way things work. From that fixation has grown a culture of innovators and pioneers, with politics and cars being no exception. This infographic breaks down the history and evolution of the presidential state cars, from the first Model M Steamer in 1909 to the Cadillac One nicknamed ‘The Beast.’