The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types

LinkedIn marketing has many advantages that make it stand out. Depending on your marketing goals, these ads can serve your business by attracting customers. LinkedIn offers many unique benefits over other networks. In this infographic, TechWyse has put together the ultimate cheat sheet for LinkedIn ad types.

How to Plan a Company Retreat in 9 Steps

Planning a company retreat can be stressful. Figuring out the right date, location, and people to invite can sometimes get the best of you. Check out this infographic, courtesy of Fundera, for 9 actionable steps to plan a successful retreat for you and your employees.

Hiring Disabled Workers as Remote Employees

Today’s technological innovations have removed the barriers for the disabled’s participation in the workforce. This infographic explains how remote work can be an option for people with disabilities. If they have the right skills, they can participate in the workforce, as well.

Top 5 Hacks to Manage Your Assisted Living Community

As demands in 21st-century senior living challenge us to transform our care delivery models, senior living communities must walk a fine line between required vigilance and resident independence. In this Infographic, Genexod Technologies discusses 5 important hacks that every senior care provider should know to improve the process of managing their assisted living community.

13 Cool Tips to Increase Snapchat Conversion Rates

What started as a mere multimedia messaging app, is now a globally acclaimed business app. Undeniably, its growth has been noteworthy, and now marketers are using it to grow their businesses.  Knowing that Snapchat is now a business app is not enough. Here is an infographic that features 13 tips to increase Snapchat conversion rates.

50 Cognitive Biases To Be Aware of To Be a Better Communicator

The human brain is pretty tricky in that while we think we know things, there’s a whole list of cognitive biases that can be gumming up the works. In this infographic, the team at have found 50 types of cognitive bias that come up nearly every day. Along with their definitions, these are real-life examples of cognitive bias, from the subtle group-think sabotaging your management meetings to the pull of anchoring making you spend way too much money at a store during a sale.

Mobile Device Management: Android is Powering More Businesses

According to Frost & Sullivan, using portable devices for work tasks saves employees 58 minutes per day while increasing productivity levels by 34%. Mobile Device Management solutions allows administrators to manage these devices in bulk, monitor online status and perform routine maintenance and software updates. This infographic provides viewers with information and uses for Android phones and tablets within businesses.

How to Build the Ultimate Man Cave?

The man cave is a private space for men, where they can pursue their interests and spend leisure time. Man caves can serve many functions such as a hobby hut, art studio, gaming arena, home office, private library, yoga studio, poolside bar, tool shop, workshop, sew shed, meeting space, sports bar, and much more. Check out the following infographic to know how to build the ultimate man cave.