A Visual Guide to Remote Work Burnout

To accommodate employees’ need for flexible work arrangements, businesses are shifting to remote and hybrid working in droves. And while employees are generally embracing this trend, increasingly, people working remotely are complaining of feeling burned out. Take a look at the below infographic on just what is causing remote work burnout, and what employers can do to minimize the problem.

The Ultimate Guide to All Types of Life Insurance Policies

In the event that you become disabled or pass away, your family or dependents can be protected from financial hardships. During these times, life insurance can help cover the expenses for most accidents, natural causes of death, and certain illnesses, depending on the type of insurance you sign up for. However, there are several factors that you need to consider before buying.

A Guide To Selecting the Best Prescription Lenses for Your Needs

According to statistics from recent years, almost 75% of the adult population of the world needs some kind of corrective eyewear in order to properly see. From reading glasses to goggle worn while playing sports, there are many reasons why you might need to wear such an accessory. Marveloptics has put together the following visual guide to selecting the best prescription lenses for your needs.

Bariatric Surgery: What’s New

Obesity is associated with several health-related risks and consequences. This can ultimately result in a reduced quality of life and an earlier death. However, studies have shown that patients who lose weight following bariatric surgery can significantly reduce their risk of obesity related health issues.

How Were Children Educated in Ancient Times?

This infographic shows how 15 different ancient civilizations and taught education to their children. In many, education was only reserved for boys of wealthy and royal families. Subjects like math, reading, writing, were typical. Some ancient civilizations also included sports, combat and extreme discipline to create warriors.

Building a Blueprint for a Mobile-First Warehouse

In a recent Zebra Technologies Warehouse Vision study, 77% agreed that augmenting workers with technology is the best way to begin automating warehouse operations, but only 35 had a clear understanding of where to begin. Here is an infographic that lays out the steps to develop a comprehensive warehouse technology solution.

Rare Deductions for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you must have thought of ways to reduce your self-employment taxes. Most freelancers struggle with their taxes because every industry and career involves a different set of deductions.