Why Online Reputation Matters for Business

Businesses risk losing as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article is found by users considering buying their products or services. Have four or more negative articles about your company or product appearing in Google search results? You’re likely to lose 70% of potential customers. In this infographic, Reputation Rhino looks at why online reputation matters for business.

Top Mobile Device Cybersecurity Safety Trends to Watch in 2021

As COVID-19 has forced 51% of the U.S. workforce to work from home, mobile devices’ usage has exploded. As a result, international cyber security criminals and rogue host nations are exploiting this opportunity to redirect their attacks for stealing sensitive and private corporate data directly from individual employees’ mobile devices.

Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is the act of tricking someone into divulging information or taking action, usually through technology. It relies on human error, rather than the vulnerabilities in software or operating systems. Here is an infographic that looks into social engineering attacks.

World Countries Ranked by Electricity-Consumption Per Person

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s International Energy Statistics, global electricity consumption is continuing to increase faster than the world population. Increases in electricity consumption per capita can reflect several things, including changes in the economy’s composition, shifts to energy-intensive industries, increased demand for appliances and air conditioning, and changes in service demand.

The Greatest Stadium Foods in the NFL

Enjoying a ballpark hotdog or popcorn during the football game is half the fun of attending a game in person. But with ticket prices higher than ever, stadiums needed to elevate their menu offering to reflect the price point. The team at ACE Cash Express has compiled some of the more gourmet concession foods served up across the NFL.

Security & Beyond: Introduction To Electronic Access Control Systems

Keeping your organization safe is always top of mind. The more sensitive your operation, the more secure it must remain. Electronic Access Control Systems are smart security measures that can be implemented in offices/businesses to allow access only to authorized people. Here is an infographic that presents an introduction to Electronic Access Control Systems.

7 Ways To Make Your Mark With Personal Branding

Personal branding is the fusion of your skills and experience that makes up who you are and how you market yourself to the world. Creating a personal brand can pave the way for new opportunities like moving upwards in your career, building recognition in your industry and improving your network. Here is an infographic designed to help you develop your own personal brand and become a more memorable candidate.