Career Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Careers in AI have been steadily increasing over the past few years and will continue growing at an accelerating rate. There has been a 60-70% hike on average, in salaries of aspirants who have successfully transitioned into AI roles. In the following infographic, Great Learning looks at career trends in artificial intelligence.

50 Years of San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC) has recently turned 50, and in that short time it’s gone from a tiny gathering of teens in a hotel basement to one of the most important annual pop culture events in the world! To see how that’s happened, has created a short retrospective to explore the history of Comic-Con, with a useful timeline going all the way to the very beginning.

Discover How Dogs Can Be The Best Nannies

Due to their caring nature, dogs instinctively look after a baby and do what it takes to be the best babysitter. They would bring toys to a baby, make  a baby laugh, stop a baby from crying, protect being from harm or strangers, and readily provide baby company. This is why certain dog breeds are known as nanny breeds. In this infographic, discover how dogs can be the best nannies.

The Greenest Cities in the United States

Many cities are adopting greener, more sustainable practices in order to preserve the planet for future generations. From providing reliable public transportation to producing sources of renewable energy, reducing our carbon footprint is a monumental task that must be done. Which cities in the United States are doing the best job at becoming greener?

22 Personalized Video Marketing Stats to Know for 2020

Personalization is becoming the norm for marketers, mostly because consumers are looking for messaging and products that are relevant to their interests. 

What about personalization for videos? Vedia has compiled a list of stats that prove that video personalization will amplify personalization efforts and help companies meet (and surpass) their KPIs. 

The Best Day & Time To Make a Sales Call

Salesmate conducted a study where they analyzed 80 companies varying across industries like construction, information & technology, real estate, digital agencies, etc. In this study, they observed 12,480 call attempts spanned across 60 days (12 weeks with 5 working days). The calls were made by a total of 245 sales reps and the successful conversations were 1,427.

The Future of Online Learning

Student life is gradually changing with technological progress that opens new opportunities. Educational approaches evolve, and students experience stressful situations more often. College entrants and high school students should address these challenges. This requires finding new solutions and making quick decisions. In their academic pursuits, college freshmen search for new patterns of facing multiple challenges.

Do’s and Don’ts of PCI Data Storage

The payment card industry is no stranger to cyber criminals. That’s why there are strict standards on storing data, including restricting the storage of certain types of data. With the ever-evolving PCI-DSS mandates it is important for business owners and payment software developers to know their responsibilities and risk to protect cardholder data and keep their businesses competitive.

32 Steps To Increase Your Local Search Visibility

With around 2 million small businesses across Australia, showing up on local search results is extremely important. Google knows how important local search results that’s why they have given increased focus to personalized search results that focus on businesses that are local to the searcher. In this infographic, Shoutout Digital shares 32 steps to increase your local visibility online.

CCPA vs GDPR: A Guide to Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018, and shortly after a month, California introduced the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Both happen to be the two biggest privacy regulations the world has witnessed in decades. Therefore, it has become more than important to understand the acts and make your company compliant.