5 Ways US Cities Can Conserve Water

Water shortages have become a big issue in the last few years. With Cape Town, South Africa earning the unfortunate title of becoming the first modern city to nearly run out of water, there’s a growing awareness among policy makers and the public that this is an issue that can no longer be ignored. With that in mind, Echologics has created an infographic to spread this very message: that there are things we can do to reduce water usage.

How to Do Pubcon Like a Pro

Pubcon is one of my favorite digital marketing conferences, and really the only one I attend these days. What about yourself? Are you heading to Pubcon? Here is a handy infographic that provides some useful information and tips to help attendees to get the most from the show, and all in 4 easy steps.

Lead Nurturing: Getting It Right

There is no use filling up the sales funnel with irrelevant content and lead nurturing techniques. In this infographic, Infographic Design Team will inform you about the quintessential techniques on how to use the right content at the perfect time for maximizing the sales of your company.

Influencer Marketing and Social Media in Australia 2018

The Influencer Marketing and Social Media in Australia 2018 infographic shows some of the most interesting insights regarding how influencer marketing and social media play a part in Australian customers purchasing decisions. For example, nearly 70% of Australians with social media accounts will use social media to research things they want to buy.

The Cost of Child Care in the United States

The cost of living in the United States is increasing, especially when it comes to child care. While the costs are widespread across the United States, it is becoming a big problem for many families. This infographic takes a look at the high child care costs that are plaguing the country, and just how many families can actually afford them.

DIY Teeth Whitening Solutions That May Actually Cause Damage

Everyone wants to have a set of gleaming white teeth, along with the boost of self-confidence that it comes with. While teeth whitening treatments can be carried out by registered dentists, it’s not illegal to purchase over-the-counter DIY whitening kits. But, what they often ignore is the potential damage DIY teeth whiteners may cause to their mouth: toothache, tooth infections, gum problems and more.

Instagram vs. Pinterest vs. Snapchat

Setting your business to sail digital? Which platform are you choosing to be the launchpad for your marketing? Here’s an infographic from Infographic Design Team that explores the features of Instagram, Pinterest & Snapchat to make your decision-making process easier.

Social Media Management Tools

Maintaining multiple social media profiles for a business is a hectic task. To make the job simpler, the folks at Infographic Design team present to you 12 of the most preferred management tools that generate the desired returns with ease.

Protect Your Hearing

This infographic from avXperten demonstrates what you have to be aware of in protecting your ears and your hearing. It explains everything about noise, hearing loss, sound measurement, children & noise, symptoms & prevention and about healthier music habits.