A Visual Guide to Cannabis Measurements

This weed measurements guide, courtesy of Marijuana Doctors, is perfect for first-time cannabis buyers. It highlights everything you need to know when making your first purchase including measurement terms and size comparisons, flower vs. extracts, how to understand product equivalencies and the average price of marijuana across legal states.

DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw Stats, Uses & Benefits

This infographic covers everything you need to know about the DEWALT DWS779 12” sliding compound miter saw. The DWS779 is the ideal option for anyone looking for portability without compromising on the power and cutting capacity needed to handle even the toughest tasks. It is in fact one of the most simple yet effective and well-made compound miter saws on the market, making it ideal for anyone from beginner hobbyists to professional tradespeople as a result.

Hacking College Debt: 4 Steps to Save Years of Financial Problems

College debt is a growing problem, and it’s shaping the lives of recent grads by limiting opportunities, increasing financial pressure, and restricting personal milestones. However, college students aren’t without choices. By making smart decisions during the college years, it’s possible to avoid college debt altogether. OneClass has put together this blueprint to graduating college with zero debt.

20 Natural Insomnia Cures (And the Science Behind Them)

Roughly 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year. This infographic provides 20 natural insomnia cures and explores the science and tradition behind them. Some methods are backed substantially by research, such as melatonin, physical activity, and lavender oil. Other methods are facets of traditional medicine from around the world, such as dried jujube, poetry, and worry dolls.

Things You Didn’t Know About Crime Scene Cleanups

Crime scene cleanup is an often misunderstood industry. Plenty of people are not aware of its existence, often associating the clean up of crime scenes with police, coroner, EMT or medical examiner. Private companies that specialize in crime scene cleanup are used and contracted to clean blood and bodily fluids. In this infographic, Bio Recovery provides some facts pertaining to the crime scene cleanup industry.

Food Deserts in America

According to the American Nutrition Association, food deserts are geographical areas that lack sufficient supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthful, affordable whole foods. Food deserts are generally impoverished areas and they are viewed as a national crisis....

Taking Advantage of Your Outdoor Space

Studies show that 87% of UK households have their own outdoor space, and in 2014 it was estimated that there were approximately 26.7 million households in the UK, making 23.2 million gardens. That’s a lot of outdoor spaces, and what each individual prefers to do with their outdoor space does differ, but research shows that 60% of Brits in particular like to use their gardens for relaxation and 34% prefer to use it for entertainment purposes.

Cyber Security Tips for Seniors

Did you know that 40% of people aged 75 and over now use the Internet? This figure has doubled in the last five years, and senior citizens are now spending much more time online to keep in touch with family, read the news and for general browsing. However, with the increase of Internet use among seniors there are also more significant threats to be aware of when surfing the web.