A Beginner’s 10 Rules of Thumb for Pairing Food and Wine

Wine has several benefits it can grant you when taken in moderation. Apart from improving the quality of your meals and enhancing their flavors, it can also give health benefits. Check out the following infographic for more information on the basic rules of pairing wine and food in everyday situations or special occasions.

How To Find The Right Foundation Shade For Every Skin Tone

Matching your foundation as closely as possible to your natural skin color is essential to achieve the right look. Unfortunately, it can be tough to shop around for the right foundation, especially across brands. The best way to find your foundation shade is to understand both your skin tone and undertone. Learn more about how to find your perfect foundation match from this infographic.

6 Benefits of Going Solar

Did you know that San Diego California has some of the highest energy prices in the world? A customized solar system can save you up to 70% on your energy bills and protect you from continually rising electricity prices. In this infographic, look at 6 benefits of going solar for your energy needs.

A Beginner’s Guide to Micellar Water: What You Need to Know

In the current popularity of skincare and other beauty regimens, some products have stood out as essentials for anyone looking to take better care of their skin. One of these must-have products is micellar water. So what’s the big deal? Learn more about micellar water and why you need it in your skincare routine from this infographic.

Standard Operating Procedure Summarized

If you want to streamline your business processes, you should create an SOP. Here is an infographic that encompasses the different types of SOPs explained through examples, crucial steps on how to create an SOP, the structure of the document, as well as useful tools for streamlining the process.

Preventing Heat Stress

High temperatures can be dangerous and even fatal at work. In 2015, exposure to environmental heat led to 2,830 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as 37 work-related deaths. Learn how prevent heat stress with this infographic.

Sustainable Changes For The Office

We recycle, we reuse and we aim to lower the amount of material that ends in landfill, so why shouldn’t we be mindful in the workplace too? All businesses will produce waste but it’s down to how it’s discarded and also the eco-consciousness that makes all the difference. If you’re not sure where to start, Rap has listed 5 small ways to make a massive impact.

Safe Minimum Cooking Temperature Chart

This chart shows how you can use a food thermometer to check to see if the food you are cooking has reached a temperature that is hot enough to kill bad bacteria that can cause food poisoning. It shows the safe cooking temperature for chicken, wild game, ham, leftovers, beef, turkey, eggs, lamb, pork, fish and vegetables.