29 Reasons Why Play is So Important During Times of Crisis & Stress

During times of stress, change, and crisis, it is important go back to basics – and that means play and laughter. Play creates a sanctuary for children to work through complicated emotions, express themselves, relax, and turn stress into creativity. This is also true for adults. Play and laughter can help keep our spirits alive as we navigate tumultuous times. This infographic provides 29 reasons why play is so important during times of crisis, such as the COVID19 pandemic.

50+ Fascinating Language Facts You Didn’t Know

How much do you know about foreign languages? Whether you’re a student learning a second language, a polyglot, or a translator, check out the following infographic from Take Lessons. There are dozens of interesting language facts to take your linguistic knowledge to the next level.

35 of the Most Prolific Medical Serial Killers of All Time

In the world of medical ethics, one of the most important principles is to do no harm. Unfortunately, there are a few doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who chose to do harm to the patients within their care. This infographic delves into the disturbing world of medical serial killers who murdered for greed, power, attention, revenge, and misguided mercy.

The Beginner’s Fitness Checklist

When starting a journey to better health and fitness it’s important to lay the best foundation possible. Here are 7 steps, compiled by Andy Beal, that will help you achieve success in your quest to becoming healthier.

Why Do Students or Employees Earn an MBA Degree?

Pursuing an MBA program from a renowned institute can help you hone your knowledge and skills. It can also guide you as you try to find your space in the business community and prosper in your sector. However, it is essential to make the right choice when it comes to which MBA program to pursue and from which institute to get the best educational experience.

Online Gambling as Impacted by COVID0-19

Getting ready to gamble offline after gambling online due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Many studies show that online bets and wagers have spiked dramatically during the lock-down, with people spending more time gambling. Here are some facts and figures about your habit, how to curb it, but also what’s the new reality you’ll have to adapt to if you head to the land-based casinos.

Supply Chains in eCommerce and The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is affecting all industries and sectors. Supply chains in eCommerce are no exceptions. To keep the business alive, the labor-intensive and labor-reliant supply chain needs to care for its workers. Decision makers have to protect the health of employees and support colleagues who are ill. The following infographic looks at supply chains in eCommerce and the Coronavirus. 

Applying for Driver Accreditation in Australia

Working for a transport company, especially as a professional driver in Australia, can be quite challenging and at the same time rewarding. Do you want to become a licensed driver? Having a full-time driver licence is not enough when it comes to driving public vehicles in Australia such as a hired car, motorcycle, public bus, ride-share, courier vehicle etc. In that case, a driver accreditation from a particular state or territory is also mandatory.

History of Poker

While poker originated hundreds of years ago and has grown into popular pastime activity, the history of poker is not as clear or widely known to the general public. To give you an idea of how poker history developed over the years, the folks at My Poker Coaching have created this infographic which will help you see how it grew to what it is today.

Best 5 Exercises For Better Abs

If you want to have nice abs, here is an infographic by reviewneeds that looks at the 5 best exercises for better abs. Be consistent once you start. Focus on the end results; rock hard abs that are stronger and your body will be healthier as a whole unit. Your abs won’t happen overnight but when they do, it will be worth the effort.