Blockchain: Pros And Cons Of The New Technology

Nowadays, blockchain technology is a growing phenomenon. The following Infographic from Cyberius presents the pros and cons of the blockchain. It discusses the definition of the blockchain as well as the differences between public and private blockchains. Learn more about this technology and various benefits of adopting it into your business.

Lifespan of Plastics vs Animals

Plastics have made our lives easier and are important to keeping many materials cheap, flexible, durable, and transparent. However, there’s a dark side to plastics: how do we properly dispose of them to avoid the plastic pollution that is taking over the oceans around the world and poses a risk to public health? This infographic sheds light on how long it takes to break down various plastics by comparing it to the lifespans of different animals.

How Common is Cancer Misdiagnosis?

A major 2014 study found that out of 12 million US patients, approximately 5% are misdiagnosed every year. That’s a huge, scary number, and the research got tons of press. Even non-medical news sources, like CBS, picked up on the story, crafting shocking headlines like “12 Million Americans Misdiagnosed Each Year.” But unfortunately, at least for patients, the study only looked into diagnostic errors affecting outpatients.

What Alcohol Does to Your Mind and Body

Drinking alcohol has an adverse effect on your mind and body. It interferes between mind and body communication causing changes to your mood as well as your behavior. Discover how the consumption of alcohol affects the progressive health and also find out the BAC percent with this infographic.

How to Launch an App Successfully

It has today become a necessity for just every business to invest in mobile app development if they want to succeed even marginally. With that in mind, here’s an infographic by  Let’s Enkindle that looks at what makes an app stand out in the crowd as well as how to launch an app successfully.

Are Squirrel Droppings Dangerous?

One of the major reasons why you should let a professional squirrel removal expert handle your squirrel problem is the very real risk of contracting diseases from squirrel feces and urine. Squirrel droppings are a fertile breeding ground for a variety of disease-causing organisms. Read the following infographic to learn more.

What Do Florists Recommend?

In the florist industry, the recommendations of floral professionals vary widely. Still, customers often seek guidance from experts when preparing their gifts for holidays and upcoming events. In general, there are some evident trends among the floral community when it comes to top flowers, color schemes, tools, plants and vegetation, and types of arrangements.

12 Steps For Excellent Exam Creative Writing

Writing an exam story can be a stressful experience. What does a top-grade piece of creative writing look like? How do you decide what to include and what to leave out? Should your piece have an introduction and should you include dialogue? How many adjectives should you use – and what about similes and metaphors? This infographic offers 12 simple answers to these questions and more.

The State of B2B eCommerce in 2018

The growth of B2B eCommerce has overshadowed the B2C eCommerce marketplace. This has been proved by the reports being published in recent years, showing how B2B eCommerce has acquired the bigger slice of the global retail sales pie. Check out the following infographic to see the top B2B eCommerce trends and statistics in 2018. 

The Upside of Sober Living Communities

Recovering from substance use or abuse can seem like a herculean task at the outset, but it’s important for those seeking relief to remember that the road to recovery doesn’t have to be lonely. In sober living communities, you commit to recovery and a better life alongside others with similar experiences and hardships. With company and community comes support, structure, and the accountability necessary to keep you and your peers focused on the future.