The 50 Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs in the U.S.

The team at NY Requirements researched the most prescribed drugs in the United States and compiled the data in the following infographic. These statistics can give us far more insights into health beyond which drugs are the most used. We can infer what illnesses are most common, which drugs doctors seem to consider the most effective, and make other implications about the state of American health.

50 Companies With the Best Customer Service

With so many options of who we do business within every area, from grocery shopping to airline bookings, to hotels, and insurance, it can be difficult to decide who to choose. You may want to work with the option that has the best customer service, but how do we calculate that? Thankfully, the team at Qualtrics made a useful infographic ranking 50 US companies with the top customer service ratings.

U.S. States That Spend the Most on Education

Not every state or district spends the same amount of money on each student’s education. In fact, the numbers can vary pretty widely. That’s why the team at decided to research just how much each state, and even each district spends on education per student.

Top 50 Countries With the Oldest Populations

Longevity is always a trending health topic. People are very interested to know how they can have longer lives. Does it matter what they eat, where they live? Madison Trust Company’s research team delves into one facet of longevity through its map pinpointing countries with sizable populations over 65. The answers can show us some fascinating trends.

Every Crayola Crayon Ever Made

Opening a big box of Crayola crayons is a sensory delight, from their unique scent to their vibrant array of colors. That’s why this infographic from AAA State of Play is such a delight to look at. They’ve created a gorgeous tribute to childhood by compiling every color of crayon that Crayola has ever made in their long history.

5-Minute Mindfulness Activities for Students

Mindfulness is an effective remedy for the tension and diversions that frequently muddle our lives. Meditation techniques based on ancient traditions have been proven to improve focus and overall well-being. In the following infographic, StudyCorgi explores a list of mindfulness techniques and find the one that resonates with you the most.

How Much Value Does A Garden Room Add To Your Home?

The rising popularity of garden rooms as home improvement additions presents a unique opportunity to increase your property’s value. These adaptable spaces offer a peaceful refuge that seamlessly merges outdoor beauty with indoor comfort. But have you ever considered how much value a garden room can truly bring to your home? In the following infographic, look at how much value a garden room adds to your home.

An Hitchhikers Guide to Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing has become essential for businesses whose primary product is a mobile application, whether native or hybrid. Proper mobile app testing is crucial to alleviating the challenges of poor app performance. Unfortunately, not every app maintains a permanent place on users’ smartphones. The following infographic serves as a “hitchhikersgGuide to mobile app testing.”

Exploring Gift Trends and Preferences

A study carried out by The Gift Bot of a popular r/GiftIdeas subreddit, where people can request suggestions for a gift for anyone in their life. They reviewed almost 5,500 gift suggestions offered in over 930 unique threads, and aimed to answer our burning question: Which gift types are best received by which recipients?

Weight Loss Medications: The Old and The New, A Brief History

With the latest craze over weight loss injectables, many have forgotten that weight loss medications have been around for years. Some have come and gone, while others have been around for a while. In the following infographic, look at what weight loss medications we have had over the years and how they have worked.