The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad offers students many unique advantages. For example, participating in a study abroad program exposes you to a new culture as you have the opportunity to travel around the world. Living in another country will teach you a new language and develop your worldview, and you will increase your professional network and enhance your resume to stand out from other candidates. 

The Etymology and Symbolism of 50 Flowers

Did you know that the Gladiolus is a flower that symbolizes strength and the Water Lily symbolizes purity and enlightenment? While some have retained the same meanings, the symbolic meaning of some flowers has changed throughout history. For example, the Lily represented love in the Roman era, and then became a religious symbol in the Middle Ages, and are used at funerals today. In this infographic, earn about the etymology and symbolism of 50 flowers.

Keto Diet Food List

A Ketogenic diet or Keto diet for short is a low carb, high-fat diet, designed to drive your body into Ketosis. It’s the metabolic state where your body burns fat instead of glucose for energy. To reach Ketosis, what you eat matters as it’s the only path to Ketosis. A key to making the right food selection on Keto is to have a list of Keto-friendly foods you can eat. This simple infographic outlines all the Keto-friendly foods to eat.

Stand To Prevent Sitting Disease

Many people suffer health issues due to inactivity or a lack of physical activity. Some spend too much time at their workplace, sitting for more than five hours a day, while others spend hours sitting watching television every day. The dangers of sitting can be prevented simply by moving around more during the day. There are simple and convenient strategies that you can use to start to move more, whether you are at work or at home.

A Look at a Career in Radiology

As a critical member of the healthcare team, radiologic technologists utilizing various imaging technologies, acquire images of a patient’s body for radiologists who will then interpret the images. Becoming a radiologic technologist typically requires an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. In addition to a degree, in most states, radiologic technologists must be licensed and/or certified to have careers in radiology.

7 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Tree

Although we all do as much as we can to keep our trees happy and healthy, there are reasons why a tree will need to be removed. For example, if a dead tree is left standing, it will slowly lose strength and potentially fall, especially during summer storms. Additionally, a diseased tree also poses a collapsing risk. This infographic shows you the most common reasons a tree needs to be removed.

20 Practical Reasons to Switch to Reusable Grocery Bags

As the battle for making the world plastic-free heats up, the search to find suitable eco-friendly packaging options is also increasing. Eco-friendly is not just about green alternatives but also sustainable ones. As the search intensifies, cotton emerges as one of the most convenient alternatives. It is reusable, sustainable, biodegradable and capable of carrying significant weight.

A Guide for Choosing a Type of Bullet

Bullets come in many shapes and sizes, and specific bullets are available depending on their intended usage. For example, Full-Metal-Jacket (FMJ) bullets are typically used for practice shooting or training while Softpoint bullets are used for hunting purposes. Diamond K Brass has put together the following visual guide for choosing a type of bullet.