Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Know for 2022

Since 2017, Venngage has conducted an annual surveys of hundred of marketers, publishing the original survey results by visualizing the data in infographic form. This infographic showcases how marketers around the world used visual content in 2021 and what their predictions are for 2022 and beyond. 

Choosing a Test Automation Tool: A Complete Guide

Testing is one of the most critical processes in the software development cycle, serving as a bridge between the development teams and the production. Testing helps ensure that the final user experience is as smooth as was initially intended when the software was conceptualized. Here is a visual guide to choosing a test automation tool.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Guide

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, also known as the Annual Election Period, allows you to change your existing Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage for the following year. In the following infographic, reviews the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, when it happens, how it works, and how to best utilize the enrollment period.

The Best-Reviewed VR Games of All Time

Virtual reality games have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the introduction of affordable VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 (also known as the Meta Quest 2) and PlayStation VR, games in virtual reality have gained traction among veteran gamers and new gamers alike. But which VR titles are worth buying?

What Does an NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach Do?

If you are an Australian living with a psychosocial disability or mental health condition, then a Psychosocial Recovery Coach may be available in your NDIS plan. But, what is a Psychosocial Recovery Coach, and what do they do? To read more about Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, check out this infographic.

How Many Mobile Phones Are Sold Each Year?

2021 saw global mobile phone sales reaching 1747.8 million units sold, which means 22.2% of the global population (7870 million) purchased a mobile phone in 2021. In this infographic, discover how many mobile phones are sold each year, globally. You can also discover phone sales statistics by country and brand.

Why Use Safety Glasses With Progressive Lenses?

It is common for people to need corrective lenses for both farsighted and nearsighted issues. However, if your workplace requires that you use safety glasses or goggles, you cannot wear your everyday eyeglasses, as they do not provide sufficient protection. Progressive safety glasses offer an ideal solution for clear vision and essential eye protection.

Retail Survival Through Personalized Experiences

Shoppers are constantly looking for businesses that provide personalized experiences and they are willing and able to provide their data in return for relevance. Here is an in-depth infographic about the benefits of unified commerce and how businesses can adopt it to provide personalized experiences to survive and thrive in a growingly competitive landscape.

The Power of Customer Surveys

Customers think it’s important that retailers ask for their feedback and they are willing to provide businesses with highly valuable feedback about their experiences. In the following infographic, learn all about the potential of customer surveys when used by brands and how they improve loyalty.