Statistics on Wearables

More than 70 million people in the US are using wearable technology to improve their day to day lives. From smartwatches to smartphones, smart rings and smart bands. Wearables have become immensely popular in recent years as app developers strive to make them even more usable to the general public.

What Are Flexible Airline Tickets? Why They Are More Important Than Ever

The last two years have seen countries suddenly closing borders and travel restrictions appearing from all corners of the globe. Nobody wants to be paying huge penalties if they have to change or cancel their flights. So, since Covid 19 took over, many airlines started offering much more flexibility on all of their tickets to ensure their customers’ trust.

20 of the Highest Grossing Films About Lawyers

Here is a useful infographic from the folks at Law Mergers & Acquisitions which features information about the lawyer movies that did the best at the box office. View the main actors, IMDB score, worldwide box office and a fun fact for 20 of the most popular films about lawyers by checking out this decent design.

How to Pick Out Perfectly Ripe Fruits and Veggies

Whether you are buying produce at the grocery store or the farmers’ market, it can be a game-changer to know how to pick out good apples, how to choose ripe bananas, or how to tell if a pomegranate is sweet. Here’s How To Cook Recipe‘s guide to how to pick good produce every time so that your grocery shopping trips can be efficient, juicy, and stress-free.

A Guide to Dairy Alternatives

Going dairy-free can have many incredible benefits to your health and there are many dairy-free alternatives that taste just as good and provide the same nutrients as dairy. This guide from shows a variety of dairy-free food you can try at home.

Top 10 Most Common OSHA Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the regulatory agency charged with ensuring that workplaces in the U.S. are reasonably safe. Part of this work includes visiting work environments and inspecting for violations. While there are many possible OSHA regulatory violations, some come up more than others.

The Ultimate Steak Doneness Guide

Cooking the perfect steak can be challenging to master. There are many factors that influence how a steak will cook, from the cut of beef to the temperature of the pan to the preferred level of doneness. This steak doneness chart from How Long To Cook can help teach you how to cook a steak just right.

The Ultimate Tummy Tuck Survival Guide

If you have spent years of your life frustrated by stubborn belly flab, then you may be over the moon about finally having a tummy tuck procedure. Here is a comprehensive guide that will provide everything you need to know about making it through your tummy tuck and the subsequent recovery, with minimal discomfort.

Credit Scores: Everything You Need to Know

Credit scores are key when you are looking to apply for different types of credit such as a credit card, loans and a mortgage. A bad credit score can limit your opportunity for credit. Capital One has created the following infographic to provide a quick guide to credit scores.

What To Do After a Tooth Extraction: The Do’s and Don’ts

Teeth extractions are performed by a dentist or oral surgeon and are fairly quick inpatient procedures with anesthesia. Often, extractions are performed for wisdom teeth, diseased teeth, and teeth that need to be removed for dental implants placement. What do you do after you get your tooth pulled? Find out in the following infographic.