Learn How To Build A Website

In the following infographic, learn how to build a website with WordPress as you discover the steps of registering a domain name, setting up your hosting, configuring the content management system, designing your website and optimizing your pages to be SEO friendly.

How Crypto Is Disrupting the Financial Ecosystem

With Facebook’s Libra set to come out next year, the word cryptocurrency is on everyone’s lips. Blockchain is bringing a revolutionary new way of handling data, but even experts aren’t sure of the exact impact it will have on banks, the government, and the financial ecosystem itself. In the following infographic, discover the how, the when, and the why of cryptocurrencies and the impact they’ll make on our world.

Active Shooters in the United States- Key Facts & Statistics 2018

Active shooter incidents have become an increasingly prevalent problem over the past decade. In an FBI study of active shooter incidents from 2000-2018, we see that 2017 was the worst year on record, with 2018 being a close second. Given the range of locations that active shooter events take place at, effectively responding to these incidents to reduce harm and save lives is a task that falls not just to the police, but to EMS personnel, security and public safety officials, schools, office managers, and members of the public.

6 Ways To Conserve Water

Water conservation is a hot topic for a few different reasons which are mainly environmental and financial. While water conservation can be a national issue, there are small ways that you can make a difference on the local level. By making small changes to conserve water in your home, you can help reduce water usage which also saving money on your water bill.

How to Use LinkedIn for Small Business

LinkedIn is a resourceful platform for professional and business networking and for building relationships with prospective customers, existing clientele, or any other stakeholders. The platform is particularly useful for small business owners, freelancers, home-business owners, and telecommuters by helping them build their business and career and to stay connected with the rest of the world.

Do I Need a Permit To Build a Deck?

A deck addition is a great investment and it has a good return. Outdoor living spaces are sought after, which can give you a competitive edge if you ever want to sell your house. A deck addition can increase functional outdoor living space, creating a place for spending time with family and friends. The following infographic looks to answer the question, “Do I Need a Permit To Build a Deck?”

When Should I Replace My Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an essential part of your home’s drainage system. It is a pump installed in the lowest part of the basement, used to pump out water that has collected in a basin. The sump basin is set up to collect any accumulating water that enters from drains that are part of the basement’s waterproofing system. The following infographic answers the question, “When Should I Replace My Sump Pump?”

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the world’s fast-growing social media and marketing platforms. It allows users to showcase short creative video to millions of people. TikTok is a multi-billion dollar platform which is suitable for influencer marketing. This social media channel is one of the best ways to showcase creativity to the world in the form of short and catchy video.