The 40 Most-Valuable North American Sports Franchises

Each year, Forbes publishes their list of the most valuable professional sports franchises. For the fifth straight year, the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL) grabbed the top spot, having been valued at $5.5 billion, which is just slightly higher than the worth of the New York Yankees. In this infographic, look at the 40 most valuable North American sports franchises.

10 Most Influential Factories Of All Time

Red Stag Fulfillment analyzed some of the largest and most productive factories the world has ever seen in this animated infographic. Some of these factories leave us in awe only by their sheer size, but what is truly mind-blowing is the level of productivity with which they worked and the fact they are still influencing operations and business processes in modern industry.

How To Interpret Google Analytics Data

When it comes to data, there are two sides to every story. A low metric is neither good nor bad. And a high metric is neither good nor bad. Data is whatever the analyst interprets it. Here’s an infographic on how to interpret Google Analytics data a little bit better. 

The 20 Largest Strikes in American History

A labor strike is a voluntary suspension of work, collectively agreed upon and executed by workers in defense of common demands. Common causes of labor strikes throughout American history have included dismal and dangerous working conditions, low wages, hiring discrimination, long and strenuous hours, stretching the workforce too thin, and violating workers’ rights to unionize.

Speaking Habits to Help You Sound Confident Even if You Are Not

For many years, researchers have been trying to learn more about the secrets of eloquence. They have contemplated and put forward their theories about the idea of a perfect speaker. Is it someone who can talk for hours? Or is it a person with no particular communication techniques, but a simple gift of the gab? Your ability to speak easily and make meaningful conversation can help you build a career in the desired profession.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the restaurant and hospitality industry. But just how bad have things become? In this infographic, Kitchenall takes a deep dive using available data from studies and credible publications to give you an outlook on how bad things have gotten and whether or not there is reason for optimism as the country reopens to dining in and traveling out

A Look at the Biggest Stars on YouTube

YouTube has provided us with some amazing videos over the years. But what does it actually take to become a top YouTuber? And how much do YouTubers actually earn? The team at ACE Cash Express breaks down the site’s top personalities in the following infographic.