How Many Europeans Are Interested in Same-Day Delivery?

Same-delivery is simply receiving your items the same you purchased them online. Although this service can be very interesting, it will definitely cost more. A recent survey that was carried out in 5 European countries including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain, shows how many people that are willing to pay more for this service.

Gambling Slangs

Interested to know more about the casino space and the lingo therein? In the following infographic, MintDice looks at some of the more common terms that you’ll see on the casino floor or of course, in the online chat rooms as well. Learn about terms like juice, cage, whales and more.

The Benefits of a High-Fiber Diet

What’s the big deal about fiber? Why is it so good for us? The truth is, fiber might be the most exciting health topic on the planet. Why? Because it has more potential to boost your health than practically anything else. In the following infographic, One Ingredient Chef details ten proven health benefits of fiber.

Choosing the Right Cookware

The right cookware can help you be a better cook and enjoy your time in the kitchen. The following infographic from Vie Belles Canada will help you choose and buy the right cookware that fulfills your particular kitchen needs.

History of eSports Development

In 2019, the total eSports audience worldwide exceeded one billion people. The e-sports audience in the past year alone has grown one and a half times. This is incredible taking into account the fact that not so long ago, electronic sports was represented by a relatively small number of gamers and development companies with ambitious marketing plans regarding video games.