The 20 Biggest Bankruptcies in United States History

Before they filed for bankruptcy, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was the fourth-largest investment back in the United States. However, due to their involvement in mortgage origination, the company plummeted hard during the mortgage crisis of 2008. This infographic looks at the 20 largest bankruptcies in American history, including some noteworthy bankruptcies of 2017 and 2018.

11 Benefits of Puzzles For Child Development

There is no doubt that puzzles represent an excellent learning tool for children. They are available everywhere, affordable to purchase and come in whatever difficulty level needed. It’s no wonder this classic toy is loved by both parents and educators. In the following infographic, discover 11 advantages of puzzles for child development that will give you a new perspective on this educational toy.

Top Personal Trainer Certifications

This personal training certification comparison infographic breaks down the most popular personal training certifications. It talks about exam pass rate, continuing education, Certification costs, re-certification costs, earning potential as well as overall popularity.

What Human Foods are Bad for Dogs?

If you are a dog lover and/or owner, you need to know, some important facts on what food dogs can and can not eat. For example, do you know which human foods can actually be toxic for dogs? This infographic from Petting My Dog throws some light on the foods that are harmful to dogs, which can cause severe health problems.

Where In the U.S. Are the Worst Electricity Bills?

If you’ve ever stopped and wondered who in the United States has the highest or lowest electric bills, then this is for you. This infographic breaks down the average monthly electric bill, as well as the price per kilowatt of electricity, for each of the 50 states. While some states you’d expect to find at the top with the most expensive electricity, others you may be surprised to find at the bottom.

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Heart?

Did you know that poor sleep is one of the biggest contributors of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and many other conditions? During sleep, our body works to restore energy, increase blood supply, repair blood pressure, and relax the muscles. This means that when you are not getting enough sleep, your body will fail to go through these natural processes and in turn affect your heart health.

10 eCommerce Homepage Design Elements In Every Successful Online Store

A well designed eCommerce website requires several significant elements. In this fast changing and competitive business environment, what works today may not be so effective tomorrow. Thus, it becomes evident to keep your eCommerce Homepage updated with latest key elements your visitors are looking for. This infographic lists 10 design elements to improve sales and conversions.