Confined Space Rescue Plan

Workers may need to go into all types of confined spaces, including storage tanks, utility tunnels, basements, crawl spaces, and manholes. Each space presents unique challenges that must be dealt with prior to entry. Companies and construction crews can use the following visual guide to create an effective rescue plan for confined spaces.

The 25 Largest Urban Parks in the World

Urban parks are deeply enriching for the happiness and health of the community while also conserving precious natural resources. This infographic explores the 25 biggest city parks in the world, including the magnificent half a million acre Chugach State Park in Anchorage, Alaska.

Essential Features of Project Management Software

Those who just start searching for tools to manage their projects and teams may find it difficult and time consuming to figure out how every solution works and what it offers. Below, you will find some of the essential features of reliable project management software, compiled into an infographic by GanttPRO.

10 Types of Organizational Structures in Business

Company hierarchy is a critical component to operating a business efficiently, and modeling a successful organizational structure allows a company to lay out the relationships, roles, and responsibilities across the various levels of management and for all of its employees.

20 Cool Facts About Chatbots

Consumers today demand more Chatbot automation to ease their day-to-day and businesses are starting to listen. This infographic from Tabitha Naylor is a testament to this growth and shows that the best is yet to come with the Chatbot industry.

The Real Breakdown of Costs to Set Up A Business

The costs to set up an LLC fluctuates because fees and requirements can vary, depending on the state. For example, each state charges a different fee for an LLC filing. In Texas, the fee is $300 while North Carolina charges $125. The filing fees range from $40 to $500. Additionally, because LLCs are required to have a registered agent, you may need to pay a professional for this service.