When Famous Celebrities Gamble

Want to know which celebrities you can meet in big poker tournaments and which celebrities already lost a fortune in gambling? Then check out the following infographic from Anygamble.com which details some of the most famous celebrity gamblers.

Customer Support Chatbot – Statistic and Trends 2019

Chatbots have already started playing a vital role in the customer service industry and they are growing rapidly. Based on recent statistics, more than 67% of consumers worldwide used a Chatbot for customer support in the past year and estimations are that around 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without any human help by 2020.

A Financial Guide to Owning a Dog

What is the price of man’s best friend? If your thinking of adding a new furry addition to the family, then it important that you consider the costs. To help you figure out how much owning a dog could cost you, Greater Bank and RSPCA NSW teamed up and did the maths.

The Deadliest Pandemics of the Past 100 Years

This infographic explores some of the worst pandemics from the past century, including HIV/AIDS, the Spanish Flu, and the Swine Flu. It compares the casualties to US state populations. Lastly, it estimates what the next major pandemic may be. Some contenders include: the Zika virus, Ebola, and Sars.

11 InsureTech Trends to Watch in 2019

With an estimated $2 billion investment going toward new insurance technologies called “InsureTech”, 2019 is going to be a disruptive year for the insurance industry. Machine Learning, AI, and automation are changing the way consumers shop for insurance...

What Goes Into A Dental Lab?

Dental laboratories are filled with appliances, tools and equipment. These products help create basic dentistry products such as crown and fillings to more advanced appliances like bridges. This infographic by LOC Scientific gives great information about what goes into a dental lab but also excellent safety tips.