Vaping Mythbusters

There’s a lot of controversy and confusion over the safety of e-cigarettes. Here, Vape Superstore clears up some of the top myths we hear regularly. From popcorn lung, chemicals in liquid and exploding vapes – what’s the real deal with vaping?

6 of the Most Memorable Road Trips in the UK

Sometimes it just makes sense to fill up the car, pack a few bags and head out to the country. The good news is that, if you’re looking for a great road trip, the UK has some of the best scenery, gently winding roads and invigorating fresh air in the world. The team at OSV have created a useful infographic highlighting 6 of the best road trips around the UK.

The Psychology of Social Media Dependence

Ever wonder how this undying trend of social media came into being? How in a mere few years, the entire world changed for good? You would think that it’s all leisure time on the hands of emotionally derived teenagers, but that’s not all. The social media boom happened because there’s definitely science involved. This infographic explains the extent to which people are addicted to social media, and the reasons behind this addiction.

7 Effective Strategies to Reduce Belly Fat

For many people, fat always seems to accumulate around the belly. There are at least seven strategies you can use to reduce belly fat. These strategies are related to food, cardio, strength training, sleep, stress, smoking & alcohol, and perseverance. Moreover, to really be effective, all these seven strategies have to be done concurrently. 

The Psychology of Casino Games

The combination of risk, anticipation and adrenaline rush makes gambling so exhilarating, but what is it in the brain that compels us to bet? And how do game designers use psychology to deliver an engaging and thrilling experience to players? This infographic explains all, and how to ensure play remains fun.

Tips on Home Exterior Painting

Only a few features of your home make an instant visual appeal like a top-quality paint job on the exterior walls, doors, façade, molding, and shutters. As such, when the paint starts to look like it’s cracking off the surface, it’s time to pick up the brush, grab a bucket of fresh paint, and get the paint job started.

How to Make Money on Instagram

Billions of people are using Instagram each month, millions of which are regularly engaging with their favorite brands. Instagram has become an open marketplace of sorts and money is flowing with each like or follow. If you want to get in on the action and start making money on Instagram, then take the time to update your social media profile and get followers.

Distracted Driving in California

Distracted driving is driving while performing on or more other actions. How big of a problem is this in California? 8 of 10 crashes involve driver inattention. Many people die every year from accidents with a distracted driver. Learn more about distracted driving in California in this infographic by Neale & Fhima, LLP vehicle accident attorney.